Now for Real

After the wedding, my hubby George and I (Jenny) started off with a bang.

When we got home the first night, we sat down to discuss the day’s happenings, then we gradually and lovingly went about cleaning up. Before I hopped into the shower, I undressed and became acutely aware of the sexy body I possess. In the mirrors, I could see my big, firm breasts on a slim frame. My vagina was a huge mound, as well, ideal for any man to nudge on all day. With long slim legs, a firm bum, and thighs as sexy as can be, I could dress up in any gear to suit my taste. I kept my vagina cleanshaven and placed a lot of emphasis on clean sex, unless it can’t be helped.

I showered, and when finished, I applied sexy lipstick and made my face up to modeling standards. Then I grabbed what I planned to wear for evening sleepwear. I chose my red lingerie, braless and short enough to nearly leave my vagina exposed. I slipped on the matching panty with frills and an open crotch. Wow, I felt good. I left the bathroom and jumped into bed, covering myself with a sheet.

George then got into the shower and, a few minutes later, came out wearing jogging shorts and t-shirt. He hopped in alongside me and then he made the first move. Turning towards me, he gave me a French kiss which he wouldn’t let go. He started touching me all over and kicked off the sheet. His shock at the sight of me showed clearly on his face.

Slowly, he pushed two of his fingers into my vagina and started to part the lips. He slid down further and began to give me oral stimulation through the open crotch area, setting me on fire.

“My clitoris, please! “ I begged.

He didn’t hesitate to suck away. I heard him mutter, “My, your clitoris is huge, sweet, and lovely,” before he raced his tongue up and down, at the same time nudging away at my vagina insides with his fingers. I  could feel an orgasm approaching, and I let it out. I whimpered and shuddered as my body went into a spasm. Never had I known that a man could make me feel so totally absorbed; previously, I always used to masturbate to reach this level.

George stopped for a while, gave me a super-tight hug, and felt my swollen breasts press against him. He now focussed on them, sucking them with urgency as I writhed from side to side.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I slipped off his joggers and grabbed his penis. It had felt much bigger than it had during our courtship. I twisted myself and engulfed it in my mouth. It had grown much harder, and I had to be careful, lest I let it in too deep and risk a gag. I sucked him slowly but increased the momentum with time, taking in a little more as I went along.

George allowed me free reign as I started licking the sides and engulfing his balls. Time and again, I maneuvered my hands on his shaft while his penis head penetrated my pouted lips. I continued for a while until he seemed ready, then I twisted onto my back and removed my panty. For the first time ever, he was about to penetrate me.

It felt strange for both of us virgins to guide one another, but we did it well. His penis entering my vagina felt like a dream. He went slow at first, until I pleaded, “Push harder. I’d rather get through any pain quickly!”

This triggered his ego, and soon we were having lovely sex—a little painful for me at first, but worth it. He pushed and I surrendered completely, sometimes lifting my legs up for better leverage. Then it happened, I felt a thick wad down below, filling my vagina. He was ejaculating his semen, and the ripple effect made me cling onto him as I shivered through an intense orgasm.

We both lay still. After a while, he moved aside, and I put my hand onto the drippings from my vagina. My first experience with sex thrilled me, and George assured me we would have many more beautiful sessions if I’m willing.

“OH, YES!!” I enthused.

We talked about some of our desires and things we were reluctant to try sexually. But we agreed to mutually decide on every new sexual adventure.

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8 replies
  1. Annewin says:

    You both did so well!
    Like you, I was a virgin with firm breasts, long slim legs, and a firm bum. But when we showered and got into bed naked (in the dark) things did not happen the way we imagined they would.

  2. Waiting Hardly says:

    It was good that you got to experience the benefits of your non-intercourse premarital oral activities which helped you remain virgins until marriage. Well done!

  3. Keystone Jack says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. I have given Keystone Jill a homework assignment to read this story before our time together tonight. MH! The gift that keeps on giving!

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