Marriage Heat Novellas – Coming Soon!

Marriage Heat is in the process of editing two novellas to be released on our site soon after Marriage Heat’s first publication of a collection of short stories. The first to be released will be Blondie’s novella, Jenna’s Journal. It is completed and in the process of being turned into an ebook as of now. The second to be released soon afterward is HornyGG’s novella, The Photo Album. The story “The Photo Album” grew into a large enough story that it was no longer a “short story” but novella length, we suggested she release it as a novella to which she agreed. We are very excited for Blondie and HornyGG in their novella debuts! If you have an erotic novella or novel, or a marriage non-fiction book to submit to us check out our new guidelines on that.

To read the teasers of both the upcoming novellas, click on the links below:

Teaser for Jenna’s Journal

Teaser for The Photo Album


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