Our Blissful Night

This is one blissful night I won’t forget. We were vacationing shortly after our wedding, and I was in a little white silk night dress lying on our bed watching television while my husband was taking a shower. I was just thinking about him in that shower. I got up to change the channel as he came out. I liked what I saw…

He came out in his boxers, but he was all soapy and wet (he came out to get an extra shirt). I was immediately turned on, and his body was not the only thing that was wet…

He walked over to me, and put his soapy arms around me, as I put my arms around his wet body. After a few moments of my hands being idle, I caressed his wet, soapy back. He gently touched my head, and kissed my hair. We didn’t want to let go, we wanted to stay like this forever. But he lifted me up and carried me to our bed, where he proceeded to kiss me some more.

He touched one of my breasts over the frilly part of the gown. Then he kissed me between my breasts while I stroked his hair. He proceeded to undo the little bow and open the neckline, running two of his fingers across my chest.

My husband slowly ran his hands up my body under the cloth, to lift my outfit over my head. I spread my legs to show him that I was ready for him. He slowly entered me, taking his time. My head lay on it’s side with my eyes closed in total bliss. My husband wrapped his arms around me, and though he didn’t say anything, he didn’t have to – his sexual body language showed me how deeply he loved and cared for me.

He kissed my neck and face, then I turned my head so he could kiss my mouth. He thrust gently, as I held him close to my heart. I ran my hands up his abdomen, wrapped one arm around him, and cupped his face with my hand to show my love for him, as he kissed me, held me tight, and lovingly caressed my body.

I couldn’t help by cry out in ecstasy while my husband continued to hold me, and I felt a strong connection. The feeling of orgasm while feeling my husband’s love for me was one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. I held him tight, feeling strong love for him. I felt his soft, hot breaths on me, he showered me with loving kisses as I was climaxing, and he caressed me while holding me close to him. This was one of my most beautiful orgasms, that’s for sure (not that the others weren’t absolutely fantastic). I was sweating when I came down.

My husband came rather quietly, but there was no mistaking he felt the same way. He showered my neck with warm, wet kisses when he came down.

I then lay on him while we cuddled for a while, enjoying the intimacy and bonding with one another. We engaged in a bit of pillow talk while we cuddled. He kissed my forehead as I fell asleep in his arms, grateful to God for the wonderful things He has given and done for us.


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  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Harper, if all your stories could be put in a salt shaker – when you would shake them out – they would all be a potent love seasoning. You and your husband’s love and devotion to one another is such a testament to the love of God shed abroad in both of your hearts! I absolutely love reading everything you write. God bless you both!! Please keep writing.

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