After Church (L)

I work at a church as a youth pastor. I was at my office one day preparing for the youth service later that night when my wife texted me. She told me she needed to pick something up from the church and asked me to meet her on the other side of the building.

As I walked outside to let her know that I arrived I saw her eyes light up a little. This was the first time I had worn my new shirt and it was one that she really liked and even helped pick out at the store. She saw me and smiled, but I also noticed there was lust in those eyes. She hadn’t seen me before I left for work this morning so she didn’t know what I was wearing. I could tell she liked what she saw.

I opened the door for her but quickly walked ahead of her to the stuff she needed to load up in the car. I could tell her eyes were still on me. I was wearing a baseball style t-shirt and some tighter jeans. She loves those jeans because she likes my sexy ass.  She was checking me out from head to toe, and I loved it.

Most of the time I am the one checking her out. She is so beautiful and sexy and I steal glances any chance I have. She has short blonde hair, incredible blue eyes and a great smile. I am captivated by the cleavage her large tits create and am in love with her whole body. She doesn’t always believe me when I tell her she’s beautiful and sexy.

Anyway, we walked over to the stuff she needed and lifted it together and carried it toward the car. After helping her load her car I gave her a kiss, told her I loved her and would see her later. As she left, those lust filled eyes continued to linger in my head. I couldn’t shake that look she gave to me.

A couple hours later, after thinking of her beautiful face giving me that look, I sent her a text and admitted that after seeing her I was really horny and having a hard time concentrating on the message I was going to bring to the youth group that night.

She didn’t respond right away, so I thought I had misread what I saw. I was a little discouraged but decided to get back to work. I finished my message and started working on other things for church.

As I was continuing to work my phone buzzed. I looked down and saw a text from Carrie, my wife. I was excited by what I read in the text. She apologized for not responding quickly, she had been busy all day. She then stated that she was horny too…and had been all day and seeing me only increased those longings she felt.

I loved reading those words. It’s incredibly sexy to know my wife has been thinking about me and us together throughout the day.

There I was at the office, about an hour before people started arriving for church. I had most of my work done for the day and I decided to get the juices flowing a little bit more.

I quickly responded with a text that said, “I love your body. I wish we could be together right now.”

She replied, “Oh yeah? What do you love about my body?”

“I love your tits. I love holding them in my hands and kissing and sucking on each one. I love hearing you moan as I caress your breasts. I love your ass. I love holding onto it as we make love. I love your legs. And I LOVE your pussy. I love making you wet. I love to taste you and smell your sex.”

“I can’t wait to be with you. You made me so wet just reading that.”

“You should come to the church right now,” I replied, “and we can make love in my office.”

She smiled at this and knew that probably wouldn’t happen.

It was a couple minutes before I got a text back. This time it was a picture. My wife told the kids to stay downstairs and play games. She was upstairs and dressed in something so sexy.

She sent me a picture of her in a hot pink, lacy thong. She was showing that ass and I was going crazy.

I told her how great it looked and how much I wanted to kiss it, grab it and squeeze it. I told her I wanted my balls to slap against that ass as I pounded into her tight pussy.

Then she sent me another picture. This time it was lingerie I had bought her a while ago. It was black, it went from her shoulders to just below that perfect pussy with a big opening for all the cleavage. It is lacy in certain spots to show enough without showing it all. It was so hot!

She sent me two pictures, one facing the front and the other showing her ass again. The front drove me crazy because I could see the light between her thighs and I knew her pussy was there and it was wet for me. The other picture showed the lingerie creeping up the side of her ass and giving me a great teasing view.

I was wet with pre cum and I wanted to show her. I sent her a picture of my very erect cock with pre cum covering the top of my swollen head.

Taking the picture itself made me nervous because I just lowered my office chair to sit a little further under the desk, undid my pants and took a picture. My office light was still on, my door unlocked someone could come in (although again, very few were at the church).

“Mmmm, that looks so hot.” She replied. “I want to lick that pre cum off your dick and then suck on your rock hard cock.”

