Male Perspective on Masturbation

A male perspective on Masturbation. Recently I was asked why do men masturbate? Well here goes nothing.

When I was born I was given this little gift. I have been playing with this gift for as long as I can remember, it has always been there, except of course the little bit that that doctor snipped off the end on the eighth day after my birth. Bath time was always so much fun, I found it better than my rubber ducky, I never had to look for it, it was always close at hand.

As I got older it was getting stranger, when I played with it, it started to feel really good, so I played with it more. I started to feel sensations inside of me that were very pleasurable. Then one day I played with it too long and the sensation peaked and this white liquid squirted out the end, man that was nice! How could something so nice be wrong? I thought.

Then when I was even older I started to get the urge to share my little gift with the opposite sex. When I looked at girls my birth gift would get hard in anticipation, but no, I had to wait until I married to a girl before I could share this wonderful gift I decided. So I kept playing with it by myself until then.

When I got married, oh boy did things change! All of a sudden my gift became her gift and she wanted too play with it as well, not only that but I found she had a little gift of her own called a clitoris. From that time on I wasn’t to play with my larger gift I had to play with her little pea-size clit. She even liked me rubbing my gift on her gift. They were made for one another I found out.

Masturbation is still fun when I get the chance, but sharing what God gave me with the person God gave me is even better. I found that sex is good and that it is a gift from God, it’s not dirty, but a gift from God to us. Enjoy it freely within His guidelines and it will bless you all your life.

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8 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Karusso, what a creative way to share something so true. The unfolding of God’s wonderful gifts – when we come to understand them in the context of the truth – is such a never ending blessing. I heartily agree that I too enjoy masturbating a great deal – but sharing or giving myself to my wife is even better. God gives us wisdom to know how to use His gifts to His glory and our good!

  2. Wanted Always says:

    In many ways I wish that churches everywhere would tell your story to their teens and twenties so that they could live without the tremendous guilt that usually accompanies masturbation. Used alone or with your married partner God gives it for pleasure.

  3. David Cromie says:

    I was brought up in Baptist church as a child and youth. The youth pastors would preach against masturbation being sin. I started playing with myself at age 11 and found it very pleasurable. When I hit puberty and ejaculated the first time, wow! All through my teen years I masturbated and did not consider it a sin. Even when I went to Bible college and met my future wife, I still masturbated even though preachers in our men’s devotion would bring up the subject of masturbation. Even after 23 years of marriage, I still masturbate. My wife masturbates alone or together. I believe God design us men and women as part of getting to know your body. Thanks for your post.

  4. hornyGG says:

    Ben and I both love to masturbate. We do it together as well as alone. I get hot and wet when I watch Ben stroke off and he enjoys watching me.

    I have never had any guilt about masturbating. It just felt so natural to me and felt ohh so good. Ben says he had a bit of guilt during his teen years, but enjoyed it too much to let it stop him.

    Thanks again for the post. God bless and stay horny!


  5. John Thompson says:

    I think masturbation must be a good gift but easily corrupted. I started masturbating at age 13. Boys at school had been talking about "wanking" but I didn't know what it was. I found I couldn't keep my eyes off girls, I liked to play with panties borrowed from my big sister's wash basket, and I was getting good hard erections. I'd found fingering my erect penis and scrotum was extremely pleasant. Then one hot summer night I was laying naked on my bed playing with my erection and somehow I got the tugging, stroking action just right. I still remember thinking "hey this feels real good" Then pow! My penis suddenly got even stiffer, the most incredible pleasure I'd ever felt welled up, my penis jerked and a couple of teaspoon loads of white creamy semen splashed up my chest. I knew immediately that I'd "wanked" and next day at school I felt a mile high at my discovery. Soon I discovered looking at pictures of women in underwear in my mom's clothing catalogs made masturbating even nicer, and later I started doing it with other boys and while ogling porn. But fortunately those days are behind me and I get all the sex pleasure I need from my lovely wife's body.

    • Pushbabypushhard says:

      John, I understand about sisters panties and mother's undergarments. I use to borrow her girdle. It pressed so hard against my cock. But you masturbated with other boys?

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