Cabin Getaway

My wife and I LOVE to be naked! And we try to go naked as much as we can. We sleep naked every night, even on the

rare nights we don’t have sex. Sometimes we go naked as we do other things at home as well, such as clean or eat dinner. (We don’t have kids yet so why not?)  However, we do have dogs and we live in an apartment which means we have to get dressed to take the dogs out. But I always wanted to find a way and a place to go naked nonstop for one consecutive time. Just to see how long we could go naked together.

So you can imagine my excitement when I found a cabin rental online. This place advertised that it was secluded and private. It also had a private outdoor swimming pool and hot tub, as well as a hammock. This would be the perfect getaway! Plus with its seclusion we could work on our naked streak. (Pun intended!)  But due to the cost and the timing we weren’t able to go for several years. Until finally last year we decided to just do it. We had been married ten years and figured this would be the perfect way to celebrate our first decade of marriage. So we reserved the cabin and we went.

We packed light. The ONLY clothes we took were what we wore for the four hour drive down. And even then we put on as little as we could. I wore swim trunks and a tank top. She wore shorts and a tank top. And we both wore flip flop sandals. Neither of us wore underwear and she didn’t wear, or even take, her bra. It was exciting to think we would be four hours away from all our clothes! Then we of course brought food, sunscreen, pool floats and our waterproof vibrator.

We arrived at the cabin on a Friday around 8pm. We walked into the cabin immediately just to check it out. It was everything the website said it was—quiet, secluded, peaceful. When we walked in there was very relaxing music playing and we could hear the water running from the pool. We were instantly impressed with how relaxing it felt. (This relaxing feeling never went away the whole time! It was amazing!)

After a quick look around we both took our clothes off. (Which didn’t take long since we didn’t have much on!) We left our sandals on because we still had to get stuff out of the car. We walked back out the front door naked and went to the car to get the rest of our stuff. I will admit, even though nobody was around and the car was only a few yards from the door, that was a rush going nude outside. Especially in the front of the cabin. It took a few trips going back and forth to the car to get all the food.

The first thing we did was get into the hot tub. It felt so good to be in the water naked. And again it was very relaxing. Then we got into the hammock since the pool water was a little too cool. We wanted to wait until daytime to try that. We both lay in the hammock and that was amazing! We were lying in a hammock naked and outside under the stars, holding each other. A dream come true! It also made me horny.

I began to caress my naked wife right there in the hammock. It didn’t take long before I had my fingers inside her, rubbing her sweet spot. She had her first orgasm of the weekend in that hammock and that was hot! We got out of the hammock and she leaned over the furniture by the pool. I entered into her from behind and we praised God for being able to finally come here. It was amazing to be able to have sex outside under the stars.

The next day we decided to be a little adventurous and we walked out the front door and walked around the grounds. That was a rush walking around outside in a slightly wooded area completely naked. There were some houses visible but they were so far away and with the trees nobody could see us. But we got a considerable distance away from the cabin. My heart was beating so fast! My wife was more nervous about this than I was, but she did it.

Then we went back to the cabin and got into the pool. It was nice and warm now and the feel of the water on our naked bodies was amazing. It felt so good to be naked! We kissed and groped each other in the water. We playfully chased each other around the pool. We got our floats and just lay on our backs in the water and relaxed. I cannot put into words how relaxing it all was. The combination of the quiet and seclusion as well as being naked felt so amazing. It was the most relaxed either of us had ever been. We didn’t have a care in the world.

At one point I suggested she get the vibrator. So she lay on the pool float, playing with herself with the vibrator. She had her second orgasm that way. We then had sex in the pool. Afterward she got back on the float and I snuck up behind her and flipped her over (hehe). She splashed me and we chased each other and played like that some more.

We spent the weekend like this. Going from the pool to the hammock to the hot tub at night. And of course we spent some quality time in the bedroom! I lost count how many times we had sex. And it was all kinds: missionary, from behind, oral, fingering her, with the vibrator—we did it all! And we did it in multiple locations as well. And the whole time there was a continual sense of relaxation like we had never felt before.

Finally the time came for use to leave. We loaded up the car naked and did all our last minute checking to make sure we got everything. We hated to leave but we knew we had to. We stayed naked as long as we could before we finally got dressed. I made notes of when we got undressed and when we got dressed. I wanted to keep a record of how long we had been naked! We got naked on Friday at 8:11pm. We got dressed again on Sunday at 10:36am. That’s a total of 38 hours and 25 minutes. So that’s our current record for how long we’ve gone naked.

We have plans to go back to that cabin in May and we plan to get there earlier so we can beat that record for the longest time naked! I’m looking forward to it!

So has anyone else gone naked together that long or longer? Can anyone beat 38 hours, 25 minutes? It would be fun to hear other people’s streaks in the comments. Please comment with how long you and your spouse have ever gone naked together before. (That means totally naked for a continual period of time. If you put on anything, even for a moment, the streak ended.) This will be fun to hear everyone else’s streaks.

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  1. smitten says:

    To HornyHubby. We have been on many wilderness trips where we were naked in God’s nature on the planet that he prepared for mankind. We were like Adam and Eve and were not ashamed and were very relaxed. Although because of the environment we were not naked for as many hours as you were, there is absolutely nothing like a married man and woman experiencing this freedom! We have made love on beaches, beside campfires, under the stars, in lakes and rivers, under ancient pines, and rejoiced together with God in his natural world.

  2. hawk says:

    I’d love to know where this place is. I’ve been trying to get my wife to go nude more than overnight and this might be the perfect place and opportunity.

  3. Adam Smith says:

    This has been a long time fantasy of mine and something I very much want to do with my wife someday, when I find her. Thank you HornyHubby for this amazing story.

  4. Joe T says:

    You inspired us! We celebrated our twentieth anniversary this week by heading out to a wonderfully secluded cabin. As soon as we got in the door (before we even unloaded the car) we dropped every stitch of clothing, and didn't put them back on until we left, for a total do 44 hours completely nude! It was incredible! It really opened up our eyes to the beauty of God's creation of our bodies.

    We made love numerous times, reaching a total of 34 orgasms (29 of which were my very orgasmic wife's). Before we went to sleep, she came on my cock 3 times (reaching a total of twenty in one day– one for each year of marriage). Finally, I poured my cum into her womb, remembering that this is how our children came to us. We praised God after we came, and went to sleep with prayers of thanksgiving on our lips.

    We felt so natural and so close being naked together, and expect to return to the cabin before too long. For now, we are changed in our approach to each other and to being nude. We have decided to adopt a nude lifestyle at home, grateful for the wonder and mystery of our created bodies. And now, when I feel the cum racing up out of my cock and spurting into my wife, I thank the Lord for this amazing gift given to husband and wife.

    Thank you, Father for the gift of my wife and for these bodies we share!

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