Adult games – Win or Loose, You Still win!

In an attempt to break up the routine of the bedroom I bought a board game and brought it home to play one night.  My wife loves board games anyway we play games with our children almost every week.  I knew she loved Yatzee so I found a game called Whoopee. (sp) You play it like Yatzee with the cup and the dice and marking your score on a paper but instead of rolling numbers you roll things to do.

The first night I brought it out we read the directions and I asked if she would wear one of the lovely “only for my husband” clothing items that she has for special occasions. A lovely black bra with support and fake jewels around the breast as an accent. The bottoms were matching and did not cover too much skin. The bra being a bit see through is always fun as getting into the fun of the game you can tell when her nipples begin to harden that she is getting excited.

Upon drawing one card it said I must massage her for a minute at my point of choice. of course my choice was to ask her to sit up and spread her legs while I sat behind her and massaged her on the outside of her panties. Sort of a warm up and she began to slowly move with my as I gently massaged up and down. Then the time was up so we went on.

One card later said that she could kiss me at any point on my body for 2 mins. Asking me to sit on the edge of the bed she got on her knees in front of my and began kissing my legs and moving up my thighs. Stopping around my underwear she kissed around my but never under the cloth so as to get me warmed up. Blowing hot air is one of her tricks to aid in my “development”.

I got a full house on one of my turns so I got to choose a card that was a little more involved and my card said to pleasure my wife with anything but my hands so again I asked her to sit up against the headboard and spread her legs wide open. I could see a small part of her lips when she did this and my mouth began to water as I knew my favorite taste was about to be experienced again.

I kissed her softly on her panties and she began to moan. using my tongue I tried to push as much as I could and kiss and blow hot air around the area through her panties. once I could see that she was enjoying this I turned on the vibrator that I plugged in before starting the game. she always lights up when she gets this. Again with her panties on I gently placed the unit on her lips and softly moved up and down many times until I hit the sweet spot and she jumped. This went on a few more times until I could see she was getting more turned on then I shut off the unit and pulled the panties to the side and slid my tongue over her lips. They were sensitive so I knew this would make her moan – it did. Licking her clit for a few mins she asked me to not stop. So I stopped!

This drives her nuts but I said it was her roll. she could not think too straight for a min but again played the game.  one of the next cards she drew asked her to tell me what to do and she immediately said do what you were doing before and this time do more.   So I did exactly what I did before but this time she pulled her panties to the side right away and said skip the kissing on the outside start on my lips!!! demanding as she is I said OK. licking her until I could hardly continue I pulled the vibrator out and rubbed her clit with that. she began to push and pump and arch her back and get very close to the orgasm so I stopped again!  I said it was her turn and my time was up.

the burn in her eyes was partly fun and partly wanting to slap me but she had a smile on her face and I knew we were still having fun. she was by all means loving the feeling she had gotten twice just not gone over the top.

A few more rounds and she asked me to pull off my pants and rub some oil on my rod so I did. She then laid on top of my and just rubbed her body over mine. I did not go in her but she was rubbing her vagina up and down my rod in such a way that I was going to explode soon anyway. You guessed it she stopped.

The next card she picked up her eyes got big when she read it and put it back saying  – oh you are going to like this. So I figured it was either going to be oral sex on me or on her but it was neither. She sat back up to the headboard again and spread her legs and told me to sit facing her at the foot of the bed then she pulled the panties off and began to open up her lips and find her clit and rub it with her finger. I said wow what did the card say and she said that the card told her to massage herself in full view of me almost to orgasm then stop. so she worked her clit round and round while her eyes looked straight into mine. I looked at her eyes but of course I wanted to look at her fingers too. so watching her I could feel more blood pumping into my member and then I saw something in her face that told me she was beginning to enjoy it not just do it for my viewing pleasure. her eyes closed and she moaned and her body twitched at one point. Her hips swayed up and down trying to get more into it and her eyes were rolling back a bit or looking up in the air.  The view of her clit as amazing as I could see it getting bigger as she went on.  The she grabs the vibrator and touches it gently on her lips and moans so loud I thought the kids might here her and wake up. OHHH OHHH she says biting her lip and going faster and faster. I asked if she loved the feeling and she said OH YES – I love it!

I thought to myself well this is close to orgasm so this should be the end of the show now. But she never stopped! Finally she was in control of her orgasm for the first time tonight and she did not feel like stopping. she rode that vibrator and her back arched up so that only her heals and shoulders were touching the bed. The more pleasure she is in the more aroused I get so both of us were enjoying it as much as humanly possible. then her body drops to the bed and she screams OHHHH  – the smile comes across her face and the vibrator is buzzing at her side her arms flopped to the side and her face in pure joy! then the laughter starts. She always laughs after orgasms. not sure why but she does.

She could not even move. after nearly getting there 3 times then deciding that it felt so good and nobody was going to stop her she gave me a show and got herself a massive orgasm to boot. The only problem was the card said stop before you get to orgasm so she did not follow directions. (I am soooo glad she did not)

I was so excited that I could have almost orgasmed just from her looking at me but she picked up that vibrator and put it on the head of my rod and slowly rubbed it all the way down. putting it on my balls and under them then back up the shaft and around the top. I closed my eyes and enjoyed it to the fullest and of course after what I just saw it did not take long to explode all over the vibrator. luckily she had a towel there and the game did not get damaged in any way.

The game ended and we never really added up the score to see who won. I think I won!!!!!!!!!!  She thinks she won!!!!!!!!!!

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