The Surgery – IIIa

Tradition dictated that the annual farm retreat be spent in Hawaii, far away from the blowing cold and snow at the farm. Always doing his best thinking with what his farming partner called a crayon and a napkin, Stan packed very little. His partner was much more detail oriented and would have the budget and all sorts of other spreadsheets all worked up. The poor fellow – he was still getting over his ‘disease’ of being a former accountant.  The plane ride had been smooth, and their ladies were talking animatedly as the mini bus sped them towards the beach cottage they’d enjoyed in the past. It cost a pretty penny to rent, but it was quiet, and a good place to get some work done. Stan looked over the group. Lisa and Marie were talking nonstop. He glanced at his business partner, who looked at the women and shrugged at him. Melissa was staring out the window at something.

Lost in her thoughts, and only absently hearing the happy chatter of her friends, Melissa watched the streets and palm trees and sunshine, a far cry from what they’d left in the airport back at home. A part of her wondered why she’d even been included on the trip. It wasn’t like she did anything special in the farm office, especially when she’d practically been gone half the year for the surgery. Well, maybe not quite half a year, but still. Her boss had been gentle, but insistent, that she come along. Lisa was probably behind it all. Once again, Lisa had ‘dragged’ her through it all, whether she wanted to be dragged or not. Not only had she sat close by for a couple weeks while she went through the surgery, using up almost all of her personal vacation time to do so, but she also endured with a smile her complaints, pouting, and general bad attitude in the aftermath following. Melissa had since tearfully apologized to her more than once. It felt both good and ‘bad’ at the same time to only receive Lisa’s warm smile in return. “That’s what friends are for, Miss,” she’d said. Yeah, maybe, but friends weren’t there for you to beat on with a bad attitude either, and she vowed to do better in the future.

She glanced down at her travel bag and felt a few butterflies in her tummy. It contained a small, special gift that matched the color of her eyes, this one from Marie, though both she and Lisa had been there when she tried it on. She’d nearly given her neck a charley-horse, staring at her bum in the mirror. The horrible scars were gone! The tears had come again and her friends cried with her, alternately mixed with laughter as if it could scarcely be true, the awful reminder of her past now erased by the talented hand of a skilled surgeon and his scalpel. Gone was the shame that had weighed like an anchor for so many years, at least with what could be seen by others. Nervously appraising herself in the mirror, she’d cried again when they warmed her heart with compliments. It actually did look good, or at least ‘normal,’ something she hadn’t ever known. So here went nothing!

Town faded away before the van took a turn down a private lane towards their cottage. Anticipation grew as their driver pulled up to the house under a car port. “All ashore,” he laughed. Grabbing her girlfriends’ hands, Marie drew them both to the house while the guys busied themselves with hauling the luggage in. Melissa cast a guilty look over her shoulder at her boss before being jerked forward by Marie. It was hard to accept others doing things for her.

“Ugh this thing’s heavy! You got a stowaway in here?”

Stan grunted. “Nah, Marie probably just brought the dining room table with her. She likes the touch of home.”

“Table, huh?  Well, it’s either that or her bikini is made out of granite.”

Good natured grumbling aside, the men eventually wrestled the suitcases into the house and into the proper rooms.

Kicking the door shut as he came into their room, and barely letting him set down his burden, a giddy Marie leaped into Stan’s arms, causing him to fall back on the bed. Watching his appreciative face, her eyes sparkled with mischief as she removed her tee-shirt and tossed it aside, before burying his face in purple lace and soft cleavage.

“You’re not going to work the entire time, will you?” It was more of a statement than a question.

“I dunno’ Babe,” his voice rumbled, tickling her breasts. “I think your cousin brought along a lot of spreadsheets to go over.”

“Just like him,” she murmured. “I’ll get Lisa to fix that!” Stanley chuckled as she added, “Don’t make us pull a Lady Godiva routine just to get you guys outside!”

In the adjoining room, another loving couple was lost in their own little world. His hands clasped and resting on her bum, her arms draped about his shoulders, their lips pressed together, each inhaling one another’s familiar fragrance, they shared a weary, yet heart-felt kiss. Even fully clothed, her soft curves were a comfort to him. But more than that, she was his best friend!  Breaking their kiss he peered into her shining blue eyes.  “Love you, Hon,” he whispered.

“You, too,” she giggled, softly tapping his nose with a finger. Wriggling free from his grasp, her sense of practicality took over as she began arranging the suitcases and unpacking.

His warm hands found her again, as she knew they would, the stubble of his chin tickling at her neck. She playfully tried to move his hands, but he practically stuck to her like glue as she moved about the room to unpack. “Don’t you have things to unpack?” She giggled.

He started to give a silly response, then halted as things got instantly more interesting.  He watched her gently unpack and neatly stack the clothing he most enjoyed seeing her wear.

She smiled knowingly, ‘feeling’ his reaction more than even hearing his words, and loving the ability to instantly fuel his desires even with a glimpse of the swimsuits she liked to wear. As Marie always said, a good bikini kept a husband’s priorities straight.’ Philosophy and logic according to Marie.  “Hmm how about this one?” Holding up a bikini she turned to face him. The look on his face was priceless. “I guess it will work.”

