First Woman – Adam and Eve (part 1)





I breathe for the first time.

My lashes flutter open. I see light and hear birds in a delicious symphony. A gentle voice tells me to come toward the light I see. I’m lying in a blanket of glorious green leaves in a hollow in the ground. I sit up slowly and the heat of the sun embraces my new body as I rise out of the earth.



The heavy, sweet scent of blooms perfume the warm breeze drifting into my nostrils. An unknown force lifts me to my feet and I shakily stand. I’m alive. I have the breath of Life living in me.

“This is the world I’ve made for you,” the kindly voice whispers in the breeze around me. “This is yours. I give it to you.”

Fruit trees line the path the voice is leading me on. I pick a bunch of small fruit and I pop one into my mouth. The exquisite taste nourishes me. Just one bite and I close my eyes and relish it.

Love. Love. Love. I can feel the word. Hear the word. See the word. Smell the word.

It embodies what this magnificent place is. This is my home. This was made for me. All I know is this bliss.

“I made you. You are a precious gift to the gift I am giving you,” the voice warmly speaks to me.

I’m a gift.

There are other creatures here. The place is brimming with other intricate life forms. The breath of Life abounds here.

The Creator shows me flowers of every color. Shows me water to drink.

I look at my reflection in a pool the Creator has led me to and I smile. I’m unique. I am different than all the other creatures. I have hands, and feet, legs that curve and a body with soft curves everywhere. My breasts are like twin pieces of fruit, round and luscious with rose colored nipples in their centers.

“Come meet the one I made you for,” my Creator tells me.

In a clearing, standing and facing a beautiful lake is the most beautiful thing in the entire garden that I’ve yet seen. His beauty renders me speechless. He is like me only different in the most complimenting of ways. I hold my breath for the first time since my existence. I love the beauty of this creature. His back is indented with strong muscles. He stands tall and solid, staring out over the blue of the lake. He’s not soft and curving like I am. He’s solid and angular.

“I saw that you were alone,” the voice calls to him. “You shall be alone no longer. She is here for you and you are here for her.”

My body is heated and wanting. I stare and cannot take my eyes away. He turns slowly. His chest is strong, pectoral muscle evident, abdominal muscle defined in a majestic grid down his waist. Broad shoulders, a chiseled face with high cheekbones and a strong jaw. His hair is dark brown and curls at the ends. Like delicious fruit his loins are bursting with life. I cannot take my eyes off of his loins. They are so different than what is between my legs. My hand rests between my legs and my other hand is on my bosom, which is tingling in arousal for my new mate.

The man steps forward toward me. My heart pounds in my chest, when he rushes to my side. “I am not alone,” He says, sweeping me into his embrace. “I am not alone. You are here. You are mine.”

“Be fruitful and multiply and subdue the earth,” the Creator says. “Find your joy in each other. Find pleasure in each other. Help each other in all you do.”

His breath hot on my face and a grin breaks across his sensual lips. “All the male species in this garden have a female, but I have been alone.”

I smile back at him. “I am yours. You are mine. The Creator told me so.”

“You are so beautiful.” He touches me. Touches my breasts, cups a handful in each of his hands. The pleasurable sensation is enough to make my jaw drop.

“Touch me, my love. Fill me. Love me,” I whisper. My legs part against him and I rub myself on his leg, making his thigh wet with my desire. I can feel his erection pressing into my belly and I moan.

“You are so soft,” he murmurs and his nose move against my neck and then he lowers his lips to my bosom and covers them with kisses. “You are perfect. You are so wonderfully different. You fit me. You complete me.”

“Oh,” I groan. My body responds to this beautiful man. I continue to rub myself against his leg, but my desire is growing, it is directing me to his hard sex. I want to be filled with that throbbing erection. I want him to bury himself deep between my legs in the hollow tight place that for reasons I cannot explain longs to be filled by him.

One of his hands reaches between my legs. “You are perfect for me. Perfect for my own pleasure.”

“You are perfect for my pleasure,” I murmur and grasp his erection in my hand and guide it down toward my wanting place. It’s hard as the trunk of a tree. Hard as bone. I know it will make the aching in my loins cease.

He moans at my touch of him, growls at my need. My mate presses me to the ground. My hips shift underneath him and I feel his hard length slide inside me. How wonderful it feels to be one body with this, my perfect mate.

