Bucket List – Mile High Club

My wife and I have been married 22 years and we have a fantastic love life. A few years ago we started taking trips to Hawaii to break up the Canadian winter. Being in Hawaii was like an aphrodisiac for us. Our sex life has been great and has grown better and better as we have become more confident and assured about what we like and experiment with and so on, however when we got to our condo on that first trip it was like things really escalated and we had many sessions of passionate sex every day.

Of course we had such a good experience on or first trip we decided to go back for our 20th anniversary the next year. One thing that I had done before we went was begin a bucket list. I was spurred on by the movie of the same name with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholas. I came up with a good number of things including becoming a member of the Mile High Club. I was very excited by the thought of the upcoming opportunity and spoke to my wife about it. She is much more inhibited than I am so I didn’t push it only suggested we could give it a try and how much fun it would be to make such a memory together. I learned years ago not to push but to open the door to explore and when she is ready to slowly explore until we have some open exciting experiences. At one point in our relationship she didn’t even want me to say oral sex but with time and patience and talking and experimenting now she asks for it regularly for herself and has passionate experiences because of it.

When it came time for our trip she hadn’t come to feel that this was an experience she was ready for yet. I still held on to a thread of faith but wasn’t really counting on anything. We made our first short connection and waited at the terminal for our flight. I made one last attempt at getting over the mental wall that was holding her back. I could tell the thought excited her but her inhibitions were too great. Before our flight was called we had a few minutes to cuddle in the boarding area and we prayed together. I asked Jesus to help my dreams come true to love my wife and have the most memorable vacation together ever.  I felt prompted to kick the field goal instead of going for the touchdown.

When we boarded I asked the stewardess for a blanket. She sold me one that was fairly light weight and small. I thought that it would just have to do. Once we were into the flight and the lights had been lower I made my move. I spread out the blanket over our laps and began to slowly and gently caress her leg and inside her thigh. I whispered into her ear the suggestion of petting her pussy. She smiled sheepishly and nodded once only slightly. I glanced around for the all clear. It seemed all the other passengers were either asleep or watching movies. I gradually massaged my way towards the target zone, her breathing pattern changed to her arousal mode and her cheeks began to flush slightly. I ask her to make herself accessible and she gladly slipped her jeans and panties down so I could feel he warm pussy. She was so hot at this point my stroking and circling on her clitoris drove her into a twitching orgasm within a couple of minutes.

Of course she felt to return the favor to me which was much the same awkwardness but highly charge sexual tension. Her stoking on my hard penis gathered the pre-cum and it made for a beautiful orgasm into the airport blanket.
I smiled as I thought of my bucket list victory for my wife and I.

What a memory!

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  1. lissygirl says:

    We have a trip to Maui planned soon and this is exactly what I’ve thought about doing. All our other trips have been with our sons and this is our first trip alone. Thanks for helping me decide to suggest this to my husband.

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