A Dream Come True – Position 69

A few nights back, around 3 a.m., I was dreaming about something that I can’t remember, but it left me feeling wonderful and loved.

Then as I began awakening, sort of in a twilight, my lips felt wet and slippery. I rolled them together and tasted what could only be the glorious nectar from my wife’s heavenly nipples. Then I felt her nipples: one, and then the other, lightly and smoothly tracing the depression between my lips from one corner to the other, leaving a trail of milk that trickled inside to my tongue. The sweetness of it, the creamy smoothness of it sent me rooting in the dark, kissing all around her breasts . . . until a dripping nipple and my lips found each other and locked in rhythmic frenzy. I vigorously sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed, cooing, begging for more.

“You awakened me, making sucking sounds,” she said.  “You moaned joyfully as if in total bliss.  I felt a shudder in my breasts and began leaking. Listening to you struck a chord in me . . . a melody about the deep yearning in me to give you what you dreamed for, give you the nurturing essence of my love.”

I felt her love for me filling her nipple into an enticing bulb that swelled into the whole space of my mouth and explored it with my tongue, pressing and circling its smooth oval, all the while luxuriating in the taste of a woman that I have adored from my youth. A gentle suck and her nipple released a gift of warmth and soothing taste that I slowly swallowed, enjoying all of its delicate nuances as it traveled to my innermost core and evoked a euphoria and great sense of well-being that I have never ever gotten from anything else.

I felt so blessed that I have a wife that needs me the same way that I need her and embraced her and suckled like a passionate kiss. She kissed my forehead and ran her fingers through my hair and sighed contentedly as an irresistible urge to sleep overtook me.

Some time later I awakened on my side facing my wife with her nipple still in my relaxed mouth. I began suckling again and she took my hand and led it between her smooth warm thighs.  She released my hand with an encouraging pat and, as if it was an entity unto itself, it seemed to know just where to go . . . upwards as if the heat of her safe harbor guided my fingers through her fur and directly to the smooth knob of her clit.  I circled my fingertips slowly, delicately, twice around its hood, and then upward inside against a now protruding bulb.

“Oh, oh-wa, oh-wa,” she moaned, squirmed, and raised her hips, begging me to explore deeper. “I need you, oh, I need you to dock inside my moorings,” she whispered.

Hearing her begging words and feeling her spreading gates of moistness against my hand, I became aroused, my gift, laden with the precious cargo that she longed for, rising and bouncing in the confluence of her and my waves of desire. I docked, as my two fingers rhythmically dove into her warm soft depths and I suckled her nipple to their tempo. Her hips raised higher with each thrusting of my fingers, each sucking of her nipple, as she pulled my fingers in deeper, all the way up to my hand. I felt her clamping on my fingers, gasping, quivering,  and moaning.

“Oh, baby, I’m cu . . . mm . . . ing!” she said “Oh! Oh! Oh-h!” she shrieked and became fixed against my hand, waves of contractions stimulating through my hand, rippling up my arm,  surging down my body, and pumping  my dick tighter, longer, and hotter.

A long moment later, I felt her relaxing around my fingers, her hips slowly lowering, and curled my fingers upward against her spongy G-spot. I slowly massaged. I wanted her to have more joy from me, to leave this world and explode into a thousand pinpoints of light.

Suddenly, she trembled, stiffened, and thrust one long . . . hard . . . time against my hand. “Uh! Uh! Uh!” she grunted, as if there could be no other force of nature equal to the pleasure she was experiencing and the joy of her release. I was ecstatic, sharing in her joy. My love for her overwhelmed me, feeling every molecule of my inner being vibrating outward to a warm, soft, afterglow. I was so joyful for her! I was basking in true love.  The animal drive in me now diminishing, I felt woven into the very fabric of this woman and suckled her milk, swallowing and envisioning her essence Promote-ww2mixing with mine in every way imaginable. . . .

But this time it wasn’t enough. I needed more of her, craved her, and I unlatched from her nipple, quickly removed my fingers from her vagina, and in a trembling frenzy whirled around, wrapped my arms around her buttocks,  and buried my face in her wet warm pussy, thrusting my tongue in deep and lapping in her juice.

“Oh-h, b-baby!” she said, thrusting in rhythm to my penetrating tongue.