“You are woman,” the man whispers against my skin. “You are bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh.”

I grasp his buttocks in my hands and bring him deeper inside me. He rocks back and forth against me, his heat burning inside my heat. I roll my hips once more underneath him. Something above my wet opening is constantly being hit by his pubic bone. It’s becoming too much to bear. My eyes close and I cry out as my body convulses beneath him. Heat and pleasurable tremors wash over my body. I can feel it all the way to the tips of my toes. I can feel my sex swallowing at his erection as it contracts around him. He continues to thrust, each of his thrusts keeps this pleasure going. I hold onto him with wonder, not wanting to let him go. Finally I cannot move any longer. I am sated. I fall into a euphoric state of mind as I watch him hump me hard. He finds a similar release as I’ve just found, crying out in ecstasy and holding my hips into place. It’s all so new. So wonderful. He falls next to me on the soft blanket of grass we’ve just joined as one on. I am happy to be with him. Happy to have given him pleasure. I thank the Creator for giving us the ability to join and exchange this bond. I am happy we will never be alone.

Blondie’s Note: I do not claim this is how it happened. I ask that you forgive me for taking any artistic liberties. The idea of the meeting of the first man and woman made for each other, no shame, just knowing they were meant to be, is intriguing to me. There is not a lot of information in the Bible regarding their relationship before the fall (or after), however this series of writings is based on their story. I hope you enjoy it for what it is, a story based on the Biblical Adam and Eve.

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36 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Wow! I absolutely positively loved it! I know I say that about all your stories, but girl! I will never think of the story of Adam and Eve the same again.

    The liberties you took are subtle and in my opinion brings a nice romantic touch as well as a sensuous feel. Beautifully done! Without sounding crude, I have to admit the story aroused me.

    I cannot wait for what comes next! Thank you so much! Your devotion and love for the Lord shown through with every word.

    God Bless you my friend in every way! I will leave it at that. XOXO! GG

    • Blondie says:

      Thanks, GG! I am so happy you enjoyed it! I had Josh read it and it got him hard hehe 🙂 I loved writing this. It was fun.

  2. Smitten says:

    Thanks, Blondie, for highlighting something that is missed in a lot of sermons about Adam and Eve. I can only imagine how Adam felt when after seeing all of the other animals and none for him–and then seeing Eve. I have often wondered if God had Adam see all of the animals and name them so he would realize and internalize how much he, a man needs his wife, and how lonely it would be without her.

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    Blondie, I loved this! This is so worthy for us to ponder – and I mean ponder! I hope your thoughts cause all who read to consider the first couple and think on the wonderful gift of life that God brought to mankind.

    Your awareness of all that was “new” is an amazing thing to think about. There was no comparison with others made in God’s image. They were it! No other female breasts.

    Here are some of what I think Adam might have been thinking: “Why are your breasts big and mine are not”? Who cares – I love these differences we have!! I can see why He said you were a ‘helper suitable’. Frankly, it seems like an understatement. You are more than suitable”!!

    And Eve: “Based on the way your hardened cock fits perfectly in me – and the amazing feeling that coincides with it – I know that God not only made us for His glory – He also made us to enjoy what He has made.”

    Blondie, thank you for stirring me to think on this. I can’t imagine how it must have felt when they first touched each other intimately. If they had sex before the fall into sin (who knows?), it is hard to imagine just how much more euphoric an orgasm would be with no sin nature or residue of any guilt whatsoever. There were no other breasts, pussies, or cocks to lust after!

    I am so grateful to God for His mercy. Even after the fall into sin – and the redemption He has brought in Jesus Christ – He has still made sex to be a joy within the covenant of marriage. He could have made it unpleasing after sin came – but He is so good to us.

    I look forward to more of your writing on this subject. God bless you and Josh!! You are much appreciated!

    • Blondie says:

      Thank you, Lovinghusband! Wonderful insight as well! I too was enjoying the thought of sensuality before the fall… how wonderful it must have been to feel no shame or guilt in anything, to not have insecurities or a standard set on what is sexy. It is definitely something to think about.

  4. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I mostly loved it. I don’t want to be overly critical. For the most part, I found this beautifully written and thought provoking. I had a few moments of pause when reading it then Heather actually made me stop reading it to her.