My heart was pounding in my chest. “I can’t wait for that. I want to taste you right now. I want to stick my hot, throbbing dick into your sweet, wet pussy.”

We continued with the sexually explicit and highly intoxicating texts for a while. But it was almost time for people to start arriving at church. My wife came with the kids she watches and we ate the meal before our evening activities. We were both smiling knowing that we had both been very excited and we were excitedly expecting getting home from church.

We parted ways. The kids went to their classes, Carrie helped in the nursery and I went to youth group. It was a good time in youth group. God used me to speak to the students (it’s so humbling to be used by God in this setting. I am truly blessed to do so). Occasionally during my message I was tempted to think on the texts from earlier but I had to push those thoughts out of my mind.

Service ended and everyone started filing out of the church. I stayed for a little while and talked and then began locking up the church, as it was my week to do so.

I got home a little after Carrie. I walked into the living room and it was dark. Carrie wasn’t downstairs waiting for me like normal Wednesday nights. I walked upstairs to our room, the lights were dimmed and she was laying out on top of the bed.

She was in her lacy black lingerie from the pictures earlier. She was waiting for me. I immediately removed my shoes and socks and my shirt. I got in bed with her and we kissed so passionately. I began to fondle her every curve, running my hands along her sexy legs and up her bare ass. My other hand groped her firm tits and massaged them as we made out.

My hand found her wet and dripping slit and got a big surprise, it was clean shaven. It’s normally trimmed but this time it was bare. I love her pussy all the time, but it’s great when shaved. I immediately began to eat her out. I worked my tongue in and around the warm wetness. I love hearing her moan as I do.

I came up to her mouth and kissed her long and hard. She rolled me over, undid my pants and took my throbbing, pre cum laden cock out and stuck it in her mouth. She sucked on it for a little while, licking all the juices off my stiff shaft.

I brought her head up to meet mine and we kissed, our flavors mixing together perfectly. She pulled off my jeans, but left me in my boxers. She started riding my cock and rubbing it against her swollen clit.

“Oh, Luke. I love your cock. I love humping you. OOOHHH, I am coming, babe.” I humped her from underneath moving faster and faster as her orgasm overtook her.

I couldn’t take it any longer. I flipped her over, got one more view of her perfect, soaking, shaven pussy and I flung my boxers off. I slid right into her perfect hole in one smooth motion.

We each moaned as I slid into her. I started fucking her hard and fast and could hear my balls slapping her ass. The pressure had been there for nearly 5 hours. I could hardly contain myself.

“I love fucking you, Carrie. You’re so hot.”

“Fuck me, Luke, fuck me hard!”

I could barely hear her as I came hard. I filled her with my seed, shot after shot filling her warm hole.

I stayed in her for a few minutes, just enjoying the moment with my amazing wife. We eventually got up and went downstairs and finished our evening cuddling and hanging out. We prayed before we went to bed. It was an awesome day and night and I am truly blessed to spend my life with this amazing woman. God is good.





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8 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    What an inspiring story of you and your wife’s passion – running through the day! I loved it. This is how it can be – if we’ll stay focused on the Lord and on the spouses He has blessed us with! I was also heartened by the fact that both of you still got the things done that you needed to during the day – with the great blessing of knowing what would come later. The romancing through the day is probably highly underrated in too many marriages. I love the “markers” that my wife and I give one another through the day. Sometimes we’ll just duck into another room for just 20 seconds and do as much grabbing, caressing, and fingering that we can pull off in so short a time. We know it is just a quick preview of coming events – but it is so erotic! Thank you kcfan! Welcome to MH. May God continue to use you powerfully in the lives of young people – as you proclaim the Word in it fullness. Also, God’s blessing on you and your wife – and family.

  2. Jeff Ash says:

    Awesome story!! Man that was hot ! I’ve read a few stories on this sight and that one takes the cake. The thing that’s different a clergy of the church is writing it ! Thank you for sharing of the awesome lovemaking you had with your wife . Wow!!

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