Lovely night

Hello friends my name is Alex and my better half name is Vicki.

It was a quiet night. She was in balcony looking at the stars and quiet breeze was passing den. She was looking like an angel in that night pink dress. Her hair were just quietly dancing. I went into the balcony and hugged her from behind. Thankfully there was not anyone outside outside.

I asked her what’s she looking at? She said she was just recollecting our college days i.e. our courtship days and she smiled looking at me. That’s when I realized that I had not taken her out for dinner for a long time nor have I had I surprised her recently.  I whispered in her ears, “Babe, you have given me so many memorable moments, I just feel so wonderful hearing your voice anytime…the way you smile, it gives me a feeling that ‘yes, I am so yours. I love you, honey,” I just let the words come out. she gave me a peck on my cheek, I turned her around and took her close.

Feeling her waist, the cool breeze added to our romance. I told her that I have been missing her the whole day.  She said she missed me badly. Life had changed a lot post marriage. I told her she was looking so beautiful, but she just sexily put her finger on my lips . and said these magical words .”I love you too, baby, I’ve been missing you badly. Just show me that I’m still your girlfriend and take me and love me.”

I was turned on by this, we’d had some wonderful and steaming romance quickies. So without wasting anytime I kissed her deep, feeling her tongue. I held her close and kept her kissing, she twirled her legs around my waist and we just rolled on the balcony floor. We always like to romance in open, in cool breeze, though surely in private . I licked her neck. She hugged me badly and dug her nails in my back. I love it.  I kept kissing her and started romancing her boobs.

I just pulled off her nightie, she liked this and she started moaning “Oooo, ABD ..”(She lovingly calls me ABD.)

I kissed her boobs and sucked them slowly and royally. We were enjoying every bit of this. She hurriedly took off my shirt and I kept licking her body, giving her the feeling that I love each and every part of her. I kissed her navel.  She continued in her moans.

Co-incidentally I spotted her liquid chocolate bottle. I just poured some chocolate on her boobs and started licking, she grew wild now…

more to follow.. did you like it guys? this is my first sharing experience.


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