A Day in the Sun

The wind was blowing lightly as I lay basking in the suns warmth. My husband had prepared a spot on our property that was sunny, but private. I could still hear if anyone approached in time to cover up before being in view.  The Bikini he had picked out just barely covered anything. As I had made my way to “the spot” as we affectionately called it, I felt very self-conscious. I justified doing this by telling myself I was doing it for him, but if I was honest with myself I would admit I was excited about laying here half naked.
I spent the time imagining what it would feel like to be here with him…completely naked….feeling his hands spread the warm oil all over my body.

Would he get it everywhere I wanted it? I can imagine his hands gliding slowly up my long tanned legs, up my back paying very close attention to my butt. Then he would have me turn over, and would start at my feet again and work his way up to my Breast, rubbing in the oil until my skin glistened. His big hands would feel wonderful as he massaged his way back to my most sensitive spot, working one hand up under my butt to massage my pussy from behind while his other hand finds my clit and works magic there. Eventually he would work first one finger, then two, and finally three into my dripping pussy while his other hand pulls my butt cheeks apart. He knows I love it when he does this. I stop him from making me cum so that I might enjoy his body. I pour oil into my hands and massage him as he had massaged me. Paying very close attention not to get oil on his penis or balls (I have something very special planned for these areas).

When he is all oiled up, I have him stand facing me. I kneel down in front of him taking his penis in my mouth and suck, slowly pulling his penis out of my mouth then running my tongue down his shaft, taking his balls in my mouth, and sucking on each one, I know this really gets his blood pumping. When he is just ready to cum, I kneel down and have him enter me from behind, in one of his favorite positions. I reach down and stimulate my clit with one hand being sure to catch his balls and slap them against it every time they are close. Before long, we are both breathing hard as we come together.

I suddenly hear a sound that brings me out of my daydream. What was it? No one comes into view; it must have just been a rabbit. I pack up my things and head home to prepare for his coming home from work. He should be here soon and I want everything to be ready for him, I know I am and I can’t wait to see what pleasures the evening brings. To be continued

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