Dear Husband: Can You Give Me A Hand?

This is a quick story about a quickie.

How many times have we been all horny and it comes time for bed and our spouse arrives dead tired? I’m glad to say that most of the times that has ever happened, my wife is a trouper – and rallies for the cause! If I am the one tuckered out, she will do all that it takes to get me excited and my cock hard. All it usually takes is for her to grab my dick or put her boobs in my face – and I’m stiff, awake, and ready for action.

Last night, I was the tuckered out one. My wife knows me better than anyone else on the face of the earth. She decided that she would not try to rally me for lovemaking.


Instead, she got on her tummy and reached for my hand. I was not asleep yet. She positioned my left hand under her pussy and began masturbating on my hand. She wasn’t wasting any time. She was hot! Her pussy was wet and pulsating. I know this sounds strange, but I was cognizant that something really sexy was going on – and was even very contented that my wife was getting off. Yet, I was still too tired (very unusual!!) to awaken enough for full contact action.

All I remember was that about 90 minutes later, I was awakened by my wife moving my finger out of her pussy. She had fallen asleep after cumming on my hand. I put my hand to my mouth and nose – because I love the smell and taste that was on my hand. I then rolled over and went to sleep.

When I woke up this morning, I looked over at my wife. No words were spoken at first. The naughty smile on her face said it all. I asked her, “Did you have a good orgasm?”

She sheepishly said, “Yeah, it was good.”

I love my wife so much. I get pleasure from knowing that she is contented by our sexual union. Even when it is just the union of my hand and her pussy. Even then, our hearts are united!

Hey husbands: Don’t say no to giving your wives a “hand” around the house.  What goes around, cums around! Even in the middle of the night!



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    • Lovinghusband says:

      Bobby Jo, my wife and I have come a long way in being able to be more bold and open. We certainly have not “arrived”‘ at some perfect level either. I tell my wife often that she gets me so hot and aroused when she is horny. I written on this elsewhere recently – that most people who know us would NEVER imagine that my dear godly and conservative wife is often so amazingly horny. I obviously do not know you or your husband – but I would encourage you to ask God for courage and boldness with your husband. Let him know – and then bless your husband by telling him what you fantasize about doing with him. Perhaps write about it to him if talking about it is too hard at first. Don’t be surprised when he comes up to you and is ready to fulfill your fantasies – in the marital union that God designed. God bless you both!

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Bobby Jo, I meant to say “I’ve written on this elsewhere on MH” about how my wife and are (“No One Else Knows!”)

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Harper – I’m glad you enjoyed this! What is amazing is that you finally read this and posted your thoughts ON a day when something similar to this situation happened again! I wasn’t sleepy – but asked my waking wife in the early morning if she would like to lay on my hand. She quickly turned over and had fun guiding my hand to just the right spot. She purred like a kitten – then came hard about 4 minutes later! I love to pleasure her! She then pulled down her panties and we fucked! What a beautiful morning. We gave eyes to each other all the rest of the day yesterday! Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed the story. God bless you and your husband!

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      I’m glad you two got a wonderful marriage, Lovinghusband! 😀 Keep your stories coming!

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