“Hey, where are you going?” he inquired as she paced across the room to the door, bikini in hand.

“I better check in on Miss.”

“Oh yeah.” Momentarily chastising himself for forgetting the one employee they invited along on the trip, he asked, “You think she’ll be okay?”

“She’ll be fine,” Lisa said confidently, before swiftly moving out of the room before he could get his hands on her once more. He nearly groaned as he watched her go, before busying himself with putting his things away.

“Miss?” Lisa knocked on the door.

Opening the door Melissa let her friend in. “Hi Lisa… I’m not sure I can do this.”

“Oh yes you can,” Lisa smiled. “C’mere.”

Standing in front of a mirror that reached nearly from the floor to the ceiling, Melissa watched her best friend remove her shirt and skirt. “C’mon, Miss,” Lisa encouraged.

Embarrassed, but not knowing why, particularly since Lisa had more than seen ‘all’ over the past year as she helped her recuperate from the surgery, Melissa tugged at her shirt. As each part went, it seemed easier.

Beside her, Lisa unsnapped her bra, and soothingly cupped her breasts. “Much better,” she murmured to no one in particular. “Could you please hand me that, Miss?” Handing over Lisa’s top, Melissa watched her best friend gently put it on, forming it around perfect breasts before skillfully tying it behind her back. Lisa took very good care of herself and turned heads where ever she went, but she was one of the most selfless people she knew. Melissa wished she had her happy confidence, but then felt a glimpse of it, as Lisa looked at her and smiled. For not the first time, she wondered just what it was about her that made a person feel so good just by being around her?!

Removing the last of her clothes, Melissa stared down at the pale blue bikini on the bed. Unable to help herself, she sneaked a look over her shoulder at herself in the mirror, almost as if worried that something might have changed overnight. Sighing with relief, she liked what she saw.  It was still the same soft skin and the scars were still gone, thank goodness!

Lisa grinned at her, shrugging out of panties until they dropped from her legs. “You look great, Miss! Put it on!” she encouraged.

Exhaling quickly, as if to cork up her courage, she seized the bikini bottom and turned towards the mirror. Watching Lisa’s practiced hands as she tied first one, and then the other side of her suit, Melissa emulated her movements. “Here, let me help with that.” Lisa helped her adjust it on her hips.

“That tickles!” Melissa giggled, smiling in spite of herself. Coming in behind her, Lisa helped her put on her top, tying it behind her back.

Lisa stepped back beside her friend and appraised their handiwork in the mirror. “Miss, you look awesome!”

It didn’t look too bad. Melissa smiled in spite of herself. And they’d completed their task none too soon. A knock on the door and Marie’s voice sounded at the same time as she burst into the room. “C’mon you guys the afternoon is almost gone!”

“T-thanks, Lisa.” Melissa looked at herself in the mirror once more, feeling a twinge of excitement as well as nervousness. The butterflies in her tummy were still there, a now very exposed tummy at that. She blushed, and tried to stifle the smile that threatened to stretch across her face. All her life she’d been told she was ugly, and she’d believed it too.  After all, weren’t the scars there as proof?  But then she’d met Lisa and Marie who had been a Godsend. Even her boss, who she’d been scared to death of at first, wondering if he was just like every other man she’d known, treated her like a lady, something that made her feel good, not to mention sexy, though she didn’t know why. A small shiver passed through her as she took one last look at her figure, and then caught Lisa’s glance in the mirror.

Lisa watched the conflicting emotions play out in her friend’s face. She was quite a different Melissa from when she’d first met her! “C’mon,” Lisa said warmly, reaching for her hand and her beach bag as they headed to the door.

Outside the warm sand caressed their feet, as all five of them enjoyed the sunshine and, for the moment, the relatively secluded beach. The guys had been tasked with bringing out the beach chairs, which they set up once Marie decided where they were going to land. Of course it was Marie who would decide such things. A tired Stanley stretched out, adjusted a battered straw hat over his head, and promptly fell asleep, much to Marie’s chagrin, who was tempted to collapse his chair and bury him up to his neck in the sand. He hadn’t put on a lick of sun block, so it would serve him right if he turned into a lobster. He also brought that stupid hat, her efforts to leave it at home notwithstanding. Having brought along a good book, her cousin was scarcely better as he settled into his chair. Honestly, could these guys have been any more boring than this?

While he might have pretended to be reading his book, watching them help one another put on sun tan lotion was better than any lousy book any day of the week! He didn’t know just why it fired his engine to watch, but it did. Maybe it was the simple happiness of their friendship. Maybe it was the seeming nonchalance with which they helped one another, as if they had no idea just how doggone beautiful they were. Or, maybe it was because how much each one of them meant to him, especially one particular lady who had stolen his heart and wasn’t giving it back any time soon! He caught her glance a few times. Yeah, she knew full well what she was doing to him, and exactly how to push his buttons. Seeing her poured into a bikini only fired his imagination for all the naughty things he wanted to do with her later!

