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The Little Blue Pill

As with all the stories we submit to MH, this one has been written by Mr Postman, but read and thoroughly approved by Mrs Postman. For nearly 24 years after getting married in July 1990, we had a full and active sex life. We weren’t swinging from the chandeliers and we didn’t experiment that much, […]

A Fur Rug and a Roaring Fire

Who hasn’t wanted to make love by candlelight, lying on a white rug in front of a roaring fire? It was one of those things that we dreamed about while we were waiting for our wedding night. There was never any doubt after we got engaged that we would save ourselves for such a special […]

Writing challenge – Our Best Anniversary

We don’t normally worry too much about clothes in our house. Mrs Postman is a phlebotomist who spends her working day in overalls; I work from home as a writer/journalist, so I can wear what I like. In addition, we’ve been naturists for over 20 years and if we decide we’re not going to wear […]