New Construction Heat (L)

One glorious summer evening my beloved and I were walking hand in hand after a particularly trying day at work. Going for walks in the evening is one way we are able to reconnect after both being in the trenches of Corporate America all day. As we are strolling the neighborhood and the summer sun is finally going down around 9:30 at night; we make a turn into one of the lovely new residential neighborhoods by our house and see a new Townhouse under construction. It’s getting dark and there appears to be no sign of life. We hear the wonderful sounds of the crickets and other soothing summertime night life from the insect world– yet no sign of human activity.

Imagine my surprise when my sweet bride of 17 years whom God gifted to me, starts to lead me toward the townhouse and increases her pace. (I am 6’3″ and she is 5’2″. She jokingly refers to me as her Great Dane, while she is my little Shitzu.)

“Hey, my beloved,” she says, “let’s go and officially christen that new townhouse.”

“Do what?” I ask her, not quite believing my ears.

“Come on, old man, let’s sneak in there and make love. I need to feel you inside me after the day I had.”

I agreed to throw caution into the wind and go for it.

Quickly glancing around and still seeing no sign of life nor lights on at the neighbors, hand in hand we snuck to the basement area (through where the back door would soon be installed) and found the basement nearly finished with a concrete floor. There was dim light shining through a couple of the windows on the other side which was nice so I could still see my beloved.

“I love you so much, my handsome prince,” she purred into my ear as she nibbled and embraced me tightly. I love the feel of her full breasts pressed against my chest. Being somewhat sultry outside we were already sweaty, which added to our marriage heat.


As we pressed closer together, chest to chest, crotch to crotch, I felt my erection growing against her tummy as she kept purring and nibbling at my ears.  We started to kiss passionately. Oh, how I love her smile and bright white teeth. Such a cute little brunette with big brown eyes. I felt like we were the couple in Song of Solomon as we embraced each other in our love.

As our breathing and deep kissing increased, our tongues began their dance of love; I gently sucked and felt her tongue slowly work its way down to the back of my throat. We love deep kissing like that. She is an expert!

Next thing I knew she was pulling the blue t-shirt over my head and with her right foot around my waste she started to force down my gym shorts and boxers. It felt so good when seconds later my now fully engorged cock was released and poking straight at her.

Expertly she gently knelt down on the pile of my discarded clothes and began to go down on me. With loving confidence she started with long slow strokes of her tongue up and down my shaft then slow deep thrusts of her mouth as she took me into her mouth then down her throat.  Oh, how I love the look in her eyes as she swallows me whole and looks up at me with that look of total love, intimacy, and lust for her husband.  She doesn’t gag or hesitate. She continues to swallow my manhood and strokes my pubes and balls with her other little hand at the same time. I hear a gentle moan emerge from deep down her throat as she continues to devour my cock.

Making a sound like sucking a lollipop, she lets my cock pop out of her mouth for a quick moment and says “Mm-mm, how I love to taste your pre-cum.” Her words and facial expression almost push me over the edge. She seemed mesmerized then she goes back to business on my throbbing penis.

After a few minutes of this pure bliss, my wife sensed I was about to shoot my entire load and she stops; slowly stands up, never taking her eyes off mine, and very gracefully—as only a woman can do—lifts her sundress over her head dropping it to the concrete floor, then unclasps her lacy 4-snap black bra freeing the beautiful full breasts God gifted her (and me) with. With her standing against a wall, I sink to my knees and I begin to gently knead and massage her legs while licking her tummy.

I remember the Scripture, “May her breasts satisfy you always.” How true it is for me! I continue to slowly lick and massage her soft warm breasts causing her to moan and tilt her head back. As her nipples swell (starting to look like small strawberries) she starts pushing her dampened crotch towards my face. I can tell she is ready to officially consummate this new Townhouse.

Keeping my hands working her lovely breasts, I slowly kiss and nibble my way down to her now obviously moist black panties. The cute yet, sexy peach fuzz on her thighs are standing up as her hips continue to grind. Neither one of us can take much more of this excitement and its time to join our bodies as one–man and wife—the way God intends.

Running my hands slowly down her sides still on my knees, I slowly peel down her panties until I am rewarded with the erotic sight of her prominent thick dark bush, glistening with her juices of love and excitement. Neatly trimmed yet natural and lush the way God created her.

“Oh, honey, I love you so much I need you in my pussy! Please enter me now, my love. Fill me up with your manliness right here on the floor, please. I don’t care where we are!”

