My Erotic Top 5 (Number 3)

When you masturbate, you almost always have to have some thought of your spouse and you

that pushes you over the edge into orgasm. It is a magic moment that feels so good – but never as good as being with your spouse. Admittedly, when my wife and I masturbate together – those orgasms are on a par with the ones we have while fucking.

But, what are those erotic thoughts that you most easily go to about your spouse? This is my third entry of 5 – in attempting to pick my Top 5 most erotic moments with my wife – that are forever in my hard drive.

So, as we continue to count up from number 5 to number 1 – here is Number 3!

Number 3) The first time my wife saw my dick & I saw her boobs

We left off last time (My Erotic Top 5 – Number 4) with my future wife and I traveling 400 miles back to L.A. After she came from me fingering her pussy for the first time – we were 2 hours out from her apartment. It was after midnight and the southern California traffic was non-existent. We arrived about 1:30am.

My apartment was across the campus from her’s. We were both a little nervous as I was walking her to her apartment. We had experienced something so intense just 2 hours earlier. She felt the wetness of her cum on her underwear and pants as we walked from the car. The campus was silent as everyone was asleep. I still could smell her glorious dried cum on my right hand! I wanted to lick it off the first chance I could get alone! I wanted every part of her in me.

As we opened the door I carried her bags into her room. Her roommate had a separate room in the apartment and was surely asleep. As I set the bags down in her room, we instinctively embraced in a hug. After what we had just experienced, I would have thought that we were done with anything sexual in nature for sure!

I was wrong!

Our hug turned to passionate kissing. She had shut the front door and her bedroom door. We would never spend the night together. I had not cum in the car, but she had. I was immediately noticing that she had never kissed me this passionately before! The best way I can retrospectively describe her kissing is by this: She was fucking my mouth with her tongue!

My dick jumped to attention. This was not like any other night! I had touched her tits through her clothes on a couple of occasions before. I started to pull her top off while we kissed. Something was getting caught, but we did not want to stop kissing! She finished what I had started, not only taking off her blouse – but her bra too!

I took a step back and beheld her perfect tits! I was mesmerized! They were awesome! I love her tits! I reached out and touched them. Then, I started to suck on them! Where was this going?! There is no way we would have intercourse. But, we were never going to go this far either! I was feasting on her boobs!

I can say with little doubt that had I wanted to go all the way – she would have gone along. She was in heat. She was a virgin and I was not. She was loving this “candy store” that we had stumbled in to – and for her it was the first time.

More accurately, we were both in heat at that moment. I pushed my mouth away from her boobs and started to pull down my pants and underwear. Her pants were off a second later! Were we going to do something that we would really regret? What if she got pregnant before our wedding? What would our kid think? More importantly, we were God’s people!

When my underwear came off, she did something I’ll never forget: She just stared at my hardened cock with amazement. She had never seen one! It was so exciting. We embraced standing up and my cock rubbed up against her pubic hair momentarily. We were kissing passionately again and almost fucked for our first time standing up.

But, all of the sudden – we both pulled back. We both agreed that we did not want to do it then! We wanted to wait until after we took  our vows. As much as we wanted to – we couldn’t do it! We have never regretted that decision.

Yet, something awkward and sexy happened after we reaffirmed that we did not want to have intercourse.

We hugged with a hug of relief. We knew we would not fuck and were glad. I said I needed to get dressed and go to my apartment. Still, we kissed and hugged passionately. As we did, the feeling of her boobs and pussy against me sent me over the edge. I was not going to fuck her – but I was still overwhelmed by her sexy body and openness to me.

My wife to be – who had never seen an erect cock – watched in erotic amazement: As I barely broke our embrace, I violently squirted a load of cum on her and her clothes on the floor at our feet. She had never dreamed of what this looks like. It must have looked like a fire hose squirting thick milk to her virgin eyes!

Now, I was the embarrassed one! She had just seen me out of control in the must vulnerable form of sexual release – and shooting sperm every which way. Yet, she loved it! We had both cum in very unexpected ways. We had seen each other’s beautiful nakedness. We had smelled and touched each other’s cum. What a night! We both love each other’s cum to this day!

