Pregnant heat

Pregnant Heat -Getting Myself Off When Hubby’s Away

I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant and my sex drive is on overdrive. This site has been a blessing as quite often my

husband is away for work. At times like this I reach for my I-Phone and read all your erotic stories which never fail to get my pussy dripping and my clit throbbing. These stories make me think of my husband and our wonderful sex life. My pregnant heat is wonderful.

So when I’m all alone and all heated this is typically how I get my rocks off.

I strip completely naked and lie on my bed. I run my hands over my stomach and breasts which are currently extra heavy and swollen with being pregnant . My nipples have gotten bigger and more sensitive. I run my hands over my breasts, squeezing and kneading them pushing them together. With my index finger I circle round my hardened nipples enjoying the waves of sensitivity shooting down my body. I roll my nipples between my thumb and forefinger and tiny drops of milk are produced from my teats. I push my breast upwards towards my mouth and lick my nipple imagining its my husband’s tongue.

By now some serious moisture has formed in my pussy, I’m so wet I feel my lady juice running down my thighs and drip down between my buttocks and asshole, I run my hand down my stomach and between my legs rubbing all my juices into my pussy and ass. I continue rubbing myself paying close attention to my outer pussy lips first, really working myself up before moving on to my clit. With two fingers I rub my swollen bud in circular movements, my hips moving back and forth in time with my hands.  While one hand is playing with my clit I use my other hand to finger my ass hole and vagina. I slip two fingers inside of my tight wet hole, my fingers enter with ease because of the wetness my lady hole has produced. I feel so tight and the walls of my vagina grip around my fingers it’s hard to imagine that my baby will be born from this tight snug place. I feel extremely turned on by now and ready to climax. I quicken the speed of my fingers moving in and out of me and add to the pressure on my clit, I push my fingers in as deep as they will go and flick at my g spot … My breathing and heart rate speed up and waves of pleasure shoot up my body … I finally feel my wetness increase and liquid shoots out of my hole …… I’ve cum and now feel extremely satisfied! I am looking forward to my husband coming home!

Wives, do you have a pregnant heat story or comment? Has your pregnant heat every made you masturbate at an interesting place other than your home? Husbands, do you have a story or comment about how you benefited from pregnant heat?

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6 replies
  1. Caveman says:

    Lady, my wife is a mother of four and her pregnancies always made her more sexual. She is usually quite reserved, but felt less inhibited sexually when she was pregnant. I remember one time in particular when she was pregnant with our first. At the time, I was working long hours. One evening I came home earlier than was expected..the house was quiet. I walked in quietly because she was often napping, especially in her final trimester. As I walked down the hall toward the bedroom i could hear some muffled noise like a conversation was happening so I assumed she was on the phone. She wasn’t. I was surprised to find her fully naked and getting her self off. She had her back to me, laying on the edge of the bed, her legs spread wide with her feet up on the wall that was next to the bed. She was working her toy (Jr she calls it) in and out of her pussy. I was shocked, and excited, to see how much she was enjoying it. The door was only slightly open and I just watched her bring herself to climax. The sight of her plump tummy, her enlarged breast, her busy hands, and moaning is something I will never forget. My cocks is getting hard as I remember it. That aspect of her pregnancies was God’s gift to her, and us, during an otherwise difficult experience. I encourage you to enjoy your body fully, share the experiences with your husband, and praise God that you and your baby are wonderfully made.

  2. hornyGG says:

    Hot story Ladyjk! Intercourse was a bit painful for me during pregnancy, so I masturbated alot especially in the latter stages . Often my husband and I masturbated together (something we continue to enjoy to this day!) Congrats,God bless and… well I guess I don’t have to say stay horny! Lol.

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    Ladyjk, your vivid descriptions got me hot hot! I love how women masturbate! I remember the horniness of my wife during her pregnancies. The first time I ever came in her mouth was while she was insanely horny and very pregnant! Like you, my wife still to this day loves to masturbate by playing with her tits, asshole and clit. I also like that you think on your husband and are desiring sex with him after climaxing solo (when he is gone). This is our experience, too. My wife played with herself often while pregnant – and was ready for more when I got home! God bless you and you growing family!

    • Pushbabypushhard says:

      Loving husband I feel you. Crap. What a description! Left me with something to take care of.

  4. Fiddler says:

    As a man, I probably get more turned on watching my wife masturbate than almost anything else she does. I would like to make a home movie starting from the beginning with her clothes on all the way to her climax. I would need to do this when we had absolute privacy so she could be as vocal and demonstrative as she would like to be. As I am writing this I am thinking of a telephone call we had just a few days ago. I read one of these stories while the two of us were masturbating over the phone due to us being apart now with work responsibilities. She was so turned on that she climaxed twice. Our kids are now grown and are true Christian believers. While they have had absolutely no access to our sexuality, I think they know that we have never let pregnancies or anything else stand in our way of staying close. I actually think that they felt more secure knowing that Mom and Dad were deeply in love and set aside time for us to be together. Our son is in the Marines and has met a beautiful young women who is a dedicated Christian and a virgin. He is so excited about their relationship. We have talked about the importance of keeping things pure now, so there will be no regrets later. I’m thankful for this website and the inspiration that it is providing within a Christian context. We have been married 34 years and it seems to only be getting better. God bless you for finding ways to keep yourself and your man satisfied during this period of your life. Your husband will reflect back later as I do with my wife that even through the most challenging of times there were always creative ways to keep the erotic side of our marriage on track. God bless!

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