Exercising the Sensual Imagination

My husband and I have been married for 28 years. We got married in the 1980s, I was more “conventional” in my understanding of sex in marriage. I really enjoyed sex with my husband. My imagination was pretty conventional too. I remember the first time I saw my husband’s penis. Part of me wanted it in my pussy, another part of me did not. One part of me wanted to suck it, another part of me was worried about if I should swallow or not. In general, I did not explore very provocative thoughts, but ours was a very enjoyable sexual life.

As the years passed and the hormones weakened, my husband and I have come to a place where the sensual imagination is becoming more and more necessary. My husband loves his job, I love my work. We are both busy and the kids are grown. We like helping my children. We like hanging out with our friends at church. There were times when we could go a week without making love. Weeks go by so fast now and our life is so full.

I came across this website typing in the key words, “marriage sex.” At first, I was amazed at all the things Christians were doing in the bedroom. The masturbation pieces on this site were very informative. I showed my husband. Both of us loved it and it got us talking about our marriage heat at this time in our lives. We asked this question. Do we want to grow in this area or not?

I asked my husband if he thought a mature Christian lady like me could be a sexy Christian “hot wife” who would go to one of his business banquets with no panties on? Was it okay for me to masturbate anytime I wanted to thinking of him, inspired by stories on Marriage Heat? Would he find me attractive, making him dinner in only my apron? I have this kinky desire to have him masturbate in front of me. Though I always made it sound like to him, if he masturbated he was a pervert, the truth is that I could masturbate right now thinking of him jacking off. Reading some of these stories embolden me to share my kinky imagination about him.

OK. I admit it. I read Fifty Shades of Grey, like a lot of my friends. I found myself wanting to screw my husband every night as I read that story, though honestly I felt guilty too because I found things in that book that I completely disagreed with. That book expanded my imagination, but this website has increased my sensual imagination even more and better. And I feel great about keeping my thoughts about my husband.

, you inspired us to be young in our thinking again. Your writing is amazing. I bought the new e-book.   you have inspired us into more thoughtful heated longevity, , you have inspired us to blow past our hang ups. My husband had encouraged me to masturbate for years. After reading your stories, I have really begun to enjoy “jilling off” as you put it. , you have inspired us in your spontaneity. , you inspired us in your creativity. , you inspired us in getting over walls. , you make me and my husband hot! , your stories are so sensual. S, Your 69 story got my husband and I to try something we haven’t done in a long time. , you’ve got to write more stories! , your imagination is so hot. I could go on and on about the writers on this blog. The marriage writing team has fired up our sensual imagination again. I am happy that you are starting to publish. I hope many of you writers at this site publish ebooks.

As I copied and pasted your names, Marriage Heat writers, I was thinking about all the hope you are sharing. My husband and I are not too old to be young. Who knows? Maybe I can write stories too, or just be inspired by all of you! This is a great website that believes hot monogamy is the best!

My husband and I are having great sex again. We masturbate more now than ever disciplining our minds for each other. I found that my muscles are getting strong again and my orgasms are really coming back! Last night I woke to my husband masturbating. I slipped my hand to my pussy and started jilling off thinking about him jacking off. He noticed me going at it too. I whispered that I wanted him to keep going and I was going to keep going. I told him that I wanted him to shoot his cum in my mouth with him jacking off. I kept my fingers masturbating me. He was getting close. When he came, I opened my mouth and he shot his cream into the back of my throat.  I was so hot that I came soon after as I buried my fingers in my pussy. Thanks marriage heat for firing up the imaginations of a couple whose marriage was declining. But not anymore! We have new enthusiasm for marriage heat!


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9 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Always, I am humbled and appreciative of your sweet compliment. So Loved your post. I am so glad your marriage has had a hot boost. I haven’t read Fifty Shades of Gray, but from what I have heard from friends, maybe I should.

    Your post got me in the mood to masturbate with my Ben. However that will have to wait as he just deposited his seed deep into my pussy. Not complaining as I came twice. Would love to hear a hot story from you and your hubby! Thanks again! God bless and stay horny my dear.

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    Dear Always,

    Your story is so uplifting! We have been married the same length as you and your husband. I am so excited for the sexual renewal you two are having. We rejoice with others who love and embrace godly sex! Your experience of masturbation that you wrote about is so hot and exciting. It got us hot! Also, you two are NOT old! Your recent experiences and imaginings are proof of this! I can’t wait to read more from you! You have encouraged many already I’m sure by your post. Keep seeking the Lord first in all things – and as you do – the sweetness of your erotic sex will fit in the right place in your lives. God bless you both!

  3. smitten says:

    Thanks for allowing us to share with you our “old age” marriage heat. We plan on living life and our marriage to the fullest until we croak. The Lord be with you and enrich your marriage.

  4. ladygarden says:

    Thank you Always for the compliment: very glad to know our postings make you and your husband hot. That’s what we are all here for at MH!

    BTW, we love your screen name. One of the most romantic movie scenes of all-time was the final Harry Potter film. As Professor Snape lay there dying from from Valdemort’s snake bite, he was thinking of his first and only love which of course was the young Lilly Potter. As he went back in his mind to Dumbledore confirming Snape loved her–Snape responded “Always.”
    Always brings a tear to our eyes…

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