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Mid-Day Movie with a Popcorn Surprise

A Wife’s Story… A few weeks ago, on my desk was a sealed envelope- Labeled Open at 11:00 am. My foot was now tapping in anticipation. At the appointed time, I open the envelope and find it is containing a movie ticket with a reserved seat for 11:30 am and instructions that are written in […]

Where is the Line?

I love reading this site each day, gets my creative juices flowing! I have a high libido, and that is just the way God made me. Because of this, I struggle with temptations that some of my Christian friends cannot relate to at all. Of course they struggle with things I can’t relate to either […]

College Football Backrub Bet

My wife and I have been married for 30 years. Our standard bet is a “back-rub” but over the years it has become a much bigger deal. The Valentine’s present I bought for us a few years ago was a portable professional grade massage table complete with the horseshoe shaped face pillow for maximum comfort. […]