Leaning down to give her husband a kiss, Lisa nearly toppled onto him as his arm reached up to draw her closer. “You are maddeningly sexy,” he whispered, his eyes feasting on her beautiful figure, which gleamed with a fresh coat of sun tanning oil. “And if I don’t close my eyes right now, there’s going to be a tree growing out of my shorts!” That just had to be the reason Stan had closed his.

“You let him grow,” she whispered, stealthily patting the front of his shorts when nobody was looking. “Tonight I am going to…” leaning in closely, she whispered softly in his ear, her words made all the more erotic by the sweetness of her heart. Giggling as he mysteriously ‘coughed’ from her suggestion, before grinning broadly, she turned to join Marie and Melissa who were looking off into the distance as they prepared for a walk. He watched her lovely curves as she joined her friends, counting his lucky stars once more for the sweet lady that had agreed to share her life with him. She looked back once at him and saw him wink.

All too soon the afternoon drifted towards evening. The ladies eventually returned, stretching out on the chairs to enjoy the last remnants of the afternoon sun. Tomorrow the real work would start, at least for the guys, but hopefully they would make it quick. The friends enjoyed a meal together in the cottage, and good conversation that stretched long into the evening.

Later still, they enjoyed the bubbling warmth of the outdoor hot tub, and more good conversation. It was on the second floor of their ‘cottage,’ and overlooked the beach. The sun had gone down, giving place to the moon, but they could hear the sound of the ocean waves, and smell the night air. The light was dim overhead, and muffled from below as it peeked through the bubbling water.

Much to Marie’s consternation, Stan had messed with the settings, and the hot tub light colors were alternating between blue, purple, green, and red, and it had probably been done on purpose too. “Stan, fix that thing!”


“Never mind, I’ll do it!” A small wrestling match ensued, much to the amusement of the other occupants of the hot tub, which was par for the course. Marie didn’t care that it didn’t matter. At the moment her mood was red, and by George, that was what the color of the water was supposed to be.

Her cousin watched for a moment before giving both Lisa and Melissa a shrug. Truth be told, he loved watching Stanley needle Marie, both of them making ‘big’ issues out of the smallest things. And that wasn’t the only ‘big’ issue at the moment.  The slender foot that found its way between his legs was certainly making someone stand at attention. Looking up he glanced at Lisa and Melissa, who were sitting directly across from them. Lisa gave him a playful wink and rolled her eyes at Stan and Marie. Marie finally ‘won’ and the light stayed a steady red hue, but he really didn’t care. Lisa’s gorgeous breasts seemed to float at water level, their beauty crying out to be touched. No matter how hard he tried to avert his eyes, he couldn’t do it for long, and the laughing smile she gave him was evidence that she knew this all too well.

Her boss was so sexy with that look in his eyes, as he shared a glance with Lisa, and at the moment she felt just a little envious of her best friend. He also looked pretty awesome with his shirt off, too… and Stan was a handsome fellow also… ‘Did I just think that?’ she pondered, feeling heat rising into her face.  ‘Yes, you did,’ her mind chastised.  Not wanting to meet his eyes, she looked down for a moment, only to then wonder about the ‘gift’ Marie had given her.  Oh, the swimsuit matched her eyes all right, but it also fit her like a glove…  The ‘heat’ only increased as she saw the faint outline of two very aroused nipples that she knew couldn’t be blamed on the ‘cold.’ ‘Omigosh!’ she gulped, slinking a little lower into the water and hoping nobody noticed.  Busy talking, nobody had noticed, but she still felt a little self-conscious.

Standing up, the water cascading from her lovely body in delightful rivulets, Lisa reached for her husband’s hand. “Let’s go sit in the sauna for a bit, Hon.  Anyone else want to come?” He looked up at her with adoring eyes. Frankly, he could skip the sauna. At the moment he wanted to take her back to their room, tear off her suit, and ravish her body! She looked incredible, her cheeks rosy from the warmth of the water, her suit leaving just enough to his imagination to about short-circuit his brain. He could see the shadowy line of her neatly trimmed pubic hair through her suit, which seemed to draw his eyes downward to the beautiful outline of her… Wow! He snapped his face upward to look at her. She was grinning at him again as he took her hand and stood with her.

“We’re fine, Lis,” Marie smiled, laughing at the look on her cousin’s face. Her cousin was one smitten pup!

“I-I’ll stay,” Melissa concurred. No way was she getting out while the lights were on!

Briefly toweling off, they said their ‘goodnights’ and departed to their room. Naked under their fluffy white robes they felt as giddy as children as they made their way to the sauna. “Ready to get steamed up?” Lisa asked.

“You’ve already got me steamed up,” he smiled, his eyes shamelessly dropping to the magnificent cleavage peeking from her robe.

Giggling, she pushed open the door and gasped as the blast of steamy, hot air almost seemed to drive her backwards. Taking his hand, she led him into the dim interior where they could sit down on some wooden benches. “Oh, golly it’s hot in here!”

Letting his robe fall from his shoulders, he agreed. “Sure is. I can’t remember the last time I was in one of these things.”  It seemed stifling to even breathe, until they got used to it.

