First Big Fight – and big make up

It was valentines day and my wife had a meeting at work. She told me she would be home around 9:30ish.

When I got to work I got asked to work late and help with a client. Knowing I would still beat my darling home I agreed, and didn’t text her as I would be home by the time she read it.

When it came time to stay late I left  my phone on silent (as I always do at work) and got down to work. My wife had just found out she wasn’t staying late and so went home immediately (unknown to me). When she got home she cooked my favourite dinner and made the place look romantic. Around 8:30 she rang me, I didn’t get it. Again at 9:00 and again I didn’t get it. I ended up having to stay pretty late at work. I excuse myself to ring my wife and found a text from her….

“I am at home, and youre not. My meeting got cancelled I didn’t ring because I wanted to surprise you, but you’re not answering anyway. I made us a romantic meal and set up a nice surprise for you, but it’s getting late so Im going to bed. Your dinner is on the side when you want it, and I will see you when I get home from tomorrow”

I could sense she was annoyed, so I rang her straight away. We had our first proper argument then over the phone about our lack of communication and respect. After that I made my way back to work and got the task done as quickly as I could. I then raced home to my wife and hoped to get there before she was asleep.

when I arrived my wife was lying in bed with her eyes closed, but not asleep. I walked over and caressed her face, but she brushed my hand away. I then leant down to kiss her forehead and she shifted in bed so she was out if reach. Disappointed and a little hurt, I went downstairs to heat up my dinner, and shower. When Ieturned to the bedroom, my wife had not moved. I joined her in bed and lay close to her, she moved away. I moved a little closer and reached for her hand, but she got out of bed. She then told me she was upset and wanted to sit downstairs. I let her be alone a little while.

when I went downstairs she was sat on the sofa looking angry. I walked over to her and the argument began again. We were shouting and screaming at each other and pushing each other away. Her face was close to mine at one point and I had my hand on her hand and hers on my chest. Interrupting her shouting, I kissed her passionately. She pushed me away to start with but I pulled her closer. She then responded by kissing me hard and desperately. Our making out was aggressive and passionate, she pulled off my clothes and I tore her t-shirt. I then pushed her onto the sofa and she pulled me down with her.

slowly the aggression was lost and out making out tur ed to gentle foreplay and love making. After a while of groping and caressing she guided me into her and the agression in her stirred again. She rolled us over and began riding me hard and fast, she has never riden me that vigorously. She was close to orgasm when I came, which sent her into one.

after she collapses on top of me silently, we didn’t need to speak. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed my chest, and I gently caressed her back and kissed her forehead. After a few minutes we went upstairs, where she was more than happy to lie close to me and snuggle.

“I’m sorry I was late and didn’t tell you hun, I love you.” I told her

“I didn’t tell you what I was doing either babe, I’m sorry too. But that was a hell of a way to make up, maybe we should fight more often” she laughed

I kissed her gently “maybe sweetheart”

she kissed me back nuzzled into my neck and told me she loves me, the slept in my arms until morning.

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