A Fur Rug and a Roaring Fire

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 6.17.04 PMWho hasn’t wanted to make love by candlelight, lying on a white rug in front of a roaring fire?

It was one of those things that we dreamed about while we were waiting for our wedding night. There was never any doubt after we got engaged that we would save ourselves for such a special moment and the thought of that rug and that fire was in both our minds throughout our courtship.

As we married in mid-summer, we had quite a wait before the roaring fire could come into play but when it did, we were determined to make the most of it. This is the story of that night.

We were on a weekend break, something we could afford much more easily in our younger days. Long walks holding hands and kissing like teenagers, long lunches in pubs hidden away in the English countryside – and long evenings during which we moved easily from the dinner table to the sofa to the floor and into bed, with clothes being discarded as we went.

On this particular evening, we finished our meal and led each other by the hand to the sofa, hands exploring each others bodies.

I slid my hands under Mrs Postman’s bra-straps, moving them down until her bra fell easily to the floor and I could gently flick one nipple into life with the gentlest touch of my finger. She slowly undid my shirt then tossed it to the floor as her hands played with my belt, gently loosening it and pushing her hand inside my boxers to reach my cock.

This game continued for a while, clothes slowly being discarded until we sat naked at each other’s side. The hotel had generously provided complimentary bathrobes and we slipped these on before I went to the fridge to pour us both a glass of wine. We both took a sip and exchanged the warmest of kisses, the taste of our lips intermingled with the cold wine. Then (it may have been deliberate, it may have been an accident) some of the wine ended up being splashed on to Mrs Postman’s chest.

I bent down to lick it off, then took the opportunity to lick all around her nipples and around her stomach as she willingly loosened her robe and eased my tongue’s passage down to the start of her pubic hair.

Falling to my knees, I kissed all around her mound and then gently pushed my tongue into her mass of pubic hair and found her opening. Her pussy lips swelled under my tongue and I pushed them wide open with a gentle touch of my thumbs, allowing my mouth full access to her.

As I began licking up and down her most secret places, she could stand no more. Mrs Postman joined me on the floor, then began crying in ecstasy as her first orgasm overtook her. Then she carefully positioned herself perfectly at my side, taking my cock into her mouth and letting out little moans of joy as it began to grow.

She loves giving oral and it was all I could do to prevent myself from coming too soon as her tongue went up and down the length of my penis while her hands stroked and rubbed my hair-less balls.

But I held on, entranced by the feelings I was getting as my fingers and tongue wandered up and down her pussy lips and then inside her. Then, all of a sudden, my lips were coated in her juices. “OOOOOHHHH! IIIII’MMMMMM COOOMMMMIIINNGG’ she moaned as another orgasm overtook her.

When the feelings had subsided, she let go of my dick and began to concentrate on herself, stroking her hands up and down her stomach and boobs and around her pussy. As she continued to pleasure herself, I did the same, getting off the floor and resting on my knees as I slowly stroked my cock in front of her face. I could have kept going and come all over her face and body, but I wanted to make the most of that white rug and roaring fire so I gently moved her hands away from her breasts, put my arms around her and laid her on the rug.

‘Come inside me’ she whispered as I positioned myself between her legs. After bending my head to lap up her sweet juices, I slowly eased myself into her glorious entrance and began thrusting – slowly at first but then building up a rhythm.

‘OOOHHH! That’s wonderful, don’t stop, don’t stop!!!’ moaned my lovely wife as she writhed on the rug, hands moving up and down her body and occasionally reaching down to stroke the head of my penis as it surged in and out of her.

I kept this up for longer than I had thought possible, helped by her ability to clench the head of my cock with the muscles around her pussy. Beside us, the fire blazed in the hearth, providing the only light in the room apart from a lamp on the bedside table. And making love on the rug was just as wonderful as we had hoped; Mrs Postman enjoyed the feel of it on her back and the texture was far softer than if we had been on the carpet.

All of a sudden, I could hold out no longer. I felt a feeling in my balls like I had never felt before as my semen surged out of me and into Mrs Postman. Inevitably, some spilled out on to the rug, on to the floor and over us both. But at that moment, we didn’t care as we held each other tight on that rug, completely overwhelmed by the experience.

We lay kissing and stroking each other for several minutes, eventually getting up to get a damp cloth from the bathroom. We didn’t want to do any damage to the rug; after all, we intended to use it again later that night – and in the coming nights.

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  1. hornyGG says:

    Mmmmm, so romantic and hot! Ben and I spent the weekend at his bosses camp once. It had a large fireplace and a real bear skin rug. We enjoyed some wine and a good screw. Didn’t have candles however! We plan on going back soon. I can’t wait!

    Thank you so much for posting this nakedpostman! God bless and stay horny my friend.

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