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Favorite Fun

Our sexual episodes culminate in various ways, but one of my favorites has always been oral sex. I love that it’s quick, it satisfies, and I find the kinkiness of it stimulating. George and I often practiced it in our pre-wedding lovemaking, though we know some believe we should’ve waited until after the ceremony for […]

Dining Kinky

My husband, George, is one of a kind. He likes experiments, trying out new little things, and is always up to it. He came home one evening with a little gift for me. “This is for you to dress up tonight as we going out to dinner,” he said casually as he handed me the […]

Now for Real

After the wedding, my hubby George and I (Jenny) started off with a bang. When we got home the first night, we sat down to discuss the day’s happenings, then we gradually and lovingly went about cleaning up. Before I hopped into the shower, I undressed and became acutely aware of the sexy body I […]