Raging Fire- II


I kissed Kellie on the lips again and took a love bite from her lower lip. My hands were roaming around her belly button. I pinched her left nipple again and pushed her on the pillow. With lightning speed I took off her panty, she was stark naked with her pussy dripping with love for me. I got lost in her splendid beauty for a moment, over seven years, and I still was gazing at her like a lovesick fool.

She brought me back to reality by rubbing her leg on my thigh and uttering, "Baby..!!"

"I am sorry, dear, but your beauty is blowing my mind," I said while taking more oil in my hands.

She laughed, "Take it and love it, my love."

Her words were provoking me to be little rougher as my hands first cupped her beautiful butt cheeks and followed on her thighs and legs to her feet. I repeated it thrice or more while looking into her eyes expressing my ocean of love without saying much by words. I held her feet together near my face and kissed her satin soft skin. I moved my hand forward and massaged the skin around her sacred part, she was getting hotter and wetter. I massaged her heart shaped pubic hair, and then moved to the sensitive skin around the clit. I gently touched her swollen clit that was awaiting my touch. I ran the backside of my fingers slowly, she was quivering and shifting her head from right to left and back in restlessness. I encircled her love hole and ran my fingers over her pussy like someone playing piano, and I am happy that my piano was making the most melodious tunes. My penis was making a tent in my boxers due to my loving on my wife with full devotion.

Soon came the point she grabbed the bed sheet with both hands with trembling voice and shaking legs she said, "Rey, my love, my life, I cannot bear more, put your mojo where it belongs."

I teasingly rubbed her clit, she put her legs around my waist holding my arm she pulled me to lean over her. She kissed me in a wild way.

"I want to kiss the same way on your pussy lips," I said in a serious tone.

She tapped my head, took her legs from around my waist to shoulder and tried to lift her waist. I dragged her legs, holding her ass. I lifted her up and put my head between her thighs. I kissed my beautiful wife's pussy. I licked and sucked those delicious, honey-luscious lips. Nothing in this world can be tastier than your wife's love juices.

I put her down, and she took off my boxers with her mouth, my erect penis sprang out in front of her. She kissed its head and pulled its foreskin back and made it wet with her saliva. She laid turning her face down again putting two pillows underneath.

"Let's swing through the rainbow, baby," I said.

"Of course you just caused rain..!" she giggled.

Though I liked what she said, I spanked her right butt cheek, "Soon it will be flooded."

She smiled, looking back and shaking her booty, she said in a romantic voice, "Aahhh!"

I started rubbing my mojo around her beautiful love hole and spanked her left cheek. With one single stroke, I passed the whole length into my beautiful wife, "I love you, Kellie." I started thrusting forcefully making her waist swing further.

"I love you more, Rey!" she replied while trying hard not to close her eyes.

I was humping her wildly, and she was growling like she wanted to let the neighbors know how much she is loved. She had an orgasm in a few minutes, and we shifted our position. She came to the edge of the bed, and I stood there holding her hand. Keeping eye contact and showing my passion to her, I allowed her to drown in my ocean of love. The world outside vanished, and we reached a level of oneness people call ecstasy in general. We shared an earth shaking orgasm, our hearts were filled with love. We rolled into the bed sheet; she kept her head on my shoulder, and I hugged her in a way to tuck her completely to my body.

I kissed her forehead and told her, "Sweetheart, you are the perfect raging fire of love, Te Amo."

She kissed my chest and whispered, "You are the perfect ocean of love, my handsome husband, Te Amo mucho mucho."

I closed my eyes and prayed in a very quiet voice, " May this love keep us connected through body, heart and soul forever." We both spoke together, "AMEN."

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