I picked up my clothes and went into the bathroom. I smelled strongly of sperm. I wondered if her roommate would smell it lingering in the morning. I peed and got dressed. There was only cheap toilet paper to clean up my sperm. I started chuckling as I pondered this night as I was dealing with gooey cum on my pants. While I quietly laughed – I looked at myself in the mirror.

I knew I was looking at a man who would never forget this erotic night. How do I know that I was right in perceiving the unforgettable nature of that night?

Because I have experienced many orgasms from masturbating to that night’s memory to prove it!

* Don’t forget to write in your #3 memory in the comments!



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13 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    OK, my # 3 is the first time I got to watch Ben jack-off. Actually, this ran pretty close to my #2 selection. As I have mentioned in my stories, watching my husband masturbate really makes me hot. Sometimes we may lay in bed and just masturbate together. So much fun!

    Anyway, got #2 on tap! God bless and stay horny!

    • Lovinghusband says:

      GG, I love how you write! You and Ben; and my wife and I live on opposite coasts – but God has given us great sexual similarities. We are encouraged by this!

      Don’t worry, we are permanently stuck on horny. I’m so glad that our stories make you wet. Your’s make us wet and hard! I can be tired or busy with life – and read your posts – and instantly want to do whatever you just wrote about with my wife! And if she is not available…you know what!

      Keep close to the Lord, His word, and His people – and to Ben.

      God bless you and Ben!

  2. dcromie says:

    One of my favorite memories before my wife and I got married was the day she touch my cock. My wife and I have been happily marred for almost 24 years and sex is strong as the day we got married. Before we got married and during our dating years, we had embraced each other more intimately with our clothes still on but grinding our pelvics together. Great feeling. This is another story. One day in the park while laying down on a blanket kissing each other passionately, I touch one of her boobs under her shirt and bra. With the blanket covering us she allowed me to undo her front hook bra. After playing with her boobs, I asked her if she wanted to feel my cock. At first she was hesitate but was curious. With the blanket still covering us and could not she each other bodies, I slid my pants and underwear down. I took her hand put on my cock and told to explore around. It was an amazing feeling to have her hand touching and rubbing my cock. I then took her hand to grip the shaft of my cock and lead her hand to go up and down and then I removed my hand. She continue to that for a few minutes and then I told her to go faster. Then I started to get hard and building up pressure and then my cock started to pulse and she quickly removed her hand and said what happening. In the moment I could not say anything and but I pulse at least 6 times. After I gain my composure, I explained that I ejaculated and if you could see it, it would amaze you. From that day forward we promised each other that we would see each other nude bodies or parts and no intercourse until our wedding. From that day on we would touch each other, grind, or masturbated together under a blanket or with our clothes on. Year and a half later we were married and on our first honeymoon night we got see other naked bodies. It was excitement to behold. I will not forgot her words when my wife saw my cock for first time, “That is huge! You are huge!” She later told me she got nervous of how huge my cock was and if would fit in her pussy.

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Thanks for writing dcromie. I can see why you will NEVER forget that trip to the park. Do you both reminisce about that day? I’m glad you waited for your wedding for intercourse. God bless you both!

  3. Caveman says:

    My #3 is going down on my bride. I still remember the circumstances and her reaction (all good…very,very good) the first time this happened. Our sharing of this intimate experience is one of my favorites whenever it is done…but that first time is something difficult to put into words and remains very vivid in my mind. All of the senses come into play in that scenario…wow!

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Thanks for sharing Caveman. I remember my first time, too. It just keeps getting better – I mean it!

