Thanksgiving Day Tradition

This year I wanted to start a Thanksgiving Day tradition.  This year the family was coming to our house for Thanksgiving dinner.  Our house is best suited to host the family and we were honored to do it.  We send the children the night before to their Grandmother’s house.  They love to spend the night there and some other cousins join them.  We had the house to ourselves and family was not scheduled to arrive until noon on Thanksgiving day.

I got off work kind of late and spent the evening getting the remaining supplies for dinner the next day.  We put every thing away when I got home and went to bed.  The house was quiet because the kids were gone and we both went right to sleep.  Being an early riser, I got up and took a shower.  When I got out of the shower my beautiful wife was awake.  I told her what I had in mind for a new Thanksgiving tradition.  She agreed with a huge smile on her face.

I brought her out to the dining table that I already hand cleared off and had I placed a soft towel on the table and a small pillow for her head.  I helped her up onto the table and she took her place as the centerpiece.  In a few hours our family would be gathered around this table and giving thanks to God for the many blessings He has given to our family.  Now I gave thanks to God for the awesome wife He has blessed me with.  Then I began to service her.

I very slowly caressed her entire body.  Starting with her head and neck and moving down to her chest and breast.  All the while, kissing those special points of interest like her ears, neck, and breasts.  I continued slowly and gently caressing down her abdomen and then to her legs.  Because she was in the middle of the table I could move around and get to every inch her body very easily.  When I finally reached her toes I said, “it is time.”

I sat down in my chair at the head of the table.  She slid down the table so her bottom was where my plate would normally be.  I arranged the chair so she could rest her legs on each side of the table.  This produced the most awesome site in the world.  My wife’s womanhood opened up like a butterfly just a few inches from my face while the rest of her body was in full view.  She looked straight into my eyes knowing what was coming. I sucked, licked, and teased her lips and clitoris with my tongue and fingers.  It did not take long for her to react.  I love to see my wife in such ecstasy.

I continued until she said she needed a rest.  I don’t know how long it was but I would gladly keep going for as long as she could handle being in that peak state of arousal.  Then she told me she wanted me in side her.  I got up from my chair and knew what to do.  I had been hard for a long time.  She was very wet and I slid right in.  Immediately she went back into that peak state of arousal writhing with every thrust.  In this position, I could see her womanhood with my penis going in and her breast.  With such a site, it did not take long for me to explode filling her with my seed while she exploded yet another time.

When it was all over, my head was still spinning.  God is truly amazing how He could bless a marriage with this kind of pleasure.  Next Thanksgiving the tradition will live on.

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