Washing the Dishes

It’s tough to find times to make love when you have small children.  I love to be spontaneous, and seek to find times when my wife will be surprised and we will not be interrupted by the kids.

One night, after a long day of preschool, work, dinner, and giving the kids a bath, I finished tucking my son into bed and saying his prayers, and then went to check on my wife.

I found her in the kitchen, at the sink busy at the dishes.  She’s there very often, but tonight I stopped and just stared.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.  She was gorgeous, though I could not even see her face or the other “things” on the front-side of her.  Her hair had been let down and was ruffled and flowing.  Her blouse was long and covered all the way down to the top of her thighs, and each time she reached high to put away a dish, I got a glimpse of that wonderful, tight behind.

After a moment she felt my eyes on her, and turned to ask what the matter was.  “Nothing, nothing at all” I responded.  She grimaced at me and went about her way, lathering up more plates and spoons and forks and the like.  I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist.

“Nothing in the world as special as you” I said.  She just grinned and kept working.

My wife likes to get things done, so brushed me off.  “Later…..” she promised with a giggle.

I moved my hands to her shoulders and began to massage as she continued her way.  She loosened up and arched her head back to signal that she wanted her hair played with.  I did as she wanted, but also slid my body in closer into her sweet behind, and she could definitely tell, as she felt my hardness rub against the fabric of her skirt.

“Does that mean later is not going to be delayed?” she asked.
“I’ll do as you wish, mylady, I can’t help the consequences.”  I responded.  I often flirted with her with such royal nicknames, and she enjoyed it very much.

Soon she stopped washing and just rested her hands upon the edge of the sink, enjoying the massage of her head and neck.  Then, she imposed more of herself upon me, as she began to slide her rear from side to side, pressing backwards into me and making my penis grow even harder.  I responded in the like, increasing my distance closer to her, and moved my hands gently down her head, around her neck, and down the front of her blouse.

She did not stop me this time, and arched her back so her breasts were more accessible to my touch.  I cupped the wonderful melons in my hands ever so gently and massaged them just as she liked, and she began to respond with soft sighs.  I leaned my head in closely and took her right earlobe in my mouth and flicked my tongue ever so gently into her ear canal.

After a minute she began pushing slightly harder back against me, almost in a rocking motion, but with a pause…… and then a push a second later.  She was getting warmed up and I was loving every moment of it.

The next action of mine took her quite by surprise, but she didn’t seem to mind.  I reached down into the warm soapy water of the sink and got a handful of it and again took her breasts in my hands, soaking the front of her blouse and causing the warm water to run down the front of her breasts, trickling it’s way down to her skirt.

This caused quite a shrill and then a moan, and I could see in the reflection of the kitchen window the lacy white bra showing through her white, water-soaked blouse.  This excited me very much and was the first time I felt her nipples harden.  I squeezed them tightly, and ran my fingers in tight circles around each nipple, every other hand dipping back into the water for a wetness to be applied to the nipple.  Before long she had reached her left hand backward and found my hard love shaft, and began fondling it.  She then reached down and hiked her skirt up, revealing her white cotton panties.  She guided my penis out of my pants, in-between her legs to where the rubbing action of my penis slid under her butt cheeks and my shaft’s head would touch her love spot, through the panties she still had on.

Her moans increased, as did mine, and I began to unbutton the blouse, button by button, revealing my wife’s soaking wet chest and lace push-up bra.  She allowed her blouse to fall to the floor, and I pulled her bra down to where it was still on her, but fully exposed her ample breasts.  I reached into the water and grabbed a hand of warm suds and returned to squeezing her full breasts, loving the water that cascaded down; down her stomach to her skirt, leaking under to soak her white cotton panties and further moisten her love spot that my penis was stimulating from behind.

“Take my panties off,” she begged of me.  I moved her skirt completely up in front, so that it was completely around her waist now, in front and back, allowing full access to the pot of gold.  I reached into the warm soapy water quickly before sliding my hand down the front of her panties, soaking her love spot and fondling her clitoris with my fingers.  She moaned loudly and rocked back into me.  I blessed her with this for just a moment longer, and then removed the soaked panties as she wished, kissing her legs as I went down to the floor.

She then stopped me from pleasuring her and turned around.  Her body was soaking wet, and her glistening breasts and nipples were almost enough to send me over the edge without laying a finger on my love shaft.  She looked long and hard at my penis, and said “I don’t think he passes the clean inspection for my vagina” with a sly grin.

“Oh, well I guess I’ll just go away then” I followed.

But before I could move she had a handful of warm suds in each hand, grasped around my hardness.  It felt so good and so warm I almost exploded.  She pulled and massaged my penis with both hands, washing and cleaning it, frequently reaching back for more soapy warm water.  After a minute of this she stopped, just in time to stop me from my climax.  “There, much better,” she said with a smile.

She didn’t dry me off at all, just as she was still soaking wet as well from the washing her breasts had enjoyed moments earlier.   She then knelt down a bit and began to massage my member with her breasts, the wetness of each part complimenting each other.  It was an amazing sensation, and an amazing view as well.  Each breast held by her hands, making its way around my penis, each nipple stopping to explore the head.  She took the head in-between her breasts and began to slide it back and forth, in all the watery wetness.  I stopped her just in time, once again.

“Well, are you ready to screw me with that nice, clean penis?”  She asked.  I was amazingly turned on at this, as my wife rarely spoke words such as these.

I grinned the biggest grin of my life, and propped my wife up on the edge of the sink, as her feet found the island countertop behind us to steady her balance.

I slid between her legs, brushed my penis against her wetness for a moment as my head leaned forward to allow my lips to find an erect, red and swollen nipple to suck.  She moaned and leaned back to prop her hands on either side of the sink.  I reached into the warm water and ran soapy wet hands all over her shoulders, chest and breasts, making my way down to her wonderful butt.  The skirt, hiked around her waist, was now more of just a wet towel, completely soaked in the sink water.

“Oh baby, I need your love shaft in me,” she said, and I responded in the like, sliding it in just deep enough for the moment.  She reached forward with one hand, using the other for balance, and squeezed my nipple hard.  It hurt, but felt so good.  In response my teeth gently bit on her nipple, causing her to shriek in pleasure.

“Pump me, please!” she pleaded.

I slid in deeper, and pulled out slowly, and repeated the process slowly and deliberately.  Her feet released themselves from the island countertop and her legs wrapped tightly around my waist, pulling me in deeper than ever now, and not allowing me to pull out so far anymore.

“Fast, baby, fast.”  My wife NEVER wanted it fast, so I was wonderfully happy to fulfill this request.  I moved my hands to her hips and moved my lips up to hers, kissing her deeply as the fast thrusting began.  She yipped and squealed with delight, and my moans got louder and louder.  Her legs wrapped tighter around me with each thrust and pulled me deeper into her each time they did.  I had never felt her love spot so wet, and I had never experienced the pleasure of this deep, pounding action into her.

“My nipples, suck my nipples…” she managed to whisper out in-between squeals.  I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked deeply, just as my penis began to explode.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhh AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” My wife screamed as her climax was obvious.  She thrust her hips into mine, even harder if that was possible, and my cream filled her deeply.

After a moment….. The thrusting stopped, her legs relaxed a bit, and our eyes met.

A wonderful smile crossed both of our faces, as we embraced in a warm, tight hug, my hardness still fully inside her love spot.

A minute later, we glanced down at the floor, at the pool of water that was covering over half of our kitchen.

I kissed my wife gently and said, “Baby, I’ll mop the floor.   I’ll mop the floor EVERY DAY if we can mess it up like this.”

Her smile said all she needed to say.

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