“Me either,” she replied, untying her robe and turning to him as it slipped over her shoulders. The light may have been dim, but the view was lovely! Her soft blue eyes shone brilliantly at him, seeming to have a luminescent glow. The robe pooled about her waist as she stretched her arms above her head, her soft brown hair lush and full as it cascaded behind her smooth back. She knew he was watching her, and could practically feel the caress of his eyes over her lovely figure. Sighing as tingles of arousal passed through her, she dropped her arms, gently cupping swollen breasts in her hands, her fingertips playing over distended nipples. Blinking her eyes, she looked up at him, her face filled with angelic radiance. He couldn’t possibly know just how wonderful it made her feel to know she was desired! He was an incredible man, and love for him swelled within her heart as she gazed into his handsome, adoring face.

Though he had seen it many times, the sight never failed to deeply move him, and he was humbled to enjoy the exquisite beauty of a special daughter of God that He had provided to him as a helpmate. In spite of the heat, he felt a shiver race up his spine. He blinked at her, taking in her pretty face. Reaching out, he gently touched her cheek, feeling an almost electric connection as his fingertips touched her soft skin, and then the soft contour of her breasts and the hands that tenderly held them. Then he stopped, and simply looked at her again, swallowing pensively. Was there ever a more fascinating, adorable creature on God’s green earth? “Sweetheart,” he whispered softly. “Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?”

“A few times,” she smiled. “Tell me again.”

And he did, scooting closer to her. Falling into the welcoming safety of his arms as he held her, she looked into his eyes. Sight unnecessary for the moment, their eyes closed as their faces met in a heartfelt kiss. He was such a contrast, his lips soft and gentle even as she felt the raw, masculine strength of his arms. A match made in Heaven. That’s what Marie had called it, and her best friend had been right. He felt her hands softly touch his face, sweetly holding him, even as he broke their kiss to whisper his feelings for her, things he couldn’t tell another soul in the whole wide world, childlike in simplicity, but straight from the heart of a man that had long ago swept her off her feet in more ways than he’d ever know. Gently touching his lips, his whispered breath felt warm against her finger.

“I-I love you, too,” she whispered. She looked at him again, her soft lips parting. Moistening her lips with her tongue, she met his dark eyes, which seemed to twinkle at her. He left her no doubts as to the love written on the pages of his heart, and her pulse quickened with desire. Whether it was the heat of the room that seemed to fill their lungs with heavy air, the intensity of his gaze that burned into her heart, or the feelings of her heart that overflowed, she didn’t know. The compulsion felt within to give themselves to one another was overpowering and mysterious. Who could possibly describe the love-borne passionate longing that filled their hearts with burning erotic desire?

Sighing softly, he opened his robe, and gently guided her hand to his throbbing manhood. Warm and sticky, and magnificently hard, she enclosed him in her fingers. Tenderly squeezing him, he happily moaned in delight, the sound of his voice seeming to echo within her body with a pleasant buzz. “H-he’s beautiful,” she whispered, looking down at him, gently squeezing him again and watching his fluids overflow onto her hands. The all-consuming desire to have him filled her breast. Meeting his eyes once more, she slipped off the bench and knelt between his trembling legs.

“Sweetheart,” he breathed. “D-don’t hurt your – ”

It was a concrete floor, but she hadn’t noticed until he said something. Grabbing her robe, she slipped it under her knees. Not even letting him finish his sentence, she drew close, her arms reaching around his waist as she tenderly rubbed her soft face against his penis. He was warm and smelled delicious. She could practically hear each thump of his heart as his manhood twitched against her cheeks. Inexplicable yearning seized her heart as she looked up at his handsome, desire-filled face. Gently holding him in her hands, her lips paused at his gleaming crown. And then he was in her mouth, as she moaned with him. His warm hands caressed her face and she looked up at him as she drew upward, his eyes burning intensely as her pleasure warmed his body even more than the sauna.

She swirled her tongue around his head, teasing its soft, gossamer surface, dipping across the tiny dimpled slit and tasting his sweet fluids, before drawing him deeper into her mouth, closer to her heart, closer to her soul, and all the more one with her. And then she held him there tenderly, the crown of her prince throbbing against the back of her mouth, poising to ponder the depths to which she yearned to take him, but could not. She looked back up at him as she gently withdrew, her loving eyes seeing the rapturous face of a man completely lost, completely surrendered, his every vulnerability laid at her feet.

His eyes nearly overflowed with tears from the intensity of her pleasure, every cherished thought for her rushing into his heart in an instant. She was an unspeakable treasure, and made him feel as if his honeymoon had never ended! His face contorted with excruciating pleasure, he did his best to meet her eyes. She gently kissed his tip and smiled at him, enjoying his reaction as she gently pressed him once again into her lips and mouth, his slippery fluids overflowing onto her tongue. His happy moans, mixed with the simple pronunciation of her name filled her heart, as she paused, drawing her cheeks in and sucking deeply, his penis seeming to swell even larger. He felt the flutter of her hair about his waist, the smoothness of her body kneeling between his legs, and the comforting softness of her breasts gently moving against his thighs and abdomen.

