Friday Night Pizza (Pt1) (L)

Here is a letter that we wrote together (her’s are in bold) about what happened one Friday evening we decided to stay home while we were still building our home:Couple in Bed

Friday Night Pizza – Part 1

I had worked all day on the house, taking frequent breaks to come flirt with you, so by evening time, both of us had gotten pretty stirred up. I asked you if pizza was on the menu tonight and after thanking me for all the hard work, you said: “How shall I reward such a good deed?  Hmmmm??”
Your look is very mischievous and highly flirtatious as you then disappear down the hallway to change into something that will scream to your man, “ohhhhhh come fk me!” 
I had bought some special sex clothes just for such an occasion and I giddily spring  into my wardrobe to pull those tools of temptation out of their well hidden places and carefully put them on making sure they will have the full effect that I intended them to have when I purchased them and put them away.

You put on a super thin green lacey tank top to match the color of your beautiful eyes, a top that is *very* low cut and you quickly slip it over your braless chest to bare in full view your incredibly erected nipples. “Ohhhhhh, to have his eyes feast on my tits and get his juices pumping!!!” you say as you admire yourself in the mirror.
I have no worry of the temperature in the house being too cool to erect my tits, for the thoughts flooding into my mind will do the trick soon enough.

You well know how much I LOVE to see your nipples poking out like flags waving for sucking. Just the thought of my sucking on them (GOSH!!!!!!!!) and seeing them in the mirror (BLUSH!) makes your titties tingle. Ohhhhh, now your tits are tingling and erecting!!!!!! Now your sexy body is so turned on that your slender tanned legs are s-p-r-e-a-d-i-n-g!!!!!

My inner thighs are slick from wetness of desire and passionate heat.  My body feverish with heavy thoughts of my baby touching me and of seeing him smile at me with that “I want some!” smile that he gets on his face when he gets turned on and we are alone.  I am ready and sooooo wanting and my body is responding.  Ohhhhhh I have to get his juices pumping and his body pumping on top of me as well.

Then you slide on a shamefully short white mini skirt over a new pair of satin white thong undies. They fit snuggly over your tightly shaved mound, but have very little material elsewhere. The crotchless stockings accent the whole visual affect which screams for steamy sex.
The thong is barely on and yet already wet!!!!
The skirt is sexy & playful, perfect for this evening, essentially sheer being ultra-thin cotton but kinda fluffy, not skin tight fitting. You top  off the whole “fck me outfit” with some super high heels, which make your ass wiggle as you walk and your shapely legs look so delectable.
Rocking my bottom slowly and surely so that you can’t take your eyes of my ass and so that your engine begins to roar with loud anticipation.  I like it when you have your eyes on MY body and desiring me and so with a lot of bounce in my step I make sure my hips are swinging away!

You walk back down the hallway towards me, letting the heels have full affect and letting your much more slender hips and ass sway in full motion as you strut past me into the kitchen. I see that playful smile upon your pretty face and I realize that hot little honey must be in a very aroused mood and full of desire for some hot sex!!! I then see your tasty tits poking out and jiggling with each step. WOW! Love that!! You can feel them jiggle & bounce & dance before my eyes and you can see the excitement they are causing by the rise in my jeans. Now your tits are very hard after seeing my excited reaction. Ohhhhhh very hard and poking out sharply! Your stomach fills with sensual butterflies seeing how your naughty outfit has captured me wholly.

Seeing how perky your nipples are, I can only imagine that your pssy juices are flowing and you must be thinking some very naughty thoughts. And it makes my heart race!! I instantly daydream of bending you over somewhere and stuffing your tight little pssy with my stiff c*ck till I fill you with all my cum – and then getting to see some of it in your spread hole when I’m done! My heart skips a beat from the thought!

I let you start making the pizzas and run and shower really quick. Then I frequent the kitchen as often as possible, admiring how super sexy you look, how hot your body is, how extremely desirable you are to my eyes seeing you perched atop those high heels, your tiny little skirt bouncing around as you move about the kitchen, your beautiful breasts not being held in very successfully by the low cut tank top that fits you quite snug, your nipples poking so pronounced through the thin fabric. I want to suck them both in my mouth so badly!! I hug you from behind, kissing the back of your neck and shoulders. You melt in my arms.
All my hope now fired up on high, waiting and watching to see if you are merely teasing with me or if you are giving me fore-play for hot and steamy things yet to cum and cum and cum and gush and splash and cum again.  And then I compliment you on your outfit and leave. Again.
I blush but inside rejoice that you have found so much pleasure in it.

My next trip into the kitchen, you smile coyly and say: “oh baby, I think I just lost my earring!”

