Afternoon Cleaning (L)

It was an early morning for my husband and I even though the kids were staying at their grandparents  for the weekend. The morning  started the same as all the other Saturday mornings. Wake up, husband cut the grass, trim the weeds, clean the pool (we told the kids it would be ready to swim in when they got home), rake the yard of grass debris and just make sure out side of the house was clean. I was inside making breakfast and doing a quick run through of the house to make sure it was decent before I did a through cleaning of the house before a new work week started for us.  Our work weeks are always so busy.

I was making bacon, eggs, pancakes, and toast for breakfast that morning. That is always David’s favorite.  I called him in to come and eat as I knew he was probably hungry and, by the way he had sweat pouring down his body, I knew he needed to cool off a bit. My man with sweat dripping down his body after he has been working outside is so sexy to me. It gets me going by just looking out the window watching him. He came in, we both ate and he was sitting on the couch relaxing and cooling off before he had to go back outside and finish up some cleaning. I was going to join him later to pull weeds and get our flowers planted before they went bad (they had been in the yard for too long, just sitting in their packages lol).  I started to clean up and I knew he was watching me (he doesn’t know that I know he watches me clean). He loves to watch me run around cleaning with just a tank top on and short pajama shorts.  I started to clean around him and bent over in front of him on purpose. I was on a mission to have sex with him because I was already watching him outside and I knew I had to get some dick from him.

As I was bending over in front of him he stopped watching TV and watched what I was doing. He grabbed my firm, tight ass and started to rub it.  My nipples were already getting hard just by his touch. He sat me on his lap backwards and just started rubbing my pussy from the outside of my pajama shorts. I could feel that I was already getting so soaked and at this point, I knew he was teasing me.  I love it when he teases me.  It makes me cum harder. He lifted me to turn me around and as he did, I took off my top in a quick, swift motion.  I then started to unbutton and unzip his pants. I could feel his thick, hard dick through his boxers. I pulled out his dick and started rubbing it softly just to give him a taste of what he was about to get.

I nibbled and whispered in his ear, “I am going to suck you dry until there is nothing left in you.”

“Mmmmmm baby,” he said.

He started to take off my pajama shorts and my bright yellow lace panties. I started to suck his dick and as I was, he reached down to finger my soaking wet pussy.  He stopped me after a few minutes and said, “Lie back, my turn.”  I lay back on the couch and he started to flick and lick my clit and he put two fingers in my sweet hole. He was going in and out harder and faster with each movement. I was so wet at this point that I could hear the juices smacking his mouth. I was grinding on his face and holding his head down on my pussy. I started to feel his hand run up my body to my nipples, pinching them and twisting them.

“Ahhhhh, mmmmmm, FUCK me hard, baby!” I moaned.

He set me back on his lap and I could feel his rock hard cock on my pussy lips. He slid it in just to tease my pussy, rubbing it against my clit, making me feel warm juices flow from my body.  I couldn’t take it anymore, I guided his dick in my sweet hole and started riding him slowly, then faster and faster.

“Yeah, baby, oh yeah, fuck me.”  I said.

He let out a groan and grabbed my hips and started to rock me back and forth. I could feel my cum building up inside me and I knew he was about to shoot inside my pussy.  I started rubbing my hot, red, swollen clit and I yelled, “I’M CUMMING!”

And he said, “Yeah, baby, now you want to taste my sweet load?”

Of course I obliged and told him, “Mmmmm, oh yeah, I want to taste you baby, mmmmm!”  I got off of his dick and stuck it in my mouth and sucked and licked his hard cock.  I could feel him tensing up a bit so I started to suck harder and faster while playing with his balls.  “MMMmmmmmm, I’M CUMMING!” he yelled, as I was moaning (he loves when I’m moaning while I am sucking him off). I could feel his warm cum inside my mouth.  I made sure to not let any of it drip out of my mouth and swallowed every last bit.

After we were done,  he said, “I love you, baby,” and I said, “I love you too, honey, and all the perks that go along with you.”

We giggled a bit and went to clean up before finishing our daily chores.

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12 replies
  1. smitten says:

    A pussy break, GracefullyHis, or a dick break, is all that is needed to finish the job. With some people it’s a cold glass of tea, coffee, a bear, but with many of us it’s a pussy/dick break. Thanks for sharing your good story and bringing back memories.

  2. hornyGG says:

    Hot story GracefullyHis! And I totally agree with Smitten about the pussy/diCk breaks. I sometimes will do housework in the nude or just in bra and panties when alone or when it is just Ben and I. When it is just Ben and I,of course I generally do not get much housework done as we usually end up fucking and sucking our way to a nice orgasm. God bless and stay Horny!

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    Gracefully His,

    What a great weekend! I liked your story. I wonder what happened the rest of that day? Did you get things done outside? God bless you and your family.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you JazzdBoutH&N!! And I know the look all too well lol. My husband does the same thing :). Have a wonderful Holiday weekend with your family!

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