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WelCUM home – Making Love to My Wife

Making Love to My Wife This is a recounting of a passionate encounter after my wife returned from a 2-month trip abroad: WelCUM home! I pick you up at the airport and see that you’ve dressed like you’re expecting to be met by your husband! Your sundress is mid-thigh and bouncy, and my eyes take […]

Master Suite Jacuzzi Tub (L)

Master Suite Jacuzzi Tub Lying here in our master bedroom suite with the door shut. Thinking of all the  things we have planned to do together. Ohhhhh the thought of my naked hubby touching my fever hot body with his burning hot hands, makes me moan inside with great yearnings to feel his passionate kisses […]

Friday Night Pizza (Pt 3) (L)

Conclusion of our Friday Night Pizza event we jointly wrote, her’s are in bold. I wait but a little bit allowing your body to recharge before heading back into the kitchen, grabbing a drink. Your panties are still on the floor where I dropped them and that made my heart skip, knowing that my horny […]

Friday Night Pizza (Pt 2) (L)

Continuation of our Friday Night Pizza event we jointly wrote, her’s are in bold. Part 2: I try to stay away, but I have to return to the kitchen, watching your sexy titties in that hot little top, lusting after your hot little @ss as you sway your hips moving around the kitchen. Your face […]

Road trip (Pt 4)

Road Trip: Conclusion (pt 4). You slowly withdraw the twin toys and admire the nasty view of my wide open super fked love hole.  You can see how sloppy wet she is from cumming in gushes.  She is bright pink and shining with wetness which is calling out to you.  You can see her flower […]

Road Trip (Pt 3)(L)

Road Trip Part 3 As I catch my breath after succumbing to such a wild cum, you begin to softly caress my legs.  The drenched sex toy is still half in/half out.  I usually feel spent after such a rocket cum but the more you caress my legs, the more I feel the presence of the […]

Road Trip (Pt 2) (L)

I watch as my amazing husband slides the toy up my horny canal.  Slow and steady, in he goes!!!!! OHHHHHHH.  What a rush!!!!!!   Feels so as I feel my tight hole spreading and watching the toy sliding up as inch by inch it disappears into my cummy slit.  OHHHHHHHH this is sooooooooo erotic!!!!!!!!!!  I feel […]

Road Trip Sex (Pt 1) (L)

Road Trip Sex Just the two of us driving cross country I realize we will be spending a lot of time alone together in a car.  My heart melting over with love for my hot, gentle man that I married. I begin to think of ways in which I can make the travel time very […]