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Moral Erotica – Song of Solomon Literature For Today

Moral Erotica is considered by many as not possible. One of the oldest examples of moral erotica is the Song of Solomon in the Bible. Song of Solomon in the Bible tells of married sex in poetic words. King Solomon and his beloved shared one erotic moment after another using the common sexual language of that day,

Throughout history, Christians have shied away from moral erotica even the Song of Solomon. In fact, the Song of Solomon was translated as allegory of the relation of Christ and His church. Good reading of the Bible is not allegory reading. This book is moral erotica plain and simple. It was written to encourage and teach humans to imagine and have sensual thoughts in marriage. This was erotic literature.

Wikipedia defines erotic literature: “Erotic literature comprises fictional and factual stories and accounts of human sexual relationships which have the power to or are intended to arouse the reader sexually. ” Moral Erotica(Wikipedia)

Should Christians enjoy, read or be taught by erotica? The Bible is positive about erotic literature as long as it is moral.

A large number of Christians read “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Many Christian’s applauded the fact that the story was between one man and one woman. But much of the story would still be considered immoral because the marriage relationship was not the only God honoring place for sexuality in this story.

A Moral Erotica Revolution

More and more books are going to be published that depict moral erotica and these book will be available. Jenna’s Journal is an example of a book that celebrates moral erotica. In this story, Jenna writes her sexual fantasies in her journal. Her husband discovers the journal and the sparks fly. This novella celebrates marriage sex.

Christians face some real problems in finding moral erotica:

One problem is that most of the stories and accounts of human sexuality in today’s erotica have little imagination for the marriage bonds between one man and one woman. In fact, many times monogamous sexuality is depicted as dull and boring.

Another problem is that Christians have not embraced positive attitudes toward creating and reading stories and accounts of hot marriage sexuality. That is because erotica is often lumped into the sinful, pornographic “lusts of the flesh” category of culture. There are not many writers or resources that create moral erotica.

It is true that many Christians have viewed sexuality as suspicious and something that they should not talk about. This is despite that fact that the Bible itself is positive about marriage sexuality and the promotion of hot monogamy. This has largely removed the Christian witness in the area of sexuality to a litany of “dos and don’ts”.  Moral erotica is rare in Christian circles.

Another problem is that the large amounts of pornography and immoral erotica on the web has reached such a critical mass that this has become a stumbling block for the imaginations of a large number of Christians. Many Christians do not buy and support authors of moral erotica, they support immoral erotica because they have been conditioned to consider this erotica as hotter than erotica in the marriage relationship. has uncovered the need for moral erotica for Christians. Thousands of Christian married couples have been encouraged and helped by reading moral erotica that supports hot monogamy. MarriageHeat is seeking to publish short stories and publications that build the culture of marriage sexuality. The big test will be will Christians support the building of moral erotica into a supported enterprise? Will some of our authors write erotica and will people actually buy it?  Critical mass is very important and necessary for this witness to be spread. Will stories like “Jenna’s Journal” be bought so that more stories can be written?

The opportunities for bringing a Song of Solomon world view back into our world is upon us. Writers and readers must support this new opportunity for Christians to reclaim marriage sexuality. I encourage everyone to support the authors who write moral erotica by buying their books. I challenge authors to write moral erotica. The gift of sexuality is designed to be in marriage, lets promote that where ever we can.

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9 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    God bless all the folks at MH! Thank you so much for this wonderful site. I have said it before and I will say it again, Marriage Heat has been a real blessing to Ben and I. It has enriched not only our sex life but our marriage in general.

    I totally agree with what was said in this post. Monogamy is hot and it is important that it is put out there that it is not ho hum and boring. MH to me is a forerunner in putting this message out there and should be applauded for their efforts. Blondie and the rest of the MH team do a wonderful job in relaying the message that monogamy is hot and that we as Christians do get horny and enjoy hot sex with our spouses.

    I have told several of my friends both married and single about MH as I feel it is important that the message this site is trying to put out, gets out.

    Thank you Blondie and all the folks at MH, as well as all the contributors who make this site work. God bless you and may we all stay wonderfully horny for our spouses.

    Sincerely, Ben and Gina (GG)

    • Blondie says:

      Thank you, GG! We’ve been blessed by you too! I am so happy this site has encouraged you and your marriage. It has encouraged me in my marriage too.

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    Blondie, I agree with all you wrote. keep doing what is right and the Lord will use this for His glory – and for the good of His people. Thank you for your dedication to godly sex in godly marriages – where there is joy instead of shame. God bless you! I bought the first one on Kindle – Jenna next!

  3. smitten says:

    Dear Blondie: As I read this I felt like every ounce of my being was revitalized and my beliefs reinforced.
    Both of my parents are dead but my mom and dad’s marriage was sexless even though my mom did her wifely duties. At night I would listen to my mom and dad have quick sex . . . then I would listen to my mom go to the bathroom and douche out my dad’s semen. She told me one time that it was nasty and should be removed. No wonder why my dad was not faithful.

    • Blondie says:

      that is so sad! I think it is interesting how you called your parents’ marriage sexless even though they technically did have “intercourse”. I would agree with you, that marriages where there may be sex but there is no real connection or intimacy shared probably feel quite empty.

  4. Tony Conrad says:

    I don't think there is a link between Song of Solomon and so called moral erotica. I am not saying it is wrong only that one cannot justify it from Song of Solomon. There is not one sexual act described in the song, only in the imagination of the reader. I am not saying it was not sexual only that not one sexual act was described in the way the stories are on here. The point is also missed that it is an allegory of the Church and Christ as well as being love between the lovers. I don't know whether moral erotica is alright or not only that it cannot be justified using Solomon's Song.

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