Sunday Morning Shower Sex

It was a Sunday morning, neither of us had to go to work. Before we got started for the day,  I said that “I was going to take a shower.” As I started it, Lisa -my wife- appeared behind me “Can I join you?”

We were both naked, of course, and stepped into the shower under the cascading water.  After adjusting the temperture and the shower head, we kissed and hugged each other under the warm water.

We then grabbed each others favorite shower gels and started to wash each other.  I started at her neck, down her arms then her chest, paying attention to her hardening nipples. She washed my chest,  going down to my abs and down to my pubic area.  Lisa looked down as she soaped up and gripped my penis with her hands.  My legs shaking with anticipation I leaned back,  against a wall while she paid undivided attention to me.

My erection was as hard as a rock and the swollen head was a deep purple. I stepped away from the wall and turned Lisa around so she was now facing a shower wall.  She slowly bent forward and offered her ass to me. I knelt down, spreading her cheeks and touched! teased! licked her pussy from behind.

“How lucky can I be” I thought.

Lisa reached underneath herself, spreading her labia and inviting me to enter her!

“Hard!” she said.  I held my rigid pole and slid into her warm, tight pussy.  “mmmmm. mmmm.” she moaned.

Moving her hips to meet my thrusts we made love.  Holding her hips, I slid out and back in,  she met me each time.  She squeezed and sucked me till I felt I was cumming.  In! Out! just a few more times.  I could feel her quiver as our juices erupted and joined.
Stream after stream we each came.

She straightened up and I put my arms around her chest, my tool still in her.  The water continued to cleanse us and my cock softened and slid out.  She turned around and our chests pressed together and we kissed.  Smiling,  we each took a step back and cleaned ourselves off.

A nice start to a Sunday with shower sex.

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11 replies
  1. Smitten says:

    Hot story, Michael Walken. A great way to start the day. Everything that happens during the rest of the day will be tempered by your love for each other.

  2. hornyGG says:

    Shower Sex! Love it! Nice to get a little “dirty” while getting clean! Hot story, I really enjoyed it. Please write more!

    Thank you for posting! God bless you and your wife . Stay horny!

  3. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    Heather and I shower together A LOT! Soapy and slick, it’s intended to save water but I’m sure the utility company loves us for loving the shower.

  4. Don Jenkins says:

    My wife and I do the same. And water savings never enters into the equation, just libido. Sloppy, slippery, sex. Oh yeah, that gets the day rolling with a nice tempo.

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