    Here’s why.

    I was hooked right up to, “My legs part against him and I rub myself on his leg, making his thigh wet with my desire.”

    In a regular story, this is very erotic. But this is a story about Adam and Eve, the father and mother of mankind. In our religious view, Adam is held in high regard as the most favorable prophet in God’s eyes. And Eve is right there with him as his sweet wife. It felt a bit blasphemous to me and a lot to Heather. (She can speak for herself if she wishes. I’m just recounting what she told me.)

    As you continued, most of the account I appreciated (as did Heather) except the overly descriptive parts. We were both moved by the account as, like most folks, we don’t really think of Adam and Eve having sex with each other. But we know they did. That part of it was well done.

    So you understand exactly which things we shuddered at, I’ll copy them below. I’m not asking for you to change anything in this or change your style for any of your other writings. This is just feedback.

    “My legs part against him and I rub myself on his leg, making his thigh wet with my desire.” -Already mentioned.

    “I continue to rub myself against his leg …”

    “… I want to be filled with that throbbing erection.” –

    “I grasp his buttocks in my hands …”

    “Something above my wet opening is constantly being hit…”

    Again, these words do not offend us other than in the context of it being Adam and Eve, who we hold in high regard.

    I do like the thought process you started. Thank you.

    • Lovinghusband says:

      All the “good rides” that were righteously opened for all married couples were also open for Adam and Eve! No sin, no blasphemy.

    • Blondie says:

      Blasphemy is a very strong word to use… I apologize if you were offended… I don’t claim this is how it happened, but I know God made sex to be good and pleasurable for the first man and woman. God said be fruitful and multiply to them. I take that as him telling them to have pleasure in each other and to create children together just as the other creatures were doing. Thinking of them as sexual beings doesn’t seem blasphemous to me, it is even mentioned in the Bible that Adam lay with his wife, Eve. In the beginning God gave us the ability to find pleasure in each other, sex is sacred between a husband and wife. I sincerely believe it isn’t a dirty act that started happening after the fall.

  5. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    I completely agree. No bounds. No limits. Just weird for us to think of Adam and Eve in the context I described. Not a big deal. Just my feedback. I don’t question or judge anybody’s love language here.

    I wanted to respond with my take as Blondie seemed to be inviting a little feedback in her disclaimer.

  6. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    Blondie, I don’t know if offended was the right word. Thinking about it, blasphemy is not correct. Not in this forum. Probably the best way to put it would be a little over the top for me.

    I actually copied your text, put it in my editor and took out the parts that bothered me. It’s beautiful either way. I like it better without the more descriptive parts.

    I wasn’t trying to make you feel that it wasn’t a beautiful piece. You put a l lot of thought into it and it is you and your thoughts. This page is a new way of thinking for me. I appreciate the dialog.

    • Blondie says:

      Okay, Jazzd. I will be posting more on this story soon and there will be more sex between the two of them before the fall, some of it will be graphic, if that isn’t to your taste, don’t feel pressured to read it. 🙂 Thanks for clarifying and God bless you and Heather! I understand everyone has a different place of what is in their comfort zone.

  7. Passionate Philosopher says:

    This is a very interesting discussion. I was a philosophy major at a highly respected Christian College. This story illustrates a long standing debate in Christian circles. Is our sexuality based in our pre-fall state or post fall state? The Bible says, sexuality was created in our pre-fall state. God said it was good for the man to have his help-mate and “not be alone”. God told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. After the fall, human sexuality was subject to the effects of sin and death. But sexuality as a pre-fall institution was deemed good for marriage in our sinful state.

    The great Augustine, steered the church to see sex as post-fall and a necessary evil needed for child bearing. Pleasure in our sexuality was condemned and this condemnation was usually applied in the marriage relationship. Thus masturbation was considered a sin by the catholic church. Very little thought and teaching was shared on how our sexual journeys were good and grounded in the marriage relationship.

    Thanks for this great discussion. I look forward to where Blondie is going to take this series and discussion.

