This Perfect World – Adam and Eve (part 2)

I lay against my soul mate. I’m so filled with love for him I’m sure I will burst. (* Read Part One of Adam and Eve here)

“I’ll show you the animals I have named,” he tells me, with his arms wrapped around me. “The Creator told us to to care for this world, to look after the animals and birds. I’ve named all I’ve seen. I will tell your their names if you like.”

“I would like that,” I say. I smile. His mind is creative. “What is my name?”

“I shall call you Eve.”

“Eve,” I test it on my tongue. “It’s wonderful,” I murmur against him. “What is your name?”

“Adam,” he replies and kisses my forehead.

“Adam,” I say and sigh. The perfect name for this perfect man. “You have a strong name, just like you.” I nip at his jaw playfully, then suck on his neck with my lips.

He growls primally and rolls on top of me, pinning me to my spot on the earth. My body flushes with heat and I purr as he begins working kisses down my throat.

“How is it that you do such things to me?” He murmurs. “I thought life couldn’t get any more blissful till you showed up.”

“There is certain much bliss to be had together,” I say. “But I’d like to first see some of these animals you speak of. Are they beautiful?”

“Not as beautiful as you,” Adam says, he gets off of me and takes my hand. “But they are beautiful. Wonderfully made. The Creator is absolutely genius. Every animal, every thing in this garden is connected in a life sustaining cycle.”

A small creature with tiny wings flies by my head. It’s body has orange and black stripes, it’s so pretty. It lands on a purple flower.

“What is that?” I ask Adam, pointing at the tiny thing.

“It’s a bee. It drinks the nectar from the flowers and in turn pollinates the flowers. Without the bee the flowers would not reproduce. The creator made the bee for the flowers and the flowers for the bee. The bees also make wonderful honey. I will show you,” Adam pulls me toward a huge tree, inside the tree is a crevice and he dips his hand inside the crevice and comes out with a sticky yellow goo on his hand. “See? Taste?”

I suck the sweet honey off of his fingers, one, by one I take his fingers in my mouth. Adam groans a little. “I like it when you do that. It makes me want you. I want to mate you.”

“You do?” I take some of the honey from the tree and drizzle it on my breasts, belly, and navel. It drips down my body, tickling my skin. “Lick it off of me,” I tell him.

He bends his beautiful head down and sucks and licks my body, everywhere the honey is. Oh, the way his lips feel on my nipples. He sucks, then tugs gently at them. His teeth bared over the sensitive flesh. Between my legs moistens and my head falls back. “I want you to fill me again,” I moan.

“Not until I’m done getting this sweet honey off of you,” he whispers against my skin, his breath hot.

His tongue moves down from my breasts, now he’s swirling it around my belly, inside my navel, down the trail of soft curly hair that leads to my sex. He turns me around and drizzles more honey down my back. It feels incredible as it trickles down my skin, it make me laugh involuntarily when it reaches the small of my back. Adam starts sucking the honey off of me, then without warning he grasps me by my hips from behind and plunges his erection inside my moist place. Oh. How wonderful! I fall to pieces in a pleasurable burn. I cry out and hold onto the tree which is in front of me so I don’t fall down from the pleasure. I can’t believe this feeling! My body embraces him, continues to moisten for his heat as he thrusts into me.

“Again, Again!” I demand.

“Eve, you tighten around me whenever you find pleasure,” Adam tells me hoarsely. “Find your pleasure again.”

I let the sensations take me again, this time Adam finds his pleasure as well.  It’s so perfect, the two of us–Adam and Eve–finding pleasure in each other simultaneously.

I slump against the tree as he frees himself from me. “We’re all sticky,” he says. “Let’s bathe in the lake. It will wash us of this honey.”

I follow him back to where I first met him. The lake is completely transparent, but reflective at the same time. Every stone, every grain of sand, every life form is visible through it’s sheeny skin. I dip a toe in and watch the ripples start around it. The water is cool. Cooler than the air. My whole foot submerges in the shallow and I see tiny colorful creatures with fins rush to check out the intruder of their kingdom.

“What do you call these things with fins?” I ask Adam.

“Fish, Eve,” Adam replies. He presses his body against mine and walks me into the cool of the water. I love it. The mixture of the heat of his body and the cool of the water.

“Let me wash you,” Adam says. He splashes the water over my skin and then rubs his hands over me. It feels good. I sigh. He bends me down into the water, pressing his hips against my buttocks. I love it. I wriggle myself against him teasingly. 140529093500_2

“Would you like to swim, Eve?” he asks me.

“How do you do that?”

“Let me guide you.” Adam takes my hand and tugs me in deeper. The water is amazing. It’s so different than air. It makes me feel light. I’m floating and drifting like a cloud does through the sky. 

Adam moves his legs in a rythmic motion, he’s propelling himself through the water. “You can do it too,” he tells me.

I laugh as I do my first few kicks. Wow. I’m so, so light. It’s amazing.

“Eve,” Adam says. “Do you feel clean now?”

“Yes, I think the honey is completely washed away,” I tell him.

“Good,” Adam grins. “Now, let me show you some of the animals that live here.” He dives under the water and I follow him. He takes my hand and we swim downward, the water is so clear from the surface, but when I open my eyes under here it is blurry. I wish it wasn’t, but Adam points toward something moving under the surface, it’s big, about the size of Adam, and round, it’s feet are short and it has rock seemingly encasing it’s soft parts. We rise to the surface. “That is a turtle,” Adam explains. “They live in the water most of the time, but when the females lay their eggs they come on land and dig holes.”

“Eggs?” I ask him.

“They are what carry their young,” Adam says.