Withdrawing again, she looked up at him and smiled, her tongue flickering out to draw in a droplet of saliva on her lips. “You can cum in my mouth,” she said sweetly, her face awash with the ‘look’ that consistently drove his desire to the brink of insanity, that perfect combination of uncontrived sweet character, pure loving heart, and enjoyment of pleasure, both his and hers. He watched her take him again, her head bobbing faster now, her eyes periodically meeting his as she happily bathed his manhood with a wellspring of love and adoration. It only seemed to hasten the throbbing pangs of the inevitable as he intently stared down at her, his memory recording each happy thrust. How she did it, he didn’t know, and it was probably an accident. Her timing uncannily prescient, she stopped, withdrawing and tenderly squeezing him at his base. His pleasure seemed to arc and throb out the tip of his penis with a few dry pulsations, pleasure-filled warmth filling his body, before slowly retreating from the brink.

When his gasps subsided, he looked down at her, and she was as surprised as he. “T-that was – ”

“Hon how did you do that?” she asked.

“M-me?” he croaked. “I – I didn’t!”

She flashed him a smile and stared at his rigid manhood, still rock hard and pulsating with life, his color darkened with arousal. “Let’s do it again,” she teased, leaning towards him, even as she heard him chuckle.

Stopping her, he gently lifted her onto her feet and drew her into his arms. “That was out of this world!” he whispered. “But it’s my turn, Love.” She smiled softly, loving the feel of his strong arms as they gently traded places.

Standing in front of her, he looked down at her. Meeting his steadfast gaze, she drew her legs up, and slowly opened them to his admiring gaze. It was then that he truly felt the heat’s presence. She was positively glowing with perspiration, as was he, tiny droplets clinging to her skin that made her body shine like a million diamonds even in the dim light. Her soft legs moved, reflecting the light’s gleam. He could see the soft rise and fall of her tummy, and the light and shadows playing in the gorgeous fullness of her breasts, which likewise glistened a beckoning feast for his eyes. His body couldn’t help but respond, his desire building within to the edge of near pain. More than anything else in his life, he needed her. He needed to be with her, needed to see her, needed to hear her, and most of all, he needed to love her. Beholding the crowning joy of his life, he couldn’t begin to comprehend the extent of his blessings, his heart crying out to a Father to Whom he owed all. The joy of making love with her was like a prayer, a prayer of thanksgiving to the Almighty for His gifts!

As he knelt on her robe, which was still on the floor, she giggled as she felt the hairs of his skin tickle against her smooth skin. Starting at her knee, he kissed down first one, then her other leg, his soft lips tracing a moist, erotic path across flawless thighs. His nose tickled against the soft bristles of her pubic hair, his lips whispering along its manicured strip, upward to her quivering tummy. She looked down at him between her breasts, holding their luscious shape in her hands as she watched. He met her eyes with a heated gaze, gently dipping his tongue in her navel. She was ticklish there, but at the moment it seemed connected to pleasures further south, and she whimpered with pleasure. Returning to his kissing trail his soft lips again danced in her soft pubic hair, tracing from first one side, then the other to the apex of her passion.

Gently kissing her clitoris, his tongue flickering out to taste the sweetness of her body, he heared her cries and felt the soft hand the reached to softly caress his hair. The baby softness of her skin never ceased to amaze him, his lips continuing to enjoy her, softly kissing in circles around her vulva, tracing across her inner thighs until she was gasping, her body trembling with delight. He kissed her again, softly moving his lips along the cleft of her femininity, soft lips forming over her clitoris as he passed, which was enough to invite the second hand to his hair! Briefly looking upward, her tummy shimmered at him. Her back was arched, the splendor of her breasts offered to the sky, as erotic bliss swirled in her mind.

Unable to wait any longer, he bathed her sweet flesh with his tongue, pleasure flashing into her body with intensity. He felt her soft legs squeeze against him, trapping his face between her creamy thighs as he opened mouthed enjoyed her sweet fruits, his tongue slipping into her cleft, dipping into the wellspring of her desire to caress her soul.
Melissa cast a glance over her shoulder as she strode purposefully towards her room. She hoped Stan and Marie didn’t mind that she left. They had been so kind to ask how she was doing and kept her involved in their conversation, but she caught the look in Stan’s eyes each time he looked at Marie and it didn’t include her. He hadn’t done it on purpose, but it was still there. She giggled as she heard Marie’s voice behind her, “Stanley, I wanted to talk to her, you must have scared her away!”  Who was she fooling anyway? It had taken her a while to see through Marie’s antics and the so-called squabbling she did with Stan, but it was all an act, a funny one at that. She knew exactly just how well they got along, ever since that one night she heard a ‘noise’ outside and then discovered them ‘enjoying’ the night air.  She blushed at the memory.

Reaching her room she looked at the clock. Well, maybe there would be time to join her friends in the sauna. Slipping out of the towel Marie had given her before she slipped out of the hot tub, she folded it neatly. Reaching for the room’s fluffy white robe, she wrapped it around herself and headed out the door. She could feel the warmth as she drew close to its sauna’s door. Hoping her friends didn’t mind some company, she drew it open and stepped inside.

