A Very Special Sunday

It was a day I remember so well. A Sunday. It was an extraordinary Sunday. It is forever etched in my heart and mind.

I awoke a bit later than normal. Sundays should be like that. The older my wife and I get, the more we realize that we absolutely must take our Sundays to NOT do work. That especially means NO computer work. We have been doing our best to take a Sabbath away from the laptop the past few years and it’s one of the best decisions we have ever made for our marriage.

As I awoke on this particular Sunday, I felt my penis getting hard. Knowing I could stay in bed and not have to help get our son ready for school or make a quick check of our email was a real turn on for me. I slowly and strategically rolled over to face my lover’s back and rear.  I deliberately moved closer toward my lover’s crack so that my very full and firm manhood could position itself comfortably.

There is something about that feeling of fullness in a man that is simply indescribable.  As much as I wanted and desired immediate release, I didn’t want that feeling of anticipation to go away. My lover’s backside surely felt my shaft up against her crack with all of its swelling and fire.  I was awake sexually. My wife knew I wanted to come into her.

While I was in another world I knew that our son was awake.  I am glad that he is at an age now where he can get up, get himself some cereal and pretty much leave my life partner and I alone in our bedroom.  He was real good to do that on this particular Sunday.  However, I know he was going to a friend’s house later in the morning and I was taking him there. Yes, I knew it was time to come back down to earth from my state of extreme arousal. Could I pick up where I was about to leave off? That was the question?

I reluctantly planted my feet on the throw rug near my side of the bed. I knew my lover and I would have several hours of alone time once I drove our son to his friend’s house. That “us” time is hard to come by during the daylight hours.

I arrived back home shortly before noontime. As I walked toward our bedroom, I saw the last bit of steam escape from our bathroom. I knew my lover had just finished showering. The aroma of fragrant bath soap wafted its way through our apartment bidding me…pleading me… to make haste to my beloved.

My wife greeted me with a wry, knowing smile. She was clad beautifully in her leopard skin panties and bra. My partner’s wet, combed hair, pulled back perfectly from her face, made her look all the more ravishing and seductive.  Her femininity totally filled that bra. My lover’s breasts were full and plunging. They looked like they were ready to break loose from that leopard skin bra at any moment. My partner’s voluptuous body looked absolutely awesome in those brown and black panties.

Oh, those five seconds leading up to kissing my lover were sheer ecstasy and excitement.  My wife, my covenant partner, really wanted me and I really wanted her. Anticipation was in the air! My member was rising and filling as I anxiously waited for my bride to make her entrance into our bedroom. We were, indeed, going to do the deed! We were going to pick up where we left off from earlier in the morning.

 I was on my back thinking, waiting, and anticipating making love with my wife.  I pulled the telephone cord from the wall in the hallway and silenced our cell phone. I wanted no interruptions during this time.  This was our time!  SMS-Sunday Morning (actually afternoon) Sex-was about to become reality with my lover.  My pump was primed, even more, than when I woke up to start the day. I was ready to explode when my bride made her glorious entrance.

Andrea Bocelli was the accompaniment music of choice for our special time together.  As my lover’s body was next to mine, I knew that our lovemaking would be something really special that Sunday afternoon.  I embraced my lover making sure her plump, full boobs were flush against my chest.  My wife’s aroma having just showered was just too wonderful to take as our lovemaking began.

I wanted that full, firm sensation in my manhood to last and last and last for a very long time. Yet I knew I couldn’t hold off for much longer.  “Come into me”, my wife commanded lovingly.  “I want you!”  My lover’s lower femininity was too much to resist. My hardness always filled that special place, MY PLACE, so perfectly. This particular Sunday was no exception.

My life partner gently gripped and slowly inserted my tool inside her. My lover’s warm wetness was indescribable.  There was no turning back (not that I wanted to!).  I really wanted to see how long we could continue our lovemaking before letting loose of my juice inside my partner’s body. My spirit was willing but my flesh had had enough of the anticipation game

Blast off! The release of my wetness into my wife’s garden was extra, extra special that Sunday.  As I gently pumped, I wanted to give my covenant partner every bit of semen that was stored inside of me. Once I allowed the floodgates of my masculinity to burst open inside my bride I didn’t want the flow of my juice to stop.  I wanted to give my life partner every single drop I had. My well was full and deep and it was all for my lover.  Just as I didn’t want our foreplay to end, I wanted to keep on giving and giving and giving as if my reservoir had an endless supply of semen. Oh, how I wish!

My bride assured me she received every last drop of my liquid masculinity as I longingly remained in her garden. Remaining physically connected to my wife after blast off was relaxing and rejuvenating.  Our eyes were shut.  Our bodies were totally relaxed.  We were sexually one.

My life partner and I were at rest on that special Sunday.  I will always remember it.  The acronym “SMS” will always mean something more to me than sending a text message.


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