Conclusion to Diamond in the Buff

MarriageHeat Note:  If you have not read Part 1, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU READ


We panicked once we saw our clothes were not where we had left them. We didn’t know what to do. Lightning continued to flash, the wind was picking up, and it started to rain. Clearly the wind had blown them away so they had to be around here somewhere. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful! I was disgusted.

So there we were in the nude (except for our sneakers) walking around like hunchbacks trying to find our shirts, shorts and underwear. Our eyes kept alternating between the ground, the sky and the distance for any more unexpected visitors.

To make matters worse as we searched, the rain picked up. In no time at all we were soaked from head to toe. Remember the scene from “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” with Steve Martin and John Candy towards the end? It’s the scene where they are stranded on the freeway at night, their car just burned up with their credit cards inside the glove compartment. They look at each other and at first they giggle, then they start with nervous laughter and they both finally just crack up at their circumstance. That’s what we thought of as we became drenched in the dark, shoes sopping wet, in the nude out in the boonies looking for our pile of clothes that were now who knows where!

After we stopped laughing and held each other for several tender moments, we realized we had to make a decision. Keep looking for our clothes in the dark in the unlikely event we would find them? Go back to a dugout for shelter to try to dry and warm up? (Thankfully it was still warm outside). Or separate while one snuck home and eventually drove back for the other?

Still remarkably calm (my husband is so good in stressful situations while I tend to go off in a panic), K said the oddest thing. “General Schwarzkopf. Desert Storm. Left Hook.”

“What? Desert Storm? What does that have to do with us standing out here naked in the rain?”

“That’s it. Remember what Schwarzkopf did to attack the entrenched Iraqi Army?”


“Instead of attacking head-on into the strength of the enemy, Schwarzkopf did the famous ‘left hook’ maneuver. He went 100 miles or so around the Iraqis and attacked them from the rear. Caught Sadaam totally by surprise.”

“OK and you are saying this because…”

“It’s simple—we, ah, kill the Batman!” He said in his best Heath Ledger Joker voice. I didn’t see the humor in it.

“No seriously, Kay, don’t you remember the woods surrounding my old neighborhood? Those trees come right up to our property line in the backyard. All we have to do is get to the woods from here, and navigate back to my house through the backyard. Sneak past the pool and through the backyard until we get to the deck saying we got caught in the storm, which is why we aren’t wearing any clothing. We took them off since we were soaked.”

“Well, babe, what other choice do we have? I’d say our options are rather limited, and not knowing how long we have been out here; I bet if we don’t get back soon, they will start looking for us. Maybe call the police—and I can’t deal with that again.”

After another maybe 10 minutes of fruitless searching in the dark for our clothes, we started towards the woods. And I was frustrated at saying a fond farewell to my favorite Under Amour sports bra—it was my only one. They are expensive!

Taking in our surroundings and being as careful as we could, we starting jogging towards the tree line with our eyes darting in every direction up and down for tripping hazards and detection hazards.

K seemed to know what he was doing and where he was leading us in the near total darkness. Being a student of military history, perhaps he took this entire episode as a challenge to his leadership and poise under pressure. I was petrified we would get lost or be discovered yet he seemed calm and confident. His strength was very reassuring to me. I really needed him to be strong right now—I was a basket case.

“Slow down, K, slow down.”

“What’s wrong, grandma; can’t you keep up?”

Glaring at him, I answered, “Well, sir, if you must know, my tits are hurting from all this jarring. That’s why I wear a sports bra when we jog together. Remember, sweetheart?”

“Oh, I didn’t think of that. But now that you mention it, I guess you have a good point there.” He was focused on my chest as he said it. “Doesn’t bother me, Kay, as I’ve always told you, I adore watching your magnificent tits bounce up and down; especially while ravishing you my, darling.”

I just shook my head and jogged past him, slapping him hard in the ass as I passed and trying to suppress my jiggle with my hands and arms. It was a lost cause.

“Why you little…that hurt! I’m gonna get you for that.”

For some reason I started running faster, which wasn’t easy with my build, nor in the rain and the wet grass. I’m sure I looked hideous with my breasts bouncing all over my chest.

