Pool Flirt (L)

It had been a while since Tom and Lisa had their friend Vanessa over. After coordinating schedules it was decided

that she would come over on Saturday. “Bring your bathing suit,” Tom told her. They had often gone swimming together before but it had been a long time since doing so.

The day came and after catching up on things they quickly determined that they were ready to get in the pool. So Tom and Lisa went into the bedroom to get changed into their swimming suits and Vanessa went into the bathroom to do the same.

Tom watched Lisa as she pulled her clothes off quickly. She loved to go swimming and was excited to go. Tom loved to watch her get naked and couldn’t control himself. He started feeling her body and kissing her. Lisa played along a little, but said they needed to wait. Reluctantly Tom agreed and he backed off. He took his clothes off and once he was naked, Lisa reached over and started stroking his cock.

“I thought we had to wait,” Tom said.

“We do, I’m just giving you a little tease first, hehe,” Tom said. Then she bent down and put his cock in her mouth and sucked on it for a couple of seconds. “Now get your bathing suit on,” she told Lisa.

When Lisa had her bathing suit on Tom couldn’t help but stare at her. He loved the way the tight material hugged every inch of her body. (Or at least the part it covered!) He loved the way it made her boobs stand out and hugged the curves of her hips. He also loved the way the material came down over her pussy. It covered it up, but barely. It drove Tom wild to see that. He told Lisa he didn’t know if he could contain himself. She laughed and said, “You better!”

Once in the pool they all had to get used to the water. It was a little colder than they thought it would be. Tom caught a glimpse of Lias’s nipples sticking through her bathing suit due to the cold water. Of course he liked what he saw.

They all continued to swim around and talk. There were a few other people there but it wasn’t too bad. Tom would casually brush his hand against Lisa’s ass under the water when he swam by her. Lisa would respond by doing the same against Tom’s crotch. She felt how hard he was and gave him a sexy look. Anytime they weren’t swimming and were just standing around talking, Tom rested his hand on Lisa’s ass under the water, giving it a squeeze every now and then. At one point Tom reached under and slipped his hand under her suit to squeeze her bare ass under the water. Lisa got excited when he would do this. She smiled at him. Then Tom reached under a little further and stuck a finger under her suit and felt her pussy. Her felt her pussy lips and some hair. Lisa was starting to get turned on by now!

Lisa decided two could play at this game and at one point when she and Tom were in a corner by themselves, she turned so her front was facing him and nobody else and she pulled her suit front down. She flashed her tits to him right in the pool! Then she reached down to feel if that did anything. Of course she felt his hard cock so she knew he liked what he saw. At that point Tom reached down and rubbed her pussy through her suit. This felt so good and Lisa knew she had to have him inside her soon. Then he slipped his finger inside her suit to rub her bare pussy. They were both getting so turned on knowing they were the only ones who knew what they were doing! But of course, they were in the pool so nothing could happen.

Finally Lisa, Tom and Vanessa decided they were hungry so they got out of the pool. Tom couldn’t help but watch Lisa as she dried herself off. Then she gave him a surprise. She slipped her bathing suit shoulder straps down off her shoulder and pulled her arm through. Then she wrapped a towel around her. Then she started wiggling around and pulling on something. Suddenly Tom saw her bathing suit drop to her feet. Tom instantly got a hard on knowing the only thing she had on was that towel! Then Lisa looked around to make sure nobody was looking at her and in a second she opened the towel to flash Tom her fully naked body right there by the pool. Then she quickly covered back up and they went to get in the car. Knowing that was all she had on was so hot and Tom couldn’t think of anything else.

Once they got back home, Lisa literally ran into their bedroom. Tom thought she just wanted to get dressed in a hurry. But knowing all she had on was that towel he waited until Vanessa was in the bathroom to open the door. When he walked in, Lisa was lying on the bed naked holding the vibrator in her pussy. “Get naked and get over here,” Lisa said. Tom didn’t need to be told twice.

He pulled his bathing suit off and threw it on the floor with his shirt. Jumping on the bed he immediately pressed up against Lisa and kissed her passionately. Lisa could feel his hard cock pressing up against her leg. She loved that! Tom reached down and started rubbing Lisa’s clit while she continued to hold the vibrator in her pussy. Tom could feel that Lisa had the vibrator on the highest setting. “She must have been really horny,” Toml thought. And she was. All Lisa could think about ever since Tom fingered her in the pool was Tom making her cum and then him cumming inside of her.

It didn’t take long. All the flirting in the pool, taking her suit off and flashing Tom by the pool, knowing Vanessa was in the next room—all of it just built up and Lisa soon felt herself about to cum in a very short time. Tom could tell too. Her breathing was getting harder and she was rocking her hips.

Suddenly she started moaning, “Ohhh…aahhh” and she starting wiggling around. Tom could tell a strong orgasm was hitting her. She got a little loud but she knew she couldn’t control it even if she tried. She bent her legs and twitched a little as the orgasm washed over her and then slowed down. She pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and breathing hard said, “Fuck me, Tom Fuck me hard.” Tom jumped on her faster than he ever had and quickly found her hot wet hole. He started ramming his hard pole in and out of her hot wet pussy. The whole time Lisa was whispering into his ear, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…” It was so hot. They were both so turned on.

In no time at all Tom felt his orgasm approaching. “Uhhh..” was all he could say as he felt it shoot out of him. Lisa felt his warm juices shoot inside her and she smiled as it filled her up. She had wanted this for quite some time now. Tom collapsed on top of her and they lay there for a few minutes breathing hard. Suddenly Lisa remembered that Vanessa was still there so they got up.

Lisa put on a shirt and shorts (nothing else) and Toml found a dry pair of swim shorts and he put those on and a shirt. They ordered a pizza and watched a movie and hung out with Vanessa the rest of the evening. Tom looked at Lisa periodically and got hard when he thought about what she was wearing. Or rather, what she wasn’t wearing!

When it was time for Vanessa to leave, they walked her to her car. After waving to her as she drove off, they ran back inside and ripped each other’s clothes off. They fucked each other hard one more time, both of them cumming again. And after swimming and two fucks they were exhausted and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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