  8. Smitten says:

    I believe most sincerely that Adam and Eve were to enjoy each other sexually before the fall and have had no qualms viewing their relationship that way! I would have qualms viewing their sex as that of animals, that don’t even realize and internalize what they are doing.
    I have not facts to substantiate this but I believe that Genesis 3:16 hints at Adam and Eve enjoying sex before the fall and possibly God would give children to them as gifts. Now, after the fall, a biological imperative takes over without God intervening. In the same sense that the earth would not magically make food for them from Adam’s tilling, but after the fall Biology takes over. Genesis 3:16: … I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and they conception… Genesis 3:19: In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread . . They enjoyed the fruit of the ground before the fall. They enjoyed each other before the fall. After the fall the enjoyment of the earth and the enjoyment of each other would not be as easy.

  9. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    There’s been a few comments on this thread that make me wonder. Am I the only one here that believes “The Fall of Adam” was literally just masturbation? Am I alone believing that Eve partaking of the “Forbidden Fruit” was literally her masturbating, realizing that it was desirous, and sharing that knowledge with Adam? Am I alone believing that because of this new found pleasure, Adam and Eve now viewed the world with “Open Eyes” and, therefore, were not the innocent “children” any longer.

    I don’t read any of it to suggest Adam and Eve engaged in intercourse until God gave them the boot and married them. When looking at parables and the symbolism in the Bible, they reflect life. Adam and Eve’s story shows life from beginning to end.

    Adam is born or created. Eve comes along next. They have no clothes but don’t have any clue about sex. We all went through this from birth up to the time the hormones started flowing.

    Eve feels a stirring in her loins and is tempted to investigate. She does. It feels good and she shares that fact with Adam. Adam resists for a time but eventually, he pleasures himself. We all went through that as well. Girls mature before boys so Eve being the first to be tempted makes sense. Adam matured after and was tempted later.

    It’s not until chapter 4 verse 1 that “Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived”.

    Reading Genesis 3, in it’s entirety gives a clear timeline. The serpent temps Eve. Eve succumbs to temptation. Eve (with help from the serpent) tempt Adam. Adam succumbs to temptation. Adam and Eve hear God’s voice. Frightened and ashamed, realizing they were “naked”, sewed fig leaves together to make aprons to “hide” their nakedness. God wonders how they know they’re naked. They admit their transgressions and are dismissed from the Garden. Hence, “The Fall of Adam” was the act of masturbation which was forbidden to them.

    Adam was a Godly man and very much in tune with the his spiritual side. I find it very difficult to believe that fornication was committed.

    I had a similar experience as an 11-12 year old boy. My penis started doing strange things and felt different. I played with it and it spit at me. It felt awesome. Something in me knew I wasn’t supposed to play with it like that but, hey, it was there and it felt good.

    Guess what I did with that knowledge? Yep. I shared it with my friends. “Hey, did you know that your dick feels good when you stroke it?” If they didn’t, I’d tell them about it. I even had a little “jack off party” with 2 or 3 of my friends.

    This makes sense to me. And again, interesting discussion.

  10. Blondie says:

    I do not believe this is a mainstream Christian belief that you have just stated above. I have known seminarians, worked with seminaries, theology professors, and ministers all my life (I am a pastor’s daughter too!) and you are the second person I’ve encountered who thought masturbation or sex was what the “forbidden fruit” was in the Bible.

    Genesis 2:27-28a

    So God created mankind in his own image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them.
    God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.

    I just wonder why would he say that to a couple who weren’t allowed to have sex? He created them male and female for a reason so that they can sexually reproduce. They were naked and weren’t ashamed (no insecurities, no jealousy, no separation from each other) I would be careful on the idea that masturbation or sex was the forbidden fruit… it does seem it is a strange interpretation based on trying to shame our personal sexuality in general. As for masturbation being the tree of good and evil… God made us (all of us, sexual parts included because there was gender difference mentioned) and said it was “very good”. I believe something like masturbation could not be what leads us to having our eyes opened to good and evil. Sexual sins are not the only you can commit and masturbation certainly isn’t the “gateway drug” to murder, theft, covetousness, malice, gluttony, cruelty, etc. That is where I stand in my beliefs on Adam and Eve. I also believe the author of Genesis wouldn’t go into a flowery kind of language to describe the fall of man (that is more closely connected with King Solomon’s writing style) as that is very different then the writing style in the rest of the book of Genesis which goes into detail of sexual things that happen: Potiphar’s wife, Lot and his daughters, Abraham and Hagar, and the men of Sodom. As to the last thing that this story is about them fornicating, I do not view them having sex before the fall as fornication because they were created for one another purposefully by God. A marriage made in heaven you could say 🙂

  11. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    I’m not trying to be argumentative either. Just stating some thoughts that I had never thought about on this level before. This is probably not the forum for a deep theological discussion. I have often pondered the same question of why God would give two commands that were both impossible to live by. Conflicting commandments? Can’t keep one and keep the other without there being a sin.