Precisely one second later, and only one, she stood back outside the door staring down the hall, her heart thundering as if she had just run about six marathons, and heat rushing into her face. Lost in their own little world, they hadn’t even noticed. Finally finding strength to move, she practically ran back to her room, slamming the door, and throwing every lock she could find. Pacing the room in a sour mood, she despaired whether Lisa would ever possibly forgive her in a million years. And her boss! Exasperated, she alternated between anger, guilt, and embarrassment. Why hadn’t he locked the door, the goof! Then again, why hadn’t she tried knocking?  Stopping her frantic pacing, she looked at herself in the mirror. The look on her face was sour, and her blonde hair was askew. Blowing hair out of her face, she stuck her tongue out, and then giggled in spite of herself. Well, what if they hadn’t seen her… could she be that lucky?

Hearing voices in the hallway, she froze. Running to the door, she jammed her eye to the peephole and peered out just as Stan and Marie walked by. Marie looked stunning as usual, and quite Hawaiian, her long, bronzed legs carrying her crisply along. If ever there was a woman happy in her own skin, and proud to be feminine to her very core, it was Marie. And then there was Stan, the big ‘teddy bear,’ as Lisa referred to him. He was big all right, calmly walking beside her. She saw his hand fall to Marie’s derriere as they reached their room and giggled as Marie swatted it away. Unmoved, he calmly began pulling on the strings of her bikini top while she wrestled with the door key. “Stop it Stan, I – ” The door opened and she stepped inside, her top left in Stanley’s hands. Melissa giggled again as she watched him stare at it and scratch his head, before being practically yanked into the room by an arm that reached out for him. The wall shook as their door slammed shut. If ever two people were made for each other…

Two people… Moving away from the door she wondered what Stan and Marie were doing at the moment, when that special spark was kindled between two people who loved each other. Or did she really have to wonder at all? She felt the heat rising into her face again as she remembered Lisa and her husband. In that brief moment she’d scarcely recognized her best friend, leaning back on her arms, her sobbing cries of ecstasy filling the small room. It wasn’t that she hadn’t seen Lisa without her clothes on before, but not quite like that!  Her body seemed radiant and gleamed in the dim light, her stunning legs wantonly spread wide to her husband. And speaking of her boss… Her face flushed with heat again. She already thought he was handsome, but she didn’t need to know he also had a cute butt.

‘Cute butt. Did I just think that?’ Lightly slapping the side of her head she tried to chase the image from her mind, but couldn’t. She saw his broad back as he knelt, sitting on his legs, one hand steadying Lisa’s leg, the other softly caressing her tummy. He was so close he had to be kissing her right… ‘Oh my!’ It was only a split second how could it have seemed so vivid?  ‘Oh gosh, what am I thinking?  They’ll never forgive me.  What am I going to do?’

She stopped. Again she heard voices in the hall, and rushed to the door. She knew who it was, and didn’t know why she felt compelled to look, but she did. Pressing her eye to the peephole once more she saw them coming. At least this time they were back in their white sauna robes. She watched them go by her room without a second glance, and breathed a sigh of relief. Nope, they hadn’t noticed. Maybe one day she would find courage to tell her friend, but not now! But more than that, she saw happiness. It still seemed so hard to comprehend. The nightmares of her past had long stopped troubling her sleep, but she well remembered that past, and that wasn’t love. ‘Oh, that’s so sweet!’ She watched as Lisa fumbled about the door with the key, only to be distracted from her task as her husband turned her to him, and holding her pretty face in his hands, tenderly kissed her. Melissa watched him whisper something in her ear and saw Lisa’s laugh. Finding the key, her friends moved into their room, doubtless to continue what they had started in the sauna.

Sighing, Melissa walked back into her room, pondering rest for the night. Standing in front of the mirror, she began untying her top, the image of her boss and Lisa coming back to her in a flash. Freeing her breasts, she stared at herself in the mirror, her fingers finding delightfully pink, erect nipples. Closing her eyes, she imagined it was his hand. ‘Oh no I couldn’t do that to Lisa!’ But it felt so good, she couldn’t help it even though it wouldn’t happen in a million years. Drawing out the strings at her waist, she untied the rest of her bikini, stepping out of it and looking at herself in the mirror, a hand trembling over her tummy until it tickled in her pubic hair. She smiled with the memory of the first time her friends had helped her ‘wax’ down there.

‘Wow, Miss you’re beautiful!’ That would have been Lisa.

‘And the carpet matches the drapes.’ That would have been Marie, promptly following which they about laughed themselves sick.  It had been enough at the time to take her nervousness away for the ‘procedure.’