The essence of her musky sweetness went far beyond the taste buds and spread into every nerve ending in my body. I grunted uncontrollably, my hips  thrusting my stiff dick upward, searching for a place of warmth to mix my essence with hers.

I felt her capture my wildly probing dick in her hand and she held on as it pushed between her thumb and fingers. “I need to taste and swallow yours,” she said in a begging tone, her warm breath surrounding my swollen head. “I want your salty-sweet cum to explode in my mouth and become a part of me, travel to the depths of my being, and mix with me. Will you do that for me?”

I moaned out a “yes” from her wellspring vagina, and then I felt her lips sucking around the bulbous tip of my dick , then working farther around my head.

“Uh, uh, uh,” I grunted in her vagina, begging her to take it all in . . . and then she did.  It felt so good, some warm and soft, as her tongue locked on its underside and stroked outward to my head and her hand stroked my balls from underneath.  I was consuming her and she me. I was no longer there, reality slipping away, as I was still tasting the coating of milk left in my mouth, luxuriating in the taste of her vagina, and thrusting in her working mouth. I felt as if I was some where outside of my body in a world where all of the physical,  metaphysical, and emotional aspects of mixing with this woman had come together.

“Umm! Um! Um! Um!” she moaned in a begging tone.

Her moans sent erotic vibrations through my whole being.  I felt her hand milking dick! She was begging me for my gift!

Can this much joy be real? I thought, and drifted into that state of mind that accepts without questioning, giving in fully to those irresistible forces of nature and savoring the moment without analyzing, and . . . exploded my essence in her mouth, grunting and pumping to her intense sucking, as she swallowed around my dick.

“Um-mm,” she moaned, and I felt her clamping and contracting  on my tongue, now sucking strongly on my head, as we both were thrusting and writhing . . . and then trembling as if we were sharing a synchronized seizure in position 69.

Still connected in all of these ways, my pumping slowing, her thrusting and clamping relaxing, her mouth holding me inside it, and my tongue slipping back into my mouth I swallowed her essence and began returning to reality. Out of all the gifts God has given me, I thought, she was the crowning joy. I felt so blessed that God brought us together, that she chose me!

Now, after all of these years, she sends me out into the world with confidence and joy in my heart, though I might be found on occasions to have a dreamy gaze and be a little bit intoxicated on her love.

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15 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    You wrote an instant classic! Not just the hotness of your story and the microscopic specifics you included – but the profound ending that I can TOTALLY identify with: Our faithful wives (by God’s grace) do send us out into this world with greater confidence (and sexual protection by their satisfying us so completely). I too, join with you in being a husband who is intoxicated by my wife’s love for me. I thank the Lord for His goodness. I also thank you smitten for your instant classic!

    • smitten says:

      To HornyGG: As I said to Lovinghusband it is good that we all love sharing each others stories. Taking in each others thoughts and mind set and angles is rewarding.

  2. lovegood says:

    Mmm… Cannot not wait until hubby comes up here to our bedroom tonight after reading this one! Great job! I better go get him now, because I feel more tingles
    In my pussy as I write this! Mmm… Off to give my husband some great head! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Blessed hubby says:

    My wife and I have just discovered this site and feel blessed for it. We are a very intimate couple and have been married 20 years reading the stories together and touching each other is very erotic.

    • smitten says:

      Thanks Blessed Hubby. We have found the stories in this site exhilarating and glad to know that there are others like us that share their bodies in a Godly manner and still crave each other when they have been married for many years. As you have probably found out already most sites are about illicit affairs etc.
      Many thanks to Blondie for a site that is about happily married folks.

  4. Crush says:

    A superb event and so well told , it certainly carried me back memory lane when I too had delightful experience as you both enjoyed.

    The best part of it is the element of surprise and then the positive response from ones partner makes it a life time experience worth cherishing it for a long time .

    Please do keep sharing more ; -)

  5. Smitten says:

    Thanks Crush, for your sharing with our sharing. As you already know not every time of sex is as explosive as this story and it is one that we reminisce about.

  6. Smitten says:

    You and Heather share an enduring love, JazzdBoutH&N, and God bless you both. Thanks for the above comment and the excitement that it gives us knowing that Heather read it to you.

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