    This isn’t offending me. I’m intrigued by it. So I guess the big question for me at this point is: are we in a forum for open, honest discussion about a religious, theological topic or do we just take your story for what it is; speculation of the passions and desires of Adam and Eve? I’m not trying to cause problems. I’m having new and interesting thoughts about the topic. If you’re telling me that we best just leave it be, I’m ok with that.

    • Blondie says:

      what conflicting commandments are you referring to just now? I think it’s fine to have a discussion, but I am very careful to keep things peaceable here, and I am sure anyone who has been online at all can agree that sometimes discussions can turn more anger based then discussion based lol (this one isn’t, but sheesh, I’ve seen a couple of doozies) so don’t think I’m trying to end this discussion and I do feel like in my last post I did engage in it and state my own beliefs on Adam and Eve’s pre fallen state and sexuality being in existence before the fall. There was a tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden just as scripture literally says and that is what my speculative version of Adam and Eve will be based on. I personally believe masturbation in and of itself isn’t a sin unless you are lusting for someone who is not your spouse. We are able to touch our nose, eyes, hands, legs, everything… I truly don’t know where in scripture it states touching your genitals is a sin (and Leviticus, an Old Testament Book, gets super technically detailed on sexual things so you’d think there would be a mention there). I know it says in the Bible that their eyes were open to both good and evil. Unless we’re saying immoral sexuality is the only evil we can commit, I do very much believe there was a fruit God put in the garden that would open theirs eyes to what good and evil was. He didn’t want us to be robots or programmed computers, he let us choose whether or not we would love and follow him. We have that choice today without the need for sacrifice anymore thanks to Christ’s atonement of our sins when he died on the cross.

  12. Passionate Philosopher says:

    This is an incredible discussion. The Marriage covenant was needed after the fall. Adam and Eve were still “married” before the fall, but in the state of perfection without shame, that marriage did not need vows or contracts. The need for marriage vows after the fall reflects the fallen state. We live in that world don’t we?

  13. Hope says:

    Blondie, you are a brave person to go where no writer has gone before! Unlike the other stories written in Marriage Heat, this story hits at the nerve of people’s religious upbringing. This is quite obvious from the comments. Personally, I have always wished I could experience sex the way in which God originally created us. What a joy to just enjoy! In our world today we are bombarded with everything God did not intend for sex in a marriage. We blame so much on television, movies, internet etc, where you seldom see a husband and wife actually having a great sex life.
    When we combine the world’s view and then pile on religious upbringing, it is no wonder sex was lost in the garden for so many couples. As Christians, we naturally squelch our passions at every turn because we know it is wrong to lust after anyone but our spouses. Sexuality is flaunted in our faces every day so we kill our desires rather than indulge in our fantasies. Because of this, It is hard to turn everything back on when we come together as a married couple.
    I was raised an atheist, my wife a Catholic. In other words I came from “there is no sin,” she came from “everything is a sin.” I say that rather tongue in cheek, but our sex life, with a few exceptions, has always been rather dull because of her upbringing. Just the mention of her going to this site to read about the passion of other Christian couples is met with absolute resistance. She led me to The Lord and I love her more than myself. So all I can do is keep praying for the sex life that God originally intended for us.
    So, when reading about Adam and Eve, we all bring in our conceived notions about God and Sex. Some will be offended, and others will long to experience what the first couple experienced. Personally, I can’t wait to read what you write next.

    • Blondie says:

      Thank you, Hope! I pray so much that God opens your wife’s heart to the knowledge that sex between a husband and wife is a place where fantasies, desires, and purity, can coexist in beauty and love. I do believe you are so right and made some very insightful points about sex in today’s world! Some of what you said are the very reasons I chose to admin this site for other Christian couples. We need to take back beautiful Christian sexuality and the Song of Songs view of finding pleasure in each other. Maybe if you show your wife posts that aren’t too sexual, but just blogs, you could ease her into the idea of a site like this?