Without even consciously realizing it, she turned briefly, noting from the mirror yet once again that the surgery was still ‘good’ and the scars were still gone. Sitting down on the bed, she opened her legs and leaned back on her arms, staring at the ceiling as the image again flashed through her mind. ‘Oh, golly Lisa I’m so sorry, I — ’ Lying back on the bed, a small hand tenderly found its way to her soft cleft. Looking down she could almost see his handsome face as he knelt between her legs, just as he had for Lisa. She could almost hear his voice saying he wanted her, that he thought she was beautiful, that… Closing her eyes, she hoped neither Lisa nor he would never know the naughty thoughts passing through her mind, but at the moment it was a refuge from a loveless past.  Maybe healing the physical scars was only the easy part.
“C’mere, Stan.”

Hearing her husky voice, Stan turned to his bride, his heart leaping in his chest. He looked down at her gleaming body, those perfect long legs lazily stretched out on the bed as she stared up at him, lying on her back with her head off the end of the bed. He took her all in, glorious, bronzed skin, whispery smooth legs and…

“I said, c’mere,” she repeated, her pose suggesting exactly what she wanted.

In a few short strides he rose to massive proportions. He already felt drawn to the ragged edge, long ago having accepted her teasing innuendos as part of her foreplay. If truth be told, he’d learned that Marie had two ‘modes.’ One was foreplay, which was basically most of her waking moments, and the other was the main event. She was interminably naughty, and he loved her exactly the way she was. Reaching for him as he drew close, she gently held his manhood at her lips, kissing his tip, looking up at him with sparkling brown eyes, her husky soft voice filled with lascivious suggestion. Throbbing against her lips, he softly pushed inside her mouth, quieting her voice, and stirring her tongue to life as she bathed the sensitive underside of his glans. With the gentleness that was his nature, he carefully moved forward, throbbing as he felt her suck deeply. Carefully easing deeper, he watched her, enjoying the sight of her lips stretched around him. He took one last look into her sparkling eyes making sure she was ready.  Feeling her softly yield, he pressed forward until his entire penis was enveloped in velvety warmth, moaning with the comfort of her body.  And for the millionth time he wondered how in the world she did that…  But at the moment, there was no time to even wonder.

His body filled with a heady throbbing, he looked down at her gorgeous body, knowing he was making love with the most beautiful woman in the world! He felt her hand softly caress the back of his thigh, holding him tightly. Her other hand played across beautiful, full breasts, touching light brown nipples that were sexy and erect and pointing upward at him. The light glinted off of her navel jewelry, catching his eye. His eyes locked on her femininity, framed by perfect legs and smooth hips. He watched her hands move closer, her fingers caressing its soft surface.

Gently drawing out, his penis gleaming and slippery, she caught her breath, and felt him draw in again, all the way to the hilt with a passion-filled groan. Raising her legs on the bed, he could see even more of her, and the weeping soft slit of her passion, her skin seeming to darken with her passion as her fingers played. Feeling her quaver beneath him, he gently withdrew again, her voice immediately crying in happiness as she was seized with shuddering contractions. Drawing him again into her mouth, wanting him there as she came, she cried around him, her voice humming with a buzzing sensation that about put him over the edge, until he drew deeply once more as her passions subsided, gently thrusting and enjoying her fascinating beauty.
In the room next door, two soft, white robes laid on the floor near the door where they had been dropped. It was uncharacteristic of their normally neat habits, but at the moment neither of them cared. Seated on the bed where Lisa had gently pushed him, he watched her drop to her knees, and hungrily take him in her mouth. Even more than the pleasure she was giving him, he found delight in simply watching her, feeling her moans and sighs around him as her pretty head bobbed up and down on his penis, while a gentle hand fondled his testicles. Feeling dazzling stabs of pleasure spreading through his loins, he gently urged her to stop. Tenderly withdrawing, she squeezed him at his base and surrounded him with the softness of her breasts, looking up at him right as he moaned, feeling the throbbing pulses of pleasure as his penis twitched in her soft cleft. He didn’t dare look at her at the moment, or it would be all over! Finally catching his breath he looked down at her.

“You all right?” she asked sweetly.

All right?!  Holy smokes! A second time she’d brought him to the brink and back, how could he be anything but ‘all right?’ Speech-impaired for the moment, he nodded dumbly and lifted her to share a kiss, drawing her onto him as he laid back on the bed.

She giggled knowing they were both half-on and half-off the bed. Both of them wiggled and scooted until they were finally on the bed. He was careful to keep her on top of him, exactly where he wanted her. Kneeling over his tummy she stretched, feeling his gentle hands on her soft hips and waist, his eyes drawn to her passion, and where he longed to be joined with her. Gently wriggling her hips against him, both his hand and hers finding his penis, she felt him softly slip inside her flesh. She held him there, softly rubbing him, and then impaled herself in one delicious sigh, much to her husband’s delight. His aim was perfect and true, ever and always opening her heart, where each could show the other love. Leaning over him, her hair shrouded around them, its scent familiar to him as it erotically whispered over his body with feather-light touch. He felt her breasts touch his chest, and couldn’t help but look at them as she pressed them against his body. His hands lightly caressed down her smooth back and over her curvy bum. Gently holding her bum, he drew her even more closely to him, hearing her sigh contentedly.

“Babe, you are so beautiful, what did I ever do to deserve you?” he whispered.

