Road Trip Sex (Pt 1) (L)

Road Trip Sex

Just the two of us driving cross country I realize we will be spending a lot of time alone together in a car.  My heart melting over sexy against Car at 8.07.05 PMwith love for my hot, gentle man that I married. I begin to think of ways in which I can make the travel time very interesting and naughty fun for us both.  Oh!!!   The thoughts begin to make me blush and grin.  Yes, this could be a lot of fun!!!  I look forward to a lot of road trip sex with my husband.

I know that my hubby has been carefully selecting kinky and exciting toys for us to engage with but I have asked him not to show them to me to keep them a total surprise.  I like surprises of that kind as I climax.  So exciting that way.  A surprise to a climax moment is like throwing gasoline on a roaring fire.  SSooooooo hot!!!!!!!    Just thinking of that makes my panties wet right now.  Wow!!!   I’m gonna like traveling!!!

So I fill my backpack with all kinds of surprises for him.  As we get in the car and head out onto the highway all is normal and common.  By the time we make our first gas stop we are far from all (people) we know and I am feeling quite intimate as if we have reached the solitude of a distant island.   I grab my back pack and run off to the bathrooms while he gets the gas pumped.  From my bag I pull out an all-lace, totally see through, top.  I also grab a red hot bra which will show brightly through the lace.  I throw them on, tracing over my breasts to make sure the sexy tease clothes are snug in the right places and clearly revealing my feminine curves to my honey.  Then I slip on a mini skirt and take off my panties.  I fold up my travel clothing and put them back in the bag.  I throw on my jacket to hide the surprise and walk back to the car.  I wink at my hubby and hop in as he runs off to pay for the gas, use the bathroom, and get us some drinks for the road.

He returns and I thank him for the hot drinks.  I place them in the cup holders and we pull back onto the freeway.

“Are you tired of driving yet?”  I ask to set up for my answer.

“No, but I’d like to get out of this seat for a while.”  he replies.

“Well, maybe I can help make the middle half of this drive a little less monotonous.”

He looks at me and notices a twinkle in my eye.  I take off my coat (which always makes him happy), and he is very pleased and says, “Well now.  That is worth a long drive.”

I blush.  His eyes run over my shirt and then he notices how SHORT my skirt is. “HOT!”  You say.

“No, it’s perfect in here, but I want to make it hot.”

He smiles sexily. He puts his arm around me and tries to scoot me closer.  I begin to nibble on his neck and ear.

“Honey, honey, honey, honey.   I like your honey!”  I spread my legs some and whisper, “I think you should check out my honey pot and see if she is in need of some filling.”

His hand runs slowly over my thigh caressing my skin softer than ever before.  OHHHHHH he knows this awakens his bride’s inner fires of passion. He caresses but charmingly does not put his hand up my skirt which drives me hot with anticipation. I spread my legs and lean my head back.

“Check out my honey pot, baby, I want, want, want you to.”   I begin to breath heavy as I feel his hand sliding up my skirt while he keeps his eyes on the road and hears my heavy breathing in his ear.  He slips his hand up my skirt but due to the placement of the seats it is very difficult for him to drive and reach me at the same time.  I had planned for this ;).  Before he can get frustrated or even air a complaint I softly say, “Let me change to a better position”.

I grab a prepared pillow from the back seat and place it against my door.  Then I sit with my back to my door, my body facing the driver’s seat.  I say, “How about this for accessibility?” as I spread my bent knees spread eagle exposing my open wet pussy to him.   He drops down his hand by his side, almost where a gear shifter would be, and there to find complete access to finger fuck my pussy as we drive.  OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

He begins to touch my flower working her petals soft and slow. He is making my temperature rise and lulling me into a trance-like bliss of erotic stimulation.  OHHHHHH.  I feel so nasty with my hubby stirring up my womanly passions for erotic sex while he drives us down the road.  My face hot as my passions burn.  OHHHHHHHH “I like it when you do this to me.  Especially when we are alone and driving.   OHHHHHH.  I hope we have hours and hours of driving ahead.   ohhhhhhhhhh I don’t want this to stop.  Your touch in my flower makes me feel so open.  I feel like screwing is the only thing I want to do.  ohhhh yes baby yes!!!”  I moan and drink up every waking ounce of passionate yearning which he is stirring up within me as he touches and fondles.

“Baby, My flower is sooooo soaking wet.  Your finger’s drive me crazy!!!  Ohhhhhh, I like this.   It’s so hot!    ummmmmm.”  I moan and moan as his touching goes on and on stoking my passion fires hotter and hotter. My body temp so hot that my cheeks are bright red.  “YES!   OHHHHHHHH BABY.  I feel your touch and my flower is totally electrified by it.”   mmmmmmm    “THIS is my favorite way to travel – with my hubby’s fingers up my wide open spread legs. Ohhhhhhhhh.”

He works my flower slowly, knowing that slow stimulation doesn’t just merely get a sudden and short lived flash in the pan but rather it will kindle the coals and keep the passion fires burning all night long so that he can take me over and over and over again longer and more in number than ever before.  His patient pace is now causing the tingles from my flower petals to spread up my inner thighs. OHHHHHHH. Wow!!!!!! This is a rare and special treat. I can hardly speak as I feel my flower and my thighs tingle with desire for his touch.

