After Christmas Trim

My husband likes me to stay shaved smooth and bald everywhere, except my scalp, but during the winter I don’t even like to shave my legs that much. So my pubic hair tends to become more of a roughly trimmed box (trimmed but not that neat) in the winter and my legs and underarms get a quick but incomplete shave about once every 3 or 4 days.   He does not complain much, but he does mention how much more he prefers my body hair free below the neck.

Recently we have had a real cold snap and I have not been interested / prone to shave much since I am in thick shirts, sweaters, sweat shirts, long thick slacks, jeans, or sweats even when I am inside.   Heck my bra and panties are even full coverage and thick this time of year. My husband mentioned how much he would like me to shave myself for him for the upcoming weekend the week before Christmas. I told him I would think about it, but really did not for long.

The day after Christmas we were going to head out for good shopping deals and he mentioned it again. I was in my full winter mode – thick jeans, sweater, full bra and panties with thick socks and some medium weight boots.   So, I was far from my sexiest.   Add to that, I was in bit of a mood that AM  I said, “Ok here is the deal, if you want me to shave myself you have to do something today to earn it.”  He laughed and said what.   I smiled and said “Ok today you wear your tight sexy jeans but no underwear, I want you to see what it feels like to not be completed covered in the cold.  If you do that AND tonight when we get home you let me shave YOU I will then CONSIDER IT.”  He laughed and said OK.  I never thought he would go for it so I was a bit taken back.

He quickly headed back to the bedroom and soon came back wearing some snug jeans and sporting a bit of a visible erection. I just laughed and we headed to the mall.  As soon as the cool air hit him his erection disappeared.

Once we were at the mall I was terrible to tease  him while we shopped.  I would walk by him or stand beside him and constantly brush up against him with my body or my hand.  I made sure my butt and belly rubbed up against him regularly all day. I cupped his package slightly a few times while in between racks and even once on a escalator in full view of the store.  His erection was hard and visible down the leg of his jeans almost all day if someone looked.   I am not sure if anyone else did, but I know I did.

We were in and out of a lot of stores but I made sure to hit SEVERAL lingerie departments and a few specialist shops constantly looking at barely there lingerie, sexy bras and panties.  Every time I would look at something really sexy I would be sure to brush again him and whisper something about how it would feel up against my rock hard nipples or  my wet pussy.  If it was open crotched I would talk about how much I would leak through.

My husband loves me in black g-strings so I must have looked at 15 of those and talked about how the thin black strap would look and feel between my firm buttocks and how the little patch of fabric would be soaked and barely cover me.   His cock was so hard a few times I thought he was going to come right there in a store and his pants were badly tenting almost the entire time we were in Victoria’s Secret and the mall’s sexy lingerie shop.

We finished at the mall about 5 PM, but I was not ready to go home so we went out to eat at a local restaurant.  Throughout the meal I kept telling him how much I loved his tight jeans and would gentle stroke him beneath the table.  He was about to blow by the time the entrée came, but I eased off him and let him eat in peace.

As soon as we got him he headed to the bedroom, got out my intimate shaver and pulled off his jeans.  He smiled and said “I did my part, you do yours now and then we will get to getting you smooth”.  I could see in his face how much he really wanted this, I also knew how much I had tortured him all day, so I told him to get a towel and to lay down on the bed.  He did and I got to work.

I could have probably shaved him smooth in 5 minutes but I took 20.  I stroked and massaged and worked his rod and balls the entire time.  I kept watching his eyes and face.  He was loving every minute, but also working hard not to explode.  Finally I got his groin, rod, ball sack, and butt hair free.  He looked amazing and looked about 2 inches bigger too.

Once I was done I told him to just lay there and that I would be back in a few after I got done with myself in the shower.  He smile and said “Not so fast, you get your arms and legs done, but you bring yourself back here where I can do your pussy and butt”.  I laughed and agreed.   Twenty minutes later I was on the bed  laying on a towel with nothing on but a towel around my hair and my husband nude in front of me sporting a huge erection as he worked on my pussy with my intimate shaver.

He worked me good.  He cleaned every hair from my pussy, between my legs and made sure to clean all the air off my butt just like I did him as well.   I think he could have done it in 5 minutes too, but he took 20 like I did just to get a bit of revenge and to enjoy it a bit more too I guess.

Once he was done I was soaking wet and he knew it.   We were both in the mood then and quickly got to it.  He had me on my back and my legs around his neck probably a minute after he finished.   It did not take long for either of us to come.  He gave me a huge load and I had about 5 or 6 huge shaking orgasms.   After that we just went to kissing and rubbing on each other as he recovered.    Within a few minutes he was ready to go again and we went at it again.   After that round we both were so exhausted we just pulled the covers up and went to sleep nude in each others arms.  That is how we woke up the next morning too, intertwined and comfortable.

We had another round the next morning, took a nice hot shower together, and then headed out to church. That morning  though, I was in a black g-string and matching  sheer bra beneath my nice  new slightly snug dress slacks , a snug sweater,  sheer black trouser socks and some slightly hot heels,  while my husband was in his snug jeans, a pair of tight sheer briefs I bought him a few months ago, and a nice shirt.  We had a good time at church, but both of us were in a rush to get home.

We got home and had another round while watching a movie.   I have shaved every day since then and plan to be more consistent on my winter shaving now that I see what it does to my husband.  He is going to let me shave him twice a week now too.  I think we have found a nice new thing to share.

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