  14. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    Thanks for being open to discussing this Blondie. I’m going to end my part of it. I didn’t realize my understanding of Adam and Eve and The Fall were so much different than other people’s. I didn’t mean to cause a stir.

    It seems that my differences may be too different to have a great discussion about, and especially in this venue. I don’t want to distract from the awesome purpose of this webpage. The message of this page is to promote great married sexual relationships through the gifts of God. I want to respect that message and continue to promote those important values.

    • Blondie says:

      I really do appreciate your honesty and openness, Jazzd. It definitely led to some interesting discussion and if it caused a stir, that’s fine, because it led toward quite thought-provoking ideas on scriptures and what sexuality means based on our interpretation of them. I also appreciate you and Heather’s amazing testimony and journey on the site. I look forward to your future posts and comments. Your comments on this thread actually brought about deeper thought and discussion then I’d even thought this post would lend to. God bless you and your wife in your journey!

  15. Wanted Always says:

    Never thought of it like this but what stronger force is there than love between a man and wife. The ONE that was made for you or in this case the man who was alone and suddenly had a mate just like the animals he had seen. You may have painted the original picture, I don’t know for sure but thanks for the greatest way to think about their original meeting and introduction by the creator. Nice Job!

  16. Wanted Always says:

    After having read a lot of the comments posted with this story I wish every new couple in marriage counseling should read this story part one and two. I am sad top say many churches turn sex into something wrong and disgusting. God absolutely invented it and during those first 6 days declared everything GOOD, should we not share with those waiting for marriage and to have sex, these stories. My goal is to counsel young people and couples preparing for or newly married and this will be part of my “tool kit”‘ so to speak as i have read many, many Christian and secular authors as I study to be the best I can at what I believe God is calling for me to do in all my remaining years. I believe even those that have lost their virginity and even feel they are loosing the love they once had with their spouse can be revived with the help of God who loves them more than we can even imagine. College, psychology, here I come but the Bible is on top. Yes maybe some artistic license was used but it was used wisely. Thanks so much. God Bless You, We will pray for you,,,,, Always wanted.

  17. PennY Laine says:

    Wow I am always amazed, entertained and educated by the differences we have in our views on scripture. I enjoyed the story even though my original teachings were that there was no sex before the fall. Never heard of masturbation having anything to do with it.

  18. Edward Blanco says:

    I believe that God created sex in Eden before humanity’s fall. The first fact that displeased God was that Adam was alone. God’s mandates in the Garden of Eden (Eden means pleasure, by the way) were not “remain celibate,” “eat only tasteless grains,” and “submit.”
    The God of Genesis is more an Epicurean than a Stoic. He does not design bodies without pleasure sensors, but instead squeezes onto the human tongue 10,000 taste buds. He does not make reproduction an onerous or bland affair, but loads human genitals with thousands of erotogenic nerve endings. In his extravagant kindness, he engineered eating and intercourse to give us pleasure and then commanded his first two humans to engage in both. It’s no wonder the first two chapters of Genesis declare creation “good” seven times over. The second chapter of the Bible concludes with two humans, in a garden of Pleasure, totally naked, who are commanded to have sex, eat fruit, and rule the world.
    Not only does God’s design of the body shout to us that he engineered us to experience pleasure, but the Law he gave Israel on Sinai likewise indicates his penchant for enjoyment.

    There are many connections between the Song of Songs and the first three chapters of Genesis. In the Garden of Eden, the Bible remembers a paradisaical world. It was a world of love, a world of peace, a world of mutuality, a world lacking shame. The Fall, Genesis 3, reveals that this world of beauty has been vandalized. This is a post Genesis 3 world. The Song of Songs pictures the redemption of that symphony of sexual love … the Song is God’s call for a return to Eden in the most holy relationship known to humanity – that is between a husband and a wife. In the sexual relationship the Song loudly and proudly proclaims Paradise Regained. Even in the Fallen world we can experience Eden in our relationships – that is the vision of the Sublime Song. The Song is deeply aware that we live in a Fallen world but it shows the the woman and the man rediscovering Edenic values in the most intimate area of their relationship. They relish one another.

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