Despite my best efforts, he caught up with me after a few strides. He placed his hands on my shoulders while still running, I playfully screamed, “No!” and started laughing.

Then like a football player (he was a linebacker in college) he grabbed me from behind wrapping his arms around my chest and started to turn me in circles.

“Stop, K, stop! Someone is going to get hurt. Or we night be discovered out here.”

He stopped spinning me then without warning, picked me up in a fireman’s carry.

“What are you doing, you lunatic? Put me down!”

“If you insist.”

Then he somehow let me down and tripped me with his foot causing me to fall on my back onto the wet grass. It was a controlled fall as he held on as we fell together. Of course, he landed on top of me. How convenient.

“Well, hello again, what are you doing down there?”

I don’t know what came over me, but in that instant, instead of insulting him again, I suddenly clamped my legs and arms around him and gave him an unexpected hard kiss right on the mouth then forced his lips apart with my tongue.

“Okay, K, make love to me right here, yes, babe; do me now, do me now. Become one with me! I want to feel your hard throbbing dick inside my tight hairy twat. Oh, yes, stick it in me, K, stick it in me.” I ground my hips against my husband.

I felt his erection coming to life right there again in the rain.

“Just kidding!” And with all my might, I was able to twist and push him off me with my legs and got to my feet. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

He got up and took my hand, as together we slowly jogged towards the tree line, still looking in all directions to make sure no one saw us.

“That was cold, Kay. Very cold.”

“Well, you deserved it! Tackling a poor defenseless naked woman out here in the middle of nowhere!”

He lovingly squeezed my hand harder as we got closer to and eventually made it to the tree line. This time he didn’t let go.

Grateful we apparently were not discovered, we were now hidden in the woods. As long as no one was out here doing drugs or making out, we seemed safe. Except, of course, for poison ivy or nocturnal animals. I tried not to think of those scenarios.

Yet my husband was in his element. Confidently, slowly, he led us along the paths. He seemed to know what he was doing and where he was going. Every once in a while he would stop to get his bearings, saying he used to play army in these woods at night as a boy.

“And did you fantasize about taking a girl out here too back then?”

He just looked at me and winked as he led us down another path, hand in hand.

Despite all that had happened and all that we were going through, a strange sense of peace and calm started flowing through me. And I felt myself becoming even more thankful for my sweet husband. Never once tonight did he show fear or worry. His calm demeanor was impressive and made me love and appreciate him even more for the man he is. And stealing quick peaks at his powerful calf muscles, churning up the elevated paths, and how his cute ass looked with each step he took, made me start yearning for him again. Despite all this and our surroundings, I was becoming wet for my man. Out here in the woods…

I don’t remember how long we were out there, but finally he said something like, “There it is.”

Holding hands still he led us to a shelter like building with a roof and picnic tables. No walls but it looked dry as we got closer. And there were four racks installed on all four corner beams stocked with paper towels! I will never take paper towels for granted again as we desperately dried off the best we could. These were like Bounty paper towels too, not the brown stuff they have in bathrooms.

My husband didn’t see me watching him as he dried himself off. I watched him stroke his masculine chest with the paper towels as his arms flexed and his chest glistened. I adored him, watching as he dried his runner’s thighs then his calves. So sexy. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. My pulse and breathing increased.

A tear came to my eye. This was my soul mate, my kindred, my best friend and protector. I was the one that got us into this mess tonight, yet not once did he complain. Ever. And the entire evening, despite all that happened, he was calm, confident, and brave. He knew what he was doing and he got us this far safely. I loved him for it.

I couldn’t take it all in. It was still raining, we were alone naked in the woods in some type of a camping shelter, were getting dry and we were again one with nature. This was so romantic I was melting. And my secret garden was becoming hotter and wetter. I am so lucky to have this man as my mate and I wanted him to know that right then and there.

As he turned around from drying off to face me; tears were streaming down my cheeks. I was overtaken with joy and love for my man. I was sitting on top of the table; legs wide open for him and my arms reaching out for my beloved.

“Oh, my husband, my husband. You are so good to me. I don’t deserve you. Thank you for being my protector and best friend. Come to me please; come to me, K. Be one with me as God created us to be. Be one with me, please.”