“Will I lay eggs?” I ask. “I’m a female, aren’t I?”

“Yes, but you’re not a turtle,” Adam laughs. “You’ll carry your young internally I believe. We’re more like the land animals. Not birds or reptiles.”

“Oh,” I say. Then a thought hits me. “Could I be carrying young right now?”

“I do not know,” Adam shrugs. “Come, I’ll show you some more fish.”

We discover all kinds of aquatic creatures together. Adam tells me their names. I like his names that he gives. He has a creative mind and I wonder what other things he can show me here. My mind drinks it in like bees drink the nectar from flowers. I’m in love with this place. In love with the Creator’s design. I’m in love with the man the Creator gave me. I see the connections Adam spoke of. We head back to shore, but before we make it to the shallows Adam grasps me and holds me against him. It takes my breath away and I giggle. I splash him in the face, making him let me go, and swim away from him. “You’ll have to catch me, if you want me,” I taunt.

He chuckles and with a huge splash makes his way toward me. I shriek in delight when his arms enfold around me. He kisses my jawline and then my neck. Then he turns me around in his arms and we float against one another in a sensual dance. The waves lapping from the water continually push me against him. My breasts float, the nipples pointing upward, in the water. Adam admires me with dark, beautiful eyes. “Eve, I’m never going to let you go,” he whispers in my ear.

“I will never let you go,” I say back, then I leap up into him and kiss him on the mouth. I love the feeling of connecting mouths. It’s so intimate. It parallels what happens between our sexes. We find a connection as one flesh during one of the waves. His sex slides between my legs, deep inside me. I am straddling his hips and the water splashes around us as he takes me. Our pleasure is deep, and sweet. My body spasms from a climax and I almost fall back into the water, he catches me and we both laugh. Finally he grasps my hips firmly in place as he finds release deep inside. I can never get enough of this man.

We disconnect and head back to shore. Once the water is only up to my knees something with a long and cold body slithers past my legs.

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13 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    HOT! What a wonderful follow up! Like the first part, it makes me what it would have been like. I mean, sex was more than likely new to both of them. Your story really brings the possible scenario to life. God bless you girl and Thanks! You know the rest. XOXO

    • Blondie says:

      Thanks so much, GG! So happy you liked it! I know, I just love thinking of the possibilities and I hope this at least causes more thought on the story, especially what It may have been like in a world without hate, anger, sadness… God bless! Xoxo

  2. Smitten says:

    They were so safe under the eyes of God, so much in wonderment of each other, so peaceful in their joining, and so fulfilled. Great follow-up, Blondie..

  3. Strawberry says:

    This stories series continues to make the profound point that Sex was created good for marriage. It seems like sex in a fallen world is so much of what we know.

  4. Lovinghusband says:

    Blondie, your writing accomplishes something so awesome – you cause us to dwell on the goodness of God in the creation. He owes man nothing – yet, He made us in His own image and has blessed us with so many things. Most of all, to know Him.

    I love how you had Adam say, “I thought life couldn’t get any more blissful till you showed up.” I think that captures so much! I think of all my wife adds to my life – even without sex. Then, when you add sex to our relationship – I can’t help but think that I am like Adam in that way. “God, You are so gracious to me.”

    Your writing has reminded me again that God didn’t just give us the essentials (which He did) – He gave us more that we know – to bring us to the point of worshipful gratefulness. He wants us to enjoy “the cake with the cherry on top” (sex) – not to worship the creation – but that we will be grateful to Him. Our sex should lead to the worship of God – if we have Him in proper focus. The world worships sex for self-worship. Until faith, they are worshiping the creation, instead of the Creator (Romans 1).

    Blondie, your writing reminds us why we should thank God more than we do. We should thank Him in prayer with our partner after we have sex. He is the generous giver! Your writing makes me more thankful.

    Thank you Blondie for taking us to places we need to go! Blessings on you and Josh (and your kids)!

    • Blondie says:

      Thank you, Lovinghusband! I agree wholeheartedly with you. Writing this has opened my eyes to things in Genesis that I’d never thought or pondered before. I hope it does the same to those who read my fictional take on what may have happened in the Garden of Eden.

  5. Ben G. says:


    I so enjoyed the first two parts of this. It really made me think of as you say, what it might have been like to live in a world without pain, anger or jealousy and war.

    I think it was well written and wonderfully erotic. I look forward to the next segment, if there will be one. It definitely had me ready to make love to my precious “Eve” Gina.

    I don’t comment often so let me say Thank you once again for this site, your hard work, your wonderful stories and of course your continuing support of my GG. God bless and keep you and yours my friend.

    • Blondie says:

      Thanks, Ben, I am glad you enjoyed it! And you are so welcome! I am so grateful for your lovely GG and am so encouraged by your marriage! God bless you and yours as well, my friend!

  6. Emmy Sue says:

    Your descriptions are riveting, Blondie, I can feel their experiences, love, and pleasure. I also love how you ended the story with some suspense, can’t wait for the next one! Thank you for your imagination!

  7. Mokey says:

    Blonde, this story is over the top. I have only been a part of this blog for a short time. As time permits I go back and read some of the older stories, girl am I ever thankful I stopped on this story of yours. I was not very far into part one when I realized where you were going to be taking us. At that point my heart rate increased and time stood still. Over the years I have entertained the thought of Adam and Eve making love but you were able to take me to a realm I have never been to. Thank you. What a beautiful story. What a beautiful place to day dream.
    As I new reader to this sight, thank you for what you are doing. You are impacting the readers in a powerful way. You are bring healing and freedom to many.
    Continue to share the love,

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