Fashioning a makeshift “pad” with our discarded clothing, I gently lay her down and take her feet into my hands gently parting her sturdy legs, as she confidently reveals her secret and most private area to her husband; never taking her eyes off mine.

I gently hold each ankle so her open legs beckon me inside her; I slowly enter my bride’s hot wet pussy. We’re so worked up I slide in with no problem.  Sure, the movement scrapes my knees on the cold concrete basement floor; but who cares, right?

“You feel so good, baby, pound me with that hard cock of yours,” she says in a lowered tone of voice. “That’s right, that’s right, I love feeling your manly balls pound against my ass while pounding my hairy pussy. That’s right, fuck me good baby, fuck me good! I love you so much!”

Naturally we are all worked up and it doesn’t take her long to climax. We love to kiss and make eye contact while we make love. I let go of her feet and she expertly rests them on my shoulders as I continue to pound and the first of many climaxes overtakes her. Ours bodies move as one in perfect intimate harmony as one flesh, the way our Creator designed us to be as Man and Wife.

I don’t know how long we were doing it but I cannot hold back much longer (I always let her climax first).  Intimately entwined with her legs up on my shoulders, my fully engorged cock enveloped by her hot  hairy pussy, holding hands, my chest collapsing, her full breasts–it is my turn.

“Oh, baby I love you so much, please explode inside of my pussy. Please let me feel you empty your hot seed into me. Oh yes, love, please let it go. Let it go! I love you so much!”

And with that, I shoot my load of hot sperm deep into the womanhood of my beloved. What an orgasm it was! I love the look of trust and intimacy as I shoot into my wife; her expression of trust and vulnerability as we hold hands and I empty my man load deep inside her. What a gift God gave me through my soul mate, best friend, and kindred spirit!

As I finally collapse on top of her, resting my weight on my forearms, we are chest to chest with our hearts racing and our bodies glistening with sweat. We realize I am leaking out of her onto our makeshift “bed”, yet we continue to cuddle and smile at each other, fully enjoying the gift of hot sex God gave us.

“Thank you for making love to me, babe–I really needed to be one with my husband tonight. You felt so good inside of me,” she gently says to me.

We slowly get up, dress, and giggle together at the “evidence” of our hot love making session. Quickly we look around and sneak out of the soon to be completed Townhouse.

The moon had risen and guides our path as we walk home together hand in hand.


Where would you want to make love outside if the situation was right? (you may pick up to three choices)

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29 replies
  1. Kay & K. says:

    Thanks for the feedback Blondie; we admit to being nervous about submitting our first story. We are thrilled you liked our adventure and we will write more soon. You keep writing too as my husband and I love your stories! 😀

    Kay & K.

  2. Kay & K. says:

    Thank you Gina G; we are honored you thought this was a wonderful story! Marriage Heat is a tremendous blessing to us and we promise to submit more stories soon. We really enjoy reading yours too and yes, we plan to continue staying horny! 😀 Kay & K.

  3. Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

    We really enjoyed this story! It was so romantically beautiful, yet extremely HOT! This just gave me an idea for my wife & I one evening…oh already getting excited just thinking about it!!! Yes, please right more!!!

  4. doctemp2 says:

    Thank you Mommyof3wifeof1; we appreciate your kind feedback and are glad you found it to be romantically hot–just as it happened! As I always tell my dear hudnad–be careful what you wish for lol. New stories are on their way. BTW we enjoy your stories too! 🙂

    kay & k.

  5. Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

    Awe thanks Kay & K! I’m happy to know you & your hubbie are blessed in some way by the stories we share. Glad to hear more stories from you guys are underway! We look forward to reading them. We actually just submitted a new one yesterday, so just waiting for it to be edited.
    Be careful what you wish for…..yep, that is so true!!!
    Hope you guys are having a great & wonderful night & evening!!!

    • doctemp2 says:

      Thank you Steve & Annie, we are pleased you enjoyed it. We had fun experiencing it and writing about it! This is a wonderful web community and yes we promise to write more. Please make some special time for one another this weekend–I know my husband and I will! Kay & K. 😀

  6. Lovinghusband says:

    Kay & K,

    Re-reading this was the perfect heat-up for my wife’s and my lovemaking in just a few minutes. I love it when my wife makes the “lollipop” suck sounds when she is going down on my cock, too. Also, what can be hotter than for our wives to tell us to “fuck them good”!?!