My arms were outstretched towards my man and my legs were inviting his spirit to join mine. His erection sprang to life as he walked over with a look of love and respect on his precious face.

Never breaking eye contact as he approached me, he stood almost eye to eye with me and tenderly kissed the tears off my cheeks. As he gently stroked my cheeks with his right hand; my man expertly inserted his penis into my vagina. I melted.

We were still eye to eye as he slowly, tenderly plunged deeper and deeper into my sex. He kept stroking my jaw as he did so. No words were needed for the love my husband was bestowing upon me. Entering me to the hilt, I squeezed him with my pelvic muscles for all I was worth. Yet we didn’t move. As husband and wife, mere mortals on this earth made of flesh and blood, taken so long ago from his very rib; I was one with him. We were of the same spirit. One flesh, one person.

It was so beautiful, so tender, and so innocent. I will never forget it.

My lips stated to quiver as I was once again overtaken with emotion for my love and dependence on this man. I wrapped my arms around his powerful torso and clamped my legs around his waist. I threw my head back with my eyes closed in total contentment and submission to my dear husband.

I felt his penis throbbing deep inside my sex, yet he didn’t thrust. Nor did I. He was embracing me with his manhood while I clung to him with all my might. We kept hugging and kissing. Tenderly, sweetly, as we kept stroking each other’s face. We spoke to each other with our eyes. It was the most wonderful experience I ever shared with him. We had never been closer. I’m not sure how long we held each other in this deep spiritual embrace, but it seemed like a long time. Adding to the romance was the gentle pattering of the rain upon the roof. And we still clung tightly to each other out there alone, naked, in that shelter. We were one.

And then it happened.

I saw his eyes grow larger and felt his penis begin throbbing deep inside me. He was ready to climax yet he was not thrusting in and out of me. The look of love and vulnerability on his face was so pure and innocent; I started to climax right there with him!

“Oh ,my kindred, my kindred, I love you, Kay, I love you, sweetheart.”

“My husband, my husband, my husband…thank you for loving me like this. Thank you for loving me enough to put your penis inside of me and shoot your precious seed into my body, my beloved. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”

Our eyes never left each other as his face contorted and he deposited his manly sperm deep inside of my sex. And his eyes never left mine when my climax arrived at nearly the same time. It was so beautiful and so honest the look on our faces.

I tried to talk through my climax.

“Never leave me, my beloved, never leave me. You..feel..SOOOOOOO…good buried deep inside my hungry…PUSSSY! Oooooooooooooooo, can you feel me? I AM CUMMING!  Ahhhhhhh, K, Ahhhhhhh, my husband, my precious husband, OOOOHHHHHH!”

My body convulsed as I was wrapped tightly around my man. It was a tender and sweet climax. No raw heat or marital lust this time. Rather, mature sincere love between two human beings. Husband and wife. Kindred and soul mate. Masculine and feminine.

When we finally let go of each other, he did the most amazing thing. For the first time ever, he knelt down while I was still opened up for him, and he started to slowly eat me out as our love juices leaked out! My sopping wet, hairy pussy, glistening with my sweat, my juices and his fresh seed. He gently licked and nibbled cleaning up all our juices and sucking me between my legs with his mouth and tongue. I threw my head back in total bliss as he worked my sex burying his face deeply into my secret feminine forest.

When he was finally finished (I didn’t want him to stop) he stood up and gently approached me to kiss me. Tenderly our lips met then our mouths opened and we shared each other’s juices as our tongues danced. It was pure ecstasy tasting and swallowing each other’s passion in this fashion. In turn we slowly licked each other’s lips and faces, savoring our mutual tastes and scents. I was in heaven.

When we finally finished this oh so sexy natural dessert, I wrapped myself around him again closing my eyes this time and appreciating this special man the Lord bestowed upon me. Upon opening my eyes, I was startled to see we were not alone out there after all.

There we were naked, wrapped around each other as husband and bride, sharing our most special gift with one another, and apparently, we were being watched. Not by one, but by several pairs of eyes. Oddly, they seemed to be shining in the darkness. And they started moving.

