The Office Visit

His wife called to see if they could have lunch together in his office.  He had no plans, so he said yes.  When she arrived, she brought with her a picnic basket.  “Does this door have a lock?” she asked.  He smiled and said it did.  “Lock it,” she said with a sly grin.  His heart started to pound a little as he realized this wasn’t going to be any ordinary lunch.  He fumbled for the door lock, checking to make sure it took.  With a quick glance into the hallway, he shut the door.

She threw her arms around him and kissed him deeply.  He knew she’d been thinking about that kiss for a while.  As they kissed, he could feel his body trembling.  She looked him deep in the eyes, and with a whisper she asked, “Are you ready for lunch?”  All he could do is nod.  She unbuttoned the cuffs of his sleeves, and then pulled his shirt from his jeans.  Her eyes never left his as she  unbuttoned his shirt from his collar to his waist.  Her hands parted open the shirt as she stroked his chest.  She leaned up, and they kissed again.  Then she kissed his nipples.  A shudder came over him, and he couldn’t help but caress her hair.

She got down on her knees and unfastened his belt.  He took in a deep breath, savoring the moment.  She unsnapped his jeans, then slowly unzipped the zipper.  He wiggled his hips a little to help her slip his pants off him.  She also caught the elastic of his briefs and took them down with the jeans, all in one smooth action.  He trembled almost uncontrollably as he stood there naked before her in his office.  “What if somebody knocks on the door?  I couldn’t possibly get dressed again fast enough,” he thought.  He closed his eyes for a moment, “I’ll just hope they go away thinking I’m not here.”  His thoughts were interrupted as he felt her gently kissing his penis.  He was already rock hard, and thought he was going to pop as she took his whole penis into her mouth.

She looked up at him and smiled, knowing she was driving him wild.  It excited her too that she had such control over him, that she could make him feel this way.  She kissed his penis gently, then asked if he could play some music.  She grinned to herself as this naked man with a huge erection walked awkwardly over to the CD player.  He fumbled through his discs, looking for just the right thing.  “Uh, what-what kind of music do you want?”  She gave him a mischievous look, “Something fun.  Kinda funky.”  He put on a disk with some pop songs.  He turned back to her, “Is this okay?”  She stared to sway to the music, “Perfect,” she said.

They embraced again and started to dance.  She looked up at him playfully, “Do you want to undress me, or do you want to watch me do it?”  He smiled, “Watch you.”  She knew he liked to watch her undress.  But why not have a little fun?  She swayed to the music, teasingly fingering her blouse buttons.  She leaned over slightly to let him see down her cleavage, never taking her eyes off his.  She could tell he was loving it, and it turned her on knowing how much she was turning him on.   Slowly she unbuttoned her top button.  Even though he had seen her naked hundreds of times before, he was still eager with anticipation.  She stepped closer to him as she unfastened the next button, close enough to kiss him, but she didn’t.  She wanted to tease him.  His lips puckered instinctively, but she pulled back a little, giving him a sultry stare she knew was driving him crazy.

She continued to sway to the music as she carefully unbuttoned each button.  His eyes were transfixed on her fingers.  He swallowed hard as he watched her every move.  She turned her back toward him as she playfully started to remove her blouse.  She laughed to herself, feeling a bit silly about this whole routine.  But one glance back at the look in his eyes told her that this was well worth it.  She pulled one arm free of its sleeve and then the other.  With her back still turned, she slowly let it fall down her back onto the floor.

She turned toward him and hugged herself, pushing her breasts together with her arms.  They nearly popped out of her bra as she leaned forward and blew him a kiss.  His eyes were wide: Was this his wife?  Where did THIS come from?  She unfastened the top button of her jeans, then slowly unzipped the fly.  She thought to herself, “He’s loving this.  So I’ll make it last.”  She paused a moment and undulated to the music.  A sly smile spread across her face as she once again turned her back toward him.  She put her thumbs in her waist band and teasingly moved them back and forth along her hips.  Then she started to sway her hips in a circular motion and slowly worked her jeans down with her thumbs.  She noticed that she had now closed her eyes, basking in the eroticism of the moment.  She couldn’t believe it!  She was actually getting into it!

She bent over slightly so it was her butt doing most of the moving.  As she slowly pulled the jeans down over her butt, he made an audible, “Oh, wow.”  She pulled the jeans to her knees, then sat down on the floor and rolled onto her back.  As gracefully as she could,  she removed the jeans from her calves.  With a flourish, she tried to kick the pants from her feet.  But they didn’t come off.  They both giggled at the botched attempt, but without missing a beat, she pulled the pants free, then rolled over  and sat up on her knees.   She unfastened the clasp in back of her bra.  Then, crossing her arms over her chest, she grabbed a shoulder strap in each hand.  She lingered this way for a moment, letting him stare down at her.  He was swallowing hard, and his penis was actually throbbing with each beat of his pounding heart.  “He’s going to orgasm right now,” she thought.  Even if he did, she decided, it would have  all been well worth it.

