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Raging Fire- II

Continuation.. I kissed Kellie on the lips again and took a love bite from her lower lip. My hands were roaming around her belly button. I pinched her left nipple again and pushed her on the pillow. With lightning speed I took off her panty, she was stark naked with her pussy dripping with love for […]

Rain Dance

After I had finished my work early,  I called my gorgeous wife Kellie, and she told me that she would be free in half an hour or so. I picked her up, and we headed toward home. She was looking cute as a little teenage girl in her white Indian embroidered kurta (shirt).  The weather was […]

Raging Fire – I

Finishing the final cleaning of the kitchen, Kellie came into bed wearing her pink pajama. I was reading a novel a novel, she put her head on my chest from the right side and hugged me. “Baby, I am tired today and also feeling a little headache,” Wifey said touching my chest. I closed my […]

Tigress: The Queen

A warm hand on my abdomen and a luscious kiss on my right cheek brought me back from my sleep. As soon as I opened my sleepy eyes, I saw a fairy surrounded by bright light; my mouth remained opened. She took a step toward me, shutting my mouth she laughed a little. I came […]

A Perfect Kiss

I am Rey, happily married to my wife Kellie for seven years and blessed with two angels. Our sex life is amazingly awesome, full of love and compassion. It was Saturday evening; I came home late after a busy day at the job. Kellie received me at the door with a loving kiss. The kids were […]