I squeezed myself even tighter against my man for protection and shelter when I realized, with relief, a family of wild deer were watching us mate! What were the odds of that happening? Never again will I laugh at animals in nature or captivity as they mate. I will give them their respectful privacy. Did they know we were mating? Could they tell?

Once again we stated laughing, shared a tender kiss, and got up to leave.

Confidently, my man led us through the remaining twists and turns and sure enough; there was his old back yard. He did it! He led us back safely through this whole crazy night and back to his house undetected (except for that family of deer).

As we slowly crept up the hill of his back yard towards the above ground swimming pool, we were surprised to hear no sounds, no signs of life. How strange. We reached the pool and used it for cover as we continued to listen and observe. Nothing.

Miraculously, there were two soaked beach towels slung over the far side of the pool. Apparently two of the kids forgot to bring them in (thank heaven!). We made a run for it and quickly covered ourselves. Wet towels never felt so good!

As we crept up to the house, we saw two of the cars were missing. Strange. As we climbed the deck, we found the door to be unlocked and his parents had nodded off in their recliners.

He gently nudged his mother and she woke up with a start, asking what in the world happened? They were worried sick and his brother and sister went out looking for us.

K explained we were out walking and we got caught in the sudden storm and took shelter in the woods for a while until the rain let up. Call it woman’s intuition or a mother’s wisdom, but she whispered she was glad we were safe and said she would call his brother on his cell. She quietly stood up to hug her son in his wet towel and she looked at me.

Shaking her head with a big smile and looking me in the eye she mouthed the words, “I don’t think so.” Then she winked at me and told us goodnight.

How did she know???

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13 replies
  1. hornyGG says:


    Hey, this is Ben. I just wanted to say, what a hot story! I read Part one last night while Gina was attending her ladies Bible study. Needless to say I ended up masturbating and cumming hard.

    When Gina got home I told her, which got her turned on and we of course fucked. We just re-read the entire story from beginning to end. She asked me to comment as she currently has my hard cock in her mouth.

    She said to tell you thanks and your welcome for the gift. You deserve it for inspiring her and your encouraging advice.

    Gotta go

  2. ladygarden says:

    Oh Ben, the image of you typing your post with GG’s sexy lips clamped around your erect penis is very hot; so much so, the image has made me wet and I need to got diddle right now!

    Thank you both for helping me get off before bed since I am alone tonight. Bless you both and remember GG, don’t waste anything! 😀

    • hornyGG says:

      I never waste anything so yummy! God bless you Kay dear and enjoy your orgasm(s). I think it is my turn, have a wonderful night and stay naughtily horny!


    • ladygarden says:

      Hey there hornyGG this is K writing while Kay is away. Thank you first of all for your intimate friendship and kindness. We appreciate you and Ben deeply. And your loving stories of raw blissful marital heat.

      I especially enjoy reading about how you jill off, suck his cock and swallow his load, how you mutually masturbate and of course, how he takes you from behind. You orgasmic cries are very erotic and exciting. We enjoy reading the stories together and not in a weird way yet please know we feel we are right there with you both. again, not in a weird way please understand.

      We appreciate your love of God, each other, and of your love of sex together. Sometimes Kay feels you are her long lost sister separated at birth!

      Take good care and don’t forget to show Ben how much you love him tonight. Cant wait for our package and for your next story. Stay spiritually and sexually connected. And BTW I’m glad to hear you never waste anything so yummy heh heh heh!

  3. Seeking Passion says:

    I have been waiting on this!!! This is simply too beautiful, too loving, and too touching. I mean, I am really speechless right about now. I don’t think there are words to describe what I am feeling. As far away as I am; I can feel the love you and your loving husband have for one another as if I know you two on a personal level. I mean, wow! Your love is so pure and so innocent. I have never known love to be expressed in such a pure and innocent way. The fact that neither of you moved during your wonderful lovemaking experience tells so much about the connection you two have as one. You both are blessed to have one another as a gift from God.

    Please don’t ever take what you have for granted. Because once it’s damaged or gone it’s hard to get it back on track. Thank God daily and often for what he has gifted. Continue to nurture your love at the root so it will remain strong and grow even stronger and deeper and can never be uprooted.You two have something that many wish and pray for on a daily basis. A love like that out weights all the stressful and negative events life throws your way. If wars were based on the strength of love, you two, along with a few others on here, can go to war with just the two you and conquer an army of 200.