She slowly pulled each strap down off her shoulders to her elbows.  The cups of her bra dropped off her breasts, and she let the garment drop to the floor.  He stared down at her.  He swore she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  She smiled up at him, as if to say, “Isn’t this fun?”  He looked at her gorgeous eyes and her beautiful smile, then down her sensuous neck to her breasts.  The word that came to his mind was “delicious”.

She stood up and put her thumbs in the elastic of her panties.  She swayed her hips from side to side, slowly shuffling the sides of her panties down until just a little pubic hair was exposed.  She would linger there for a moment, then pull them back up again.  Then she turned around and did the same with her back toward him, giving him just a peek at her butt.  Then she turned back to face him again.  She decided to really drive him nuts.  Closing her eyes and biting her lower lip, she slipped her hand into her panties and started to touch herself.  He could hardly stand it, but said, “Oh yes.”  With her other hand she began to caress her breasts; between them and then circling her nipples.  Her nipples were erect and full,  and she found her touch to be surprisingly delightful.  She puckered her lips and gently blew her breath out, opening her eyes.  With a “come hither” look, she turned around again.  This time she bent way over, so that she could touch the floor.  She wiggled her butt at him as she slowly pulled her panties off.  They caught for a moment in her crack, and then popped down.

He was about to explode.  He could hardly hold himself back from grabbing her, and yet he didn’t want this tease to end.  Bent over like that he could see her beautiful butt and her ready vagina.  He swallowed doubly hard.  She bent back up and then turned to him again, throwing her arms around his neck.  “How are you doing?, she asked.  He smiled sheepishly,  ”Great, but uh… I don’t think I’m going to last very long.”   She placed a hand  reassuringly on his chest, “Don’t worry.  Enjoy yourself.”  She decided to give him a special treat: a position they didn’t use very often, but one he really loved.

Pulling a cushion off the couch, she knelt down, resting on her elbows, pushing her backside toward him, “Make love to me this way.”  He knelt down behind her on the cushion.  Trembling, he went into her slowly to make sure she was ready, but she was hot and wet, and his penis slipped easily into her eager vagina.  With a moan, she pushed back against him so that he went deep into her.  He closed his eyes in ecstasy: The feeling of her buttocks against his stomach, the smell of her perfume, the softness of her skin.  He wondered if he had ever felt so aroused in his entire life.

She started to feel warm and tingly from head to toe, and as her husband stimulated her clitoris, the world melted away around her.  All she was conscious of was wave after wave of pleasure.  She wasn’t aware of how loud she was gasping and moaning, but her husband was!  He was afraid some passer by would know exactly what was going on behind that door.  But seeing her, so beautiful, so full of passion, he decided it was well worth the risk.  At this point, he could get fired and it would have been worth it.

She climaxed a few times, one building into another.  Finally, with a huge sigh, she let out all the air in her lungs, “Wow.  That was incredible.  I think I blew most of my brain cells on that one.”  She started to roll over to face him, which was his clue to pull out of her.  She looked up at him and gave him a satisfied smile, “How was that for you?”   He smiled back, “Great, but I think I’m not quite finished yet.”  She put her arm behind her head, “Really?  Hmmm…”  In a way of asking that was more of a command, she said, “Get on the couch.”

He replaced the cushion on the couch.  Then she laid down, and he laid on top of her, his penis slipping easily inside her vagina.  It was amazing how warm she felt.  He rocked and moved his penis around and around in her vagina, then in and out.  She really seemed to like it when he would almost come out, and then go plunging back in.  “Ah ha!, he thought, “Now it’s my turn to tease!”  They built a rhythm and she came close to climaxing again, when suddenly there was a knock at the door.

They looked at each other in panicked terror.  Neither of them said a word.  Then whoever it was tried the door handle, and found it locked.  They didn’t dare move, or they would be heard.  Then they heard the sound of papers being shoved under the door and footsteps leading away.  He looked at her with a nervous grin, “Close one.”  “Yeah,” she said, pushing her crotch against his.  She wanted more, and he wanted to give it to her.  It took them a minute or so to regain the ground  they had lost by their little interruption,  but soon that knock was a million miles away in their minds.  She climaxed again, using her hands to push on his butt  to guide the timing of the thrusting.  Then she said, “I want to get on top.”  They came apart only briefly, and soon she was straddled on top of him.  She kept her eyes closed, focusing on the sensations of her body.

He kept his eyes open, watching the look of sexual tension in her face.   He grabbed hold of her breasts and caressed them, then sitting up, he used his tongue to stimulate one nipple, and then the other.  She gasped in passion, which drove him wild.  He opened his mouth wide, and took in as much of her breast as he could.  His tongue never stopped moving.  It fluttered around and around her nipples, sometimes hard, sometimes soft.  He was now reaching the point of orgasm.  She could feel it too, and her rhythm became sharp and fast.  “Yes, oh yes,” she whispered as the sensation of orgasm built within her.  He couldn’t touch her enough, he thought.  He wanted to stimulate every inch of her body.

As she gave out the first gasp of orgasm, he climaxed.  She held him real tight, as if to press him into her chest, and then, almost violently, she let go with a gasp.  They both collapsed onto the couch.  “Wow,” he said.  “Wow,” she said.  She smiled as he lightly stroked her cheek, “So… what are you doing for lunch tomorrow?”

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