She smiled lazily at him. While she didn’t approve of the premise of his question, it still felt good to hear him ask it. She looked into his eyes. “God knew I needed you.” His moan was instant, as she squeezed him from within. She smiled, even though he couldn’t even see it at the moment, loving the look on his face, and loving it when he was happy. And then she was moving on him, enjoying the feel of his magnificent penis filling her. Raising herself on her arms, she felt his hands cup her full breasts, softly squeezing her as he looked into her eyes, and then down to where their bodies joined in glorious harmony, where he could watch the mesmerizing beauty of his gleaming penis enveloped by her soft flesh.

“You have an awesome body, Lover,” she moaned, drawing down on him. Long and hard and thick, he touched her in all the right places! And then she was crying his name as she fell onto him, giving him all of herself, all control, even her very sanity, to the all consuming pangs of pleasure she felt washing through her. Her body seemed to swirl around him, holding him as if in a slippery, silken vice as she thrust wildly on him, the sound of their hips slapping together seeming loud in the room even with her cries. She felt his strong arms pulling her towards him, his hands cupping her bum and helping her move rapidly on him.

“Oh, Lisa, Lisa!” he cried, his voice sounding in her ears and sending her away to a pleasure-filled oblivion that filled her body with shivering delight, joy racing through their bodies where ever they touched together. She could feel him fountaining his release explosively within, and she cried happily with him, filling his face with her breasts and moaning as he found her nipples with his lips and tongue.
‘Oh my!’ Amazed at how good it felt, a flushed Melissa looked down at her body, tingling all over in delight. The sound was muffled, but she distinctly heard Lisa’s high pitched cries though the walls of the room. The image of them making love in the sauna returned to her again, as well as the imagined sight of her boss, kissing her in places she’d long wanted to believe were not ugly as she’d been told so many times growing up. She faintly heard Lisa cry again and that was all she needed, as marvelous pleasure took her to another world. Her boss would never know how he’d been ‘used,’ but at the moment, this was better compensation than the paycheck he signed every other week. Afterward she realized it was wrong of her to have done that. Maybe someday there would be someone for her, that would treat her as Lisa’s husband treated his wife. She hoped so.
Two rooms down, Stan and Marie basked in the afterglow. A satisfied smile crept across his face as he gazed upon Marie’s smooth back, and the contrast of his milky white ropes of semen on her bronzed skin. Still holding her hips, he looked down at her pretty bum, and the beauty of her femininity which surrounded him. He slipped back inside, sliding deeply against her g-spot and felt her writhe on the bed in pleasure again. She had come so many times, they both lost count, their passion fueled from an absolute love that mirrored that of their best friends. Grinning, Stan wondered if Marie was going to tear the pillow in half that she was holding, as she gasped out her pleasure.

Pleasant, peaceful exhaustion overtook the occupants of the first two rooms, along with blissful sleep. But called to ‘exquisite duty’ once more in the mouth of his lover, a contented Stanley listened to the happy cries of his Sweetheart long into the night. It was one of ‘those’ nights, and he was happy to oblige even if he couldn’t keep up with her.  She made sure he was ‘standing tall,’ and could rest easy against the headboard, then cheerfully took what he so willingly gave.  The poetic rhythm of her body as she bounced on him was mesmerizing and attractive, as was the sound of her voice as she reached ecstasy again and again.  And yet she continued, the searing heat building until the waves of her pleasure seemed indistinguishable, crushing her in orgasmic sensations as continuous as the waves that pounded the Hawaiian shores, until finally leaving her crying in his arms.

He kissed her tenderly, drying her tears, his deep voice reassuring the vulnerabilities she let very few people see. She trusted him, clinging to him with everything she had as he lifted her in his arms and carried her to the restroom. He’d never made her feel guilty or dirty for the deep needs of her soul, the need to physically connect with him, which made her feel cherished, even though her needs happened to extend far beyond his. Either that, or it was the good Hawaiian air that had brought it out!  He had once teased her, wondering if she wished he was instead a twin or triplets, but she knew a joke when she heard one. Nope, even just one Stanley was enough.  She felt his gentle hands bathe her as they showered together, for once her saucy mouth quiet, as she experienced the love of a man tenderly taking care of her. Once more he carried her to their bed, gently tucking her in under the covers. Crawling in beside her he drew close to hold her, then smiled to discover she was already fast asleep. Moments later he joined her dreams.


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    • lttlb says:

      Thank you Gina! I don’t know about the stories being all that ‘awesome,’ but given the way the Good Lord made me, it’s not hard to follow the last part of your sentence… 🙂

  1. pure love says:

    OH MY GOD… JUst love the way you write… and toally love the passion,desire, love and the need,urge that you have for your spouse, GOd has blessed us in so many ways and im so glad that you share your wonderful experiences with us, Thanku, 🙂

  2. pure love says:

    never let the fire down in your marriage ,it is just simply so PURE, and if we find the purity in oness with our spouses then surely GOD has showered his blessings ,not all couples have what you have

    • lttlb says:

      Thank you pure love. Wow, what a very gracious response — you’re very kind! And thank you for the encouragement, and reminder as to where these blessings have come from.

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