I say, “Baby, I know you must keep one hand on the wheel so let me do something for you.”  I reach back and unsnap my red hot colored bra and remove it to expose my naked nipples under a delicate layer of soft lace.   My tits are tingling as he touches me down there.  I want him to be able to see how much they are liking his touch up my skirt.  My tits are fully erect.  The sight makes him hot and his luscious rod stiffens further.

I close my eyes again and breath in deep as I enjoy feeling the tingling sensations electrify my body. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Yes, this is sooooo good baby.”   He can feel my flower is hotter and slicker than ever before.  He continues to wait for my signal knowing that when his bride is at the top of her ladder of passions in one area, she will cry out for him to take her in another area as well.  And then it comes….

“Oh baby, I can’t take this anymore you are driving my flower crazy!!!!!!!  Ohhhhhh I NEED you to penetrate my sex hole with your hot fingers, NOW!”.

He smiles knowing he has got me right where he wants me – intoxicated by his erotic stimulations.

“OHHHHHHH I really, really, really want to feel you in my pussy!!!  Take my pussy baby. I want to cum. I am sooo hot for it!!!!!”  He knows that this is the moment, I am so feverish with lust for fucking that I will enjoy a kinky toy without reservation.

He reaches over and pulls out from the heated glove box a towel all wrapped up.   He softly says, “I can’t fuckk her with it while I am driving, I don’t want you to have to wait, so I brought something along to fulfill your sexual needs. It’s rather nasty to do this.  Are you feeling nasty for it?”

I blush and say, “OH baby YES!!!!  YES, YES, YES, I am very nasty for it!!!”

He opens just part of the towel with his free hand, my legs still spread and glazing with pink hot wetness.  I grab a large towel from my back pack and quickly slide it under my butt.  There is no one else on this long stretch of road and we still have hours to drive, but this is certainly making the time fly by quickly.

At first I lay back wanting to be totally relaxed to get maximum sensitizing to his touch, it’s touch, and it’s mm-by-mm spreading of my hot hole.  I have no idea where the lube comes from but the toy is well lubricated and I feel his hand sliding up my thigh and under the inch of skirt that still decorates my tuff.  Then I feel it!   I shudder as I do. OHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

“Oh! Baby!  This is nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I open my eyes to see him driving with one hand and holding the toy in my hole with the other.  OHHHHHHHHH.  “DO you want to pull over?  Looks kind of hard to do these at the same time”  I say to him.

He smiles and says, “I have all night to drive still so I am in no hurry.  I’m gonna screw you like this for hours and hours and hours, one cum at a time, so you cum a hundred times tonight.”


“I’d like to see you try!” I playfully encourage as I sit up partially to watch him screw the first inch of my hole.

“Ohhhhhh wow.  This looks as kinky as it feels.”  I spread my legs wider and hold them towards my upper sitting body.  I can see the kinky toy sticking out of my creamy hole with my delicate pink hole spread around it tightly.

“Ohhhhhhh this is a nasty sight!  I want you to be able to drive with your eyes full of nasty sights. Do you like what you are seeing?”

He glances up at me (keeping his attention on the road and on my pussy at the same time.   “Love it!”  He answers.  OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

I can tell it is hard for him to do both so I say, “Let me help you here.” and then I put my hands on his wrist which is holding the kinky toy and I begin to screw it to the left slightly and then to the right.  Back and forth.

OHHHHHHHHH.   “You’re screwing my hole – 1 inch inside.”    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.   We screw the kinky toy left and right over and over and over.  I am moaning as we do.

“I like the way it feels when it screws me there baby.  This is very nasty to feel.  Keep screwing me.  I feel like I will cum soon if you can keep this up.  I need to lay back now.”

I lay back, I brace one foot on his side and the other on the side of his leg/thigh.  I feel my pussy pulsing inside with elation at the constant screw.  “Oh!!!   Baby!!!  1 inch and I’m  ready to cum!!!!!!!!   I feel your big thick dildo screwing me. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Yes baby.  I feel it.  It feels so good.  It feels so nasty because it is standing at the gate and screwing me there so long.  Ohhhhhhhhhh I’ve never cum like this before, it’s soooooooooo nasty!!!!!!!!   Oh yes, baby, I’m cumming!”

I let out a loud moan and erotically pound my hole up and down on the toy’s tip.  Then I gush all over the place!!!!!!!

“Cumming……..cumming…………cumming……………!!!!!!    Oh baby.  yes!”

My cum is not exhaustive, instead it is merely foreplay for this night there is much more to come.

“Now let me see you go deeper into my flooded chamber baby.  OHHHHHH I want it all!!!!”

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7 replies
  1. C James says:

    Sounds like a fun travel time. Sex in the car like this can be fun but I know eventually we have to pull over and have full concentration on sex, then get back to driving.

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    I loved this!

    You described so well how you wanted this to go on and on – and how in the midst of it – it makes time go quickly

    We’ve done this and it is so awesome

    Your naughtiness took you to new heights! This was so hot! I too, look forward to the next part! Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. God bless you.

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