    This is going to be a hot time for us! Thanks for the inspiration! Blessings on you two!

  7. doctemp2 says:

    Lovinghusband Thank You kind sir! My husband and I always enjoy reading your feedback and I hope you and your wife enjoyed an intimately hot evening last night 😀 We are humbled and honored to provide inspiration for your marriage bed.

    I agree with your comments: the wet slurping and “lolli” sounds coming from my throat while going down on him is quite the turn-on for us both. He feels so good down my throat. And as my dear husband pounds my hairy muff; fuck me good” is the first thought that comes to mind, lol.

    Hot married sex is such a gift from above and I’m really missing his touch already on his trip this week. Plus he has no web access so its even more difficult for the next few days.

    Looks like I’ll be re-reading several past stories while letting my fingers and Magic Wand do the work. You and your wife take good care and remember the Reason for the Season!

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Thank you! We did have a wonderfully inspired time the other night! Even some slurping as my wife sucked on my throbbing cock. I know you’ll find inspiration these next couple of days as you read and masturbate. Call your hubby and tell him you are hot and playing with your hairy pussy! It can be a great release for you both! I. Hope he is home for you soon! Merry Christmas!

  8. doctemp2 says:

    Glad to hear you two had an inspiring time the other night LH! And yes, with a lot of free time the next several nights on my hands; (and knees I wish)there will be much masturbating, fantasizing and reading taking place.) Did I mention masturbating? Funny you should mention phone sex–which is what we quite enjoyed last night. He was asking all about my hairy wet pussy–even to the point of begging me to rub my cell all over it so he could hear the warm squishy sounds of my lush lubed sex. And of course when my girlfriends called today to check in; I could still smell my special scent. lol! Thanks for your encouragement and suggestions sir–they are always welcome. Merry Christmas to you both!

    • Lovinghusband says:

      I’m happy that you two do have a phone connection! It has to be hard to not be together at Christmas. Wow! What a hot time it was on the phone, too. Don’t clean your phone until your husband comes home! He’ll like to get a smell himself, I am sure! Another day has passed – which means he’ll be home sooner rather than later! Blessings as you wait! It will be worth it when you reunite. God gives us the grace we need, doesn’t He?

  9. Mokey says:

    Ladygarden, I am pretty new here so as time permits I will randomly pick stories to read. This was such a well written story I have now book marked the page that has all your stories and will now be reading them all.

  10. ladygarden says:

    Thank you Mokey you made my day; so very kind of you. Welcome to the MH community–this is a wonderfully safe and uplifting place. And keep your eyes open for our new story which should be published soon. 😀

  11. ladygarden says:

    Aw thank you LH; please know we really enjoy reading your stories and you comments too. You are so sincere, thoughtful and appreciate to your dear wife in celebrating this amazing gift The Lord has given us.

    Yes, “Construction Heat” is an amazing memory and I think one of our first submissions. It’s humbling knowing you rank it with such esteemed writers Horny GG, Blondie, Silver, Smitten, Mommyofthree, Bootylicious and so many more.

    Be on the lookout for our next story!

  12. hornyGG says:

    Ladygarden, Loved this story then, love it now! Being a major fan of yours, let me say that I for one am thrilled that you are writing stories again.

    I am honored that you put me in the same class as Blondie and the other great writers you mentioned. I am also humbled. Believe me when I say you belong right there at the top of that list.

    Aside from being a great writer here, you are also a valued friend and I treasure that most of all. I hope all is well with you and your family. God bless and as always, well you know the rest!


    • ladygarden says:

      Thank you GG, thank you. We are humbled and touched by your kind words and support. Your sediments means a lot to us–they really do.

      Please know you are a very valued friend and inspiration in more ways than you will know. You have a wonderful family and they are so blessed to have you as their matriarch.

      Lord bless all of you and thank you for bringing a happy smile to my face today. And indeed, we do “know the rest.” ;-D

  13. Alicia G. M. says:

    My fourth time reading this ladygarden. I love your stories. I am so excited to hear you have a new one coming. You inspire me so much! Looking forward to reading your new one.

    • ladygarden says:

      Wow Alicia G.M.; thank you for your kind words. Glad we can inspire you in some small way; and we are honored you read “CH” four times. Take good care and hope the new story brings you…pleasure!


    • Alicia G. M. says:

      Ladygarden, me again! Just so you know, I am GG’s daughter. Don’t hold it against me! Lol.

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