    All of your stories are wonderful and beautiful but this story stands out from the others in a way that, I can’t even express in words. As I stated in one of my post; I am not a crier, but I am actually in tears. This is too beautiful.

    If I got to personal, I do apologize, please forgive me. But I had to express my feelings towards this beautiful God centered story containing the pure love of a marriage.

    Thank you, Thank you so much. You will never know how much that one story meant to me. Not for the sex, but for the love alone.

    • ladygarden says:

      Hi Seeking Passion this is K writing while Kay is away. Thank you for your loving kind words. Everything you wrote brought a tear to our eyes. You are a gifted writer who writes on a very deep spiritual level. Thank you for sharing your heart with all us readers.

      Yes, Kay is a blessing to many people in this life and especially to me. I do not deserve such faithful love and enthusiasm but I am not complaining. And what man can complain about her over-active libido!

      You are correct–once I entered her, she clamped herself around my manhood and would not let go. As we stood there connected by our intimate private parts time seemed to stand still. We truly spoke to each other with our eyes as I stroked her cheek and kissed away her tears. The love was so moving and so intimate we just stood there loving connected by our genitals not wanting to move. We savored the moments like fine wine until the magical orgasm exploded out of my penis deep into her wet hot sex. I will never forget it.

      Thank you and take care. we appreciate what you bring to Marriage Heat.

  4. Lovinghusband says:

    Kay, this is a Love Story! All others seem like pretenders in comparison. It was both so tender and at points erotic (kissing with both your juices in your mouths – amazing!).

    I echo the sentiments of Seeking Passion! This was not just some comical ending to lost, wind blown clothes. It was a moment of recognizing and appreciating love that neither of you will ever forget.

    My only continuing amazement is that it took you this long to share it with the MH family! I was so blessed – as I’m sure many others will let you know.

    God continued rich blessings in Christ – be on you and K! I’m proud to be your MH friends in Christ!

    • ladygarden says:

      Hello Lovinghusband this is K while Kay is away. I don’t write much here but please know how much I love and admire your posts. You are a deep thinker and a wonderful spiritual leader. I always enjoy reading your posts including when you respond directly to Kay. You are so honest, respectful and descriptive in your writings.

      I especially enjoy the details you provide of you and your beloved’s lovemaking. Not in a weird way, but in a caring and intimate way of you both sharing your tender love for each other.

      It makes me laugh reading that your wife is shy on the keyboard yet very active and horny at home with you. Your tales of mutual masturbation, rimming, eating each other out, playing with her breasts and exploding in her mouth are very exciting and hot. If I may ask, as you recently posted, did your wife fondle and suckle her own breasts and nipples the other night like Kay does?

      Enjoy your night and stay connected to each other spiritually and sexually sir.

  5. HornyHubby says:

    I loved the conclusion! I love how you didn’t get angry or too stressed but worked through the situation together. And I loved how you managed to have more sexy fun along the way! Glad everything worked out okay. One thing I wondered about though: Did you go back to the field the next day to look for your clothes in the daylight? 🙂

  6. Pook69 says:

    I read this and hot pre cum is running down on my swollen balls!!! Can’t wait for my love to get out of the bath so I can read it to her to moisten her up. So thrilled to have found this site!!

  7. Lovinghusband says:

    K, I finally getting a chance to reply!

    Thank you so much for your kindness! I just read your tribute to Kay – and I think you write terrifically.

    I really do hope that what I write encourages you! No doubt about my wife’s shyness! She has come a long way – but is as horny as she is shy!! No, she did not suck her own breasts the other night – family responsibilities changed our lovemaking plans.

    So, K – I always love your wife’s stories and comments – and now we all know you are a writer, too! I look forward to reading your stories as time permits. Thank you for your friendship on MH!

  8. EPIndigo says:

    Hi ladygarden,

    What a romantic and sexy story! I wonder, have you ever thought about sharing your story with a larger audience? I work on a TV show about fun, sexy stories and would like to talk to you further about possibly participating. Can you message or reply back so I can give you more details?


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