Chocolate Fun

I had no idea what to expect when my wife gave our kids each a brownie and didn’t serve me.  Instead she said “Your dessert is being saved until later.”

Funny thing… I didn’t have sex on the mind (like usual).  I was actually thinking “Oooo, maybe WE’RE having brownie sundaes, and she doesn’t want the kids to have that much sugar.”

Man, was I wrong.  And good thing too!

I found myself watching TV, and I noticed my wife hadn’t been around for a half hour.  I thought she went to sleep early, so I decided to check on her.

There I find my wife lying almost naked in bed — except for the blue silk panties and the unusual brown bra with a big strap in front.  Weird!

OMG!  That’s no bra.  My wife’s bountiful 36C breasts were coated in chocolate!  She also had an arrow going down the center of her chest and stomach, pointing at her panties.

Three little words to make my heart spin…. “Dessert is served!”

I dove right in and started lapping up the chocolate like a starving dog.  WOW!  It was brownie batter!  Awesome!  My wife was moaning in pleasure and chuckling hysterically, because my face looked like a 12-month-old eating cake for the first time.  That didn’t discourage me as I dove onto breast #2.  By this time, my wife’s nipples were over an inch long… and extra sensitive to every lap of my tongue.  Speaking of extra inches, I had loose boxers on, so I had no problem being at FULL attention down below.

My wife had to control her breathing to keep from climaxing, b/c she wanted the “dessert” to continue.  I made my way down the arrow and pulled off her silk panties.  WOWE!  She was fully shaved.  She had never done that before.  I almost climaxed just at the beautiful sight (and the extra ‘naughtiness’ of my wife this particular night).

I started to devour my wife’s warm and wet pussy.  Oh I love the taste.  I was in heaven.  And so was she.  She was having a bucking orgasm less than 2 minutes in.

After a minute of recovery and enjoyment, she reached in a small jar and said “Your turn!”  She started to smear brownie batter on the head of my stiff member.  She had no idea that just her touch almost made me come!  I was so turned on.

She then started licking and sucking all the chocolate off.  Less than 60-seconds later I was exploding with pleasure as I released inside her mouth.

It was a SWEEEET night for us…. but not so much for our sheets.  [Nothing a little Tide can’t fix!]

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