My Erotic Top 5 (Number 4)

This is my second installment of 5 – in attempting to pick my Top 5 most erotic moments with my wife that are etched in my memory.

As I wrote in the initial story (Number 5) – these are the kind of moments that you ponder when you have to be away from your spouse and that you masturbate while thinking back on them.

So, as we continue to count up from number 5 to number 1 – here is Number 4!

Number 4) The first time I touched her pussy

My wife and I were just a few months from our wedding. We were committed to staying sexually pure and never had intercourse until after getting married (praise God!). Yet, we certainly struggled with temptations, and stumbled into some sins. We had good friends that kept us accountable and God gave us strength in and through this.

Yet, we had one major lapse that we’ve never forgotten. It is kind of sad in some aspects to think back on. We are ashamed that we didn’t walk the line the way we should have. Yet, we also admit that something happened on this one occasion that still comes to our minds when we masturbate. We knew that we were promised to each other, but we had not taken vows before the Lord yet.

So, this is admittedly, one of those messy erotic memories that is not without moral tension.

Here is what happened: We were traveling at night by car going back to our college – over 400 miles from the Bay Area to Los Angeles.

We were holding hands and enjoying the caresses of each other’s touch. It was a sweet ride and we loved being together. Our life together and wedding was before us.

As I was driving, my love adjusted her seat back to get more comfortable. I put my hand on her thigh and kept it there for nearly an hour. I loved the feel of her sexy leg through her denim. She loved having my hand there and all was well.

At some point (and I take full responsibility), I put my hand a little higher up her thigh. My fingers are long (I can palm a basketball). I was aware just how close my pinky finger was to her pussy. The thought of it – made me content just to keep my hand parked there! I had my finger just an inch from my future wife’s cunt! This kept me alert while driving for sure!

At the speed of the slowest of worms, I started to edge my hand up ever closer. I was ready for her to push it back if she so desired. I would have understood.

But she did not push my hand back!

A little while later, my two smallest fingers were definitely over her pussy. She knew it and I knew it, and neither of us were saying a word about it. We drove on this way in the dark for at least 30 minutes. All of this was on the open freeway with no traffic!

How was I responding to this? My throbbing, hard cock was about to split my jeans! I was definitely entering a territory where I no longer had control over myself. I rationalized that we would be husband and wife in mere weeks. Since she was leaning back and laying in her seat, it became easy for me to pull off what I did next: I reached under her pants and underwear and touched her wet pussy! My future wife did not resist. In fact, she unzipped her pants. No one had ever touched her there!

[Full disclosure – We had kissed on her apartment bed a few times with our clothes on and had orgasms in our clothes]

As I touched her pussy, she was silent and her eyes were closed. She was loving having her hairy pussy touched. I pushed on her outer pussy lips. They felt unbelievably soft and wet! I felt like I was driving in the clouds – this couldn’t be happening to me!

But it was! I can’t remember every detail, but I remember this: I angled my middle finger in such a way that I began to finger-fuck my future wife. She immediately put her hands on my hand so it would stay in that position. She let out an, “OOOOOoooooo” and then convulsed with a gigantic orgasm. It was so violent that she was embarrassed. Never in her life had anything so personal and vulnerable happened. I can’t believe I kept us on the road! Her orgasmic explosion was so hot!

We didn’t have the mature wherewithal at that moment to know how to process all that had just happened. We still had 2 hours to go. We began to talk about other things like nothing had happened. My finger dried with her cum on it – and I loved the smell! She zipped up her pants and brought her seat back to its normal position.

I have cum while masturbating to that memory countless times! I still love my beloved’s pussy – and even more – 28 years of marriage later.  I still get a thrill of touching her. I have touched her pussy thousands of times and it NEVER gets old! Yet, I’ll never ever forget that first time.

What happened when we got back to her apartment in L.A.? It is not what you might expect. But, it was sexy! And that will be the subject of my number 3 in my Top 5 Erotic moments.

As we drove those last 2 hours I put my hand back on her thigh. In love and content…

* Don’t forget to write in your #4 memory in the comments!


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5 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Awesome! My #5 would have to be the first time I saw Ben’s cock ( I was a virgin remember ). My #4 would have to be the first time he ate my pussy.( getting wet thinking about it).

    This is fun, thank you for doing this lovinghusband. God bless you and your lovely wife my friend. Stay horny!

  2. Caveman says:

    My #4, the “walk on the beach.” We were on a rare get-away at the beach. We were taking a midnight stroll near the waves. She guided me behind the rolling dunes and immediately got things going. When I slid my hand under her sundress, she was comando, and so wet she was dripping down her legs. Before I knew it, she was totally naked and riding me like there was no tomorrow….awesome!

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