You turn in front of me and spread your legs as you bend way down as if to search for something lost on the floor.  “Oh baby,” you call out in a soft sensual whisper, “I think I need your help to find it.  Maybe it’s behind me and I missed it.  Help me look?” 
I lean WAY OVER and move into your view exposing all that I have hidden under the sexy ultra-mini skirt.

Then you lean way over and the tiny skirt draws up, easily exposing your bare tanned cheeks framed so perfectly by the crotchless stockings. WOW! HOT!!
I immediately wonder if my hot little wife is actually pantiless or not, maybe she just has on a thong in order to give me something to remove. But the bending over with such a short skirt, and the way you look in those stockings, your legs so shapely atop those high heels, is just pure sex for hungry lusting eyes!

“Oh baby, have you found anything yet?  All I can find is this…”  you say with a very sultry voice, as you pull out a small tube of warm KY.  “Well, that could be useful!” I declare, as my dck is stiffening so hard it wants to burst through my pants.
My eyes catch a glimpse of the huge bulge in your pants. Wow!!!!  I see how turned on  you are and it instantly makes my body temperature rise sharply!

Then you lean over onto the end bar stool bracing yourself with that hot little ass elevated high and then you say, “Show me where that goes baby.”  So I squirt some KY onto the tips of my fingers and pulling the thong off to the side I begin to press my fingers into your velvety soft pssy petals and then push them further into the folds of your surprisingly creamy entrance and I immediately begin to screw your hot fck hole with my strong large middle finger.
I sooo like your strong large middle finger.  OHHHHHHH!!!!!  Makes me moan at just the thought of it pushing inside me.

“Ohhhh baby, that feels so good!!!!   I like feeling you screw me with your finger.  Ohhh it feels so hot.  Ohhhh yes baby, screw me more! Oh yes, it feels so good.” You moan as I am dipping my finger up inside your slick pssy. Then you whisper, “I like being screwed by your finger baby, it turns me on, makes me hot, makes me wild.” as I keep pushing it over & over inside your tight hole, my fingers getting wetter & wetter as I do.

While I am pressing into your delicate sensitive petals, you continue moaning and say “OH! That gives me all kinds of ideas.
Ohhh baby. I like it baby!!!!!!!  Please don’t stop!!!! Oh I feel my body wanting to cum now! OH yes, screw me more.  Screw my psy with your big finger and let me cum on it. Oh yes baby, let me feel it as you screw me.” The sensation of being penetrated by my largest finger, plus the repetitive pressing of my hand against your crotch each time I delve inside makes you even more hot and horny.

My other hand is on your lower back, then I take hold of your slender hips, then I grip your hot ass driving you wild!
“Oh baby, I am cumming! I am cumming on your big finger while it screws my pssy.  Oh baby, I feel it.  Oh its so hot.  So erotic to all my senses. Yes baby! Yes! My pssy is cumming on your finger.
Oh baby, you are making me feel sooooooo hot and boiling over with deep desire and yearning for some serious sex!!!  Screw me!  Screw this little pizza girl. Ohh she’s cumming!   ohhhhhhh.  Yesssssssssss…..”

“Wow!!!!! That was great.” I tell you, as I slow it way down.
But instead of cooling you down, it seems to get you all heated up as you whisper so naughtily: “Going slow makes me want some more.”
OH boy does it!!!!!  I love it when you go slow, it is as if you are drawing up water from the deepest parts of my love, lust, and super hot sex well.  Not just a surface dip, but a deep dip!”
Instead I just pull my cum-covered finger out of your hot hole and pull the thong back into place and pull you up to me, pressing you tightly against my body, letting you feel my full erection, kissing you passionately and deeply. Then I pat you on the butt and say: “Get back to making pizzas, you hot little pizza girl!” and I walk out.
(Definitely to be continued!)

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11 replies
    • hot husband says:

      You sound a little offended. I’d like to say keep your head up. If someone doesn’t like your story keep moving forward. Not everyone is the same,so may have to write in different perspectives. God bless

  1. Lovinghusband says:

    I thought this was a great story!! I loved how you two went back and forth writing. I enjoyed the way your thoughts were so focused on the little details of each other. I don’t know how you had such restraint!! I can’t wait for part 2. LIke everyone else, I’m wondering what kind of pizza it is. 🙂

    Seriously, I look forward to what came after this hot start. Great job!! God bless you both!

  2. hornyGG says:

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I loved this story! Really Hot! Don’t worry so much about the rating, alot of readers don’t even think about rating a story. Looking forward to the next segment. Keep writing, God bless and stay horny!

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