  4. CJ says:

    I will confess, my wife and I did have sex before marriage, but we committed to one another then as much as we are now. We are our one and only and have been completely faithful to each other for 21 years.
    Now, my #5(to catch up)
    The first time I put my hand up my wife’s shirt and played with her fits. We were laying on the couch watching a movie, her in front of me. I had my arms wrapped around her and she took my hand and guided it up to her fits and her hard nipples. Instant, throbbing hard on, I thought this was the greatest in the world, soft skin, rock hard nipples, amazing. She pushed her ass back into my cock and I exploded in my pants. What a memory.
    #4. We were out for a walk just down the road from her parents house one afternoon, holding hands, talking, flirting, having fun. She led me off the behind her father’s old barn, kissed me hard, undid my pants and pulled them to the ground with my underwear and took me in her mouth and was blowing me. She then took hold of my balls in one hand and jerked me off with the other until I shot my load like never before. She then pulled my pants back up, zipped them up and we continued on with our walk.
    #3. We were out for some alone time at a hotel in Niagara Falls, right on the brink of the the Falls where all kinds of people were sharing in its wonder. Well, we were completely naked and I had my wife’s tits pressed right up on the bedroom window as I fucked her from behind giving anyone who turned around quite a show. Always thrilling when there is a chance you might get caught.

    Great thread, this is fun. These are some of the things I remember when masturbating.
    God bless and stay horny

    • Lovinghusband says:

      CJ – Your brief descriptions are red hot!! I hope you will live longer, more detailed stories of those events when you get time. There aren’t many more pleasurable ways to watch a movie than the way you described!
      What a walk! Niagra Falls! Please give us the stories…

      God bless you and your bride!

    • CJ says:

      As I clean up my writing style and get my wife involved with these stories I will go into more details and write longer stories. Thanks for the encouragement, my wife has been a great inspiration and great, passionate lover.
      God bless and stay horny.

  5. Still in Love says:

    They were both totally nude on soft sheets. He was on his back; she was
    face down between his legs performing fellatio.
    Being married only a short while, fellatio and cunnilingus were part of the
    marriage, at times, but at this point a deeper passion
    for oral sex was developing.
    She was going down on him that day, enjoying the feel of his hot penis in
    her mouth, constantly changing what she did. She went from
    kissing the sides of his shaft,
    to quickly sucking the head,
    to running her tongue up and down his dick,
    to using her darting tongue,
    to fully engulfing him, taking him all the way into her mouth,
    slowing for a savory “mouth – fuck.”
    She yearned to reach between her pulsing thighs, yet was still a bit shy about
    touching herself in front of him. But this time, the passion became so
    intense, as she felt his heat and listened to his moaning, one hand held
    onto him as the other seemed automatically slid underneath her. Her fingers
    went straight to her dripping wet feminine playground.
    Having his dick in her mouth, so arousing, so hot,
    while pleasuring him with her mouth,
    drove her to pleasuring herself with her hand.
    Having oral sex caused her to masturbate that day, in front of him, and
    thoughts of oral sex caused her to “fly solo” many other days, home alone
    while thinking of him.
    And for the husband, a favorite memory is noticing that day how his wife
    truly enjoyed pleasuring him, seeing the way she stopped and grinned as
    they intimately locked eyes, seeing her open her mouth again to cover his
    manhood, seeing her hair as it danced up and down,
    faster and faster, bouncing wildly, listening to her
    out-of-control sounds, feeling her smooth, warm sexy mouth, appreciating
    her enthusiastic desire.
    And when it seemed it couldn’t get any better, while he ran his fingers
    through her hair, her lusty hand moved down between her legs, helping
    herself, helping to cause the moans he could hear,
    and the moans he could feel.
    Such a drippingly delicious memory to have on hand…
    even now…
    oh my…

  6. PacMan says:

    I know this story is from the archives. But it totally took me over the edge tonight! So good LH! Thanks for the transparency! It reminds me of a frequent masturbation memory. The first time I came with my Future Wife. She had just admitted that she had orgasmed (without touching) the first few times we kissed. We were half laying on a couch and she started pulling on my back in a rhythmic pattern as my crotch rubbed onto the couch cushion. 2 minutes later I had jizzed in my pants. The door had been busted open to a growing physical relationship… yet we managed to save intercourse for our wedding night.

    • Lovinghusband says:


      Just saw this comment from you for the first time. I have the same memory with my wife before we were married. Very similar! That feeling of having all of the cum in your underwear and pants as you got home later. Something you never forget. I had a roommate – and I could tell he knew something had happened because the smell of cum was in the room when I changed. O well, live and learn. Fun memories. 🙂 LH

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