Does The Female Orgasm Serve A Purpose?

The myth that the female orgasm serves no reproductive or biological purpose may have been debunked. Until now, the female orgasm was seen as something developed from an evolutionary process. Women have orgasm to create attachments and to be a motivator for women to have sex and reproduce. This is of course true. But now, scientist may have found that the clitoris is not just a random body part that was placed solely for pleasure, but it might have a specific medical reason for orgasm much like the male orgasm. It all has to do with hormones. I think everybody know that hormones tend to fluctuate widely in the female body. This fluctuation is to regulate the body for reproduction. The clitoris might actually be a “reset button” for the endocrine system, specifically resetting oxytocin production. Oxytocin is essential in the menstrual cycle. In pregnant women, it is required for delivery contractions and lactation. Even in women who are not pregnant, oxytocin influences many important processes and is required for the resetting of the body. Recent findings indicate that there are two main ways the female body does this, menstruation and, now, orgasm. Because the female body’s endocrine system fluctuates so widely, oxytocin is need to maintain balance. Without it, one can steer off course dramatically. Just like when we crave fruit because we need more glucose, we crave orgasms because we need to be reset.

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12 replies
  1. smitten says:

    I’ve made references several times to the wonderful way that God made the hormonal systems of man and woman. One thing that is truly amazing is that a woman needs a certain amount of testosterone to enjoy sex and the man needs a certain amount of estrogen and oxytocin to be tender loving and cuddly. About what you said about resetting it is also truly amazing that a resetting happens in both man and woman after intercourse so that they are more bonding and calm–from the secretion of oxytocin– and more likely to feel this bonding throughout the day causing a marriage to be more cohesive and understanding and loving as obstacles appear. Those marriages where people get too busy to have sex, too tired, work too much to pay bills because they want too much, and although they have the original love for each other that they had in the beginning, lack the oxytocin that is needed for resetting bonding and tender loving. Most often they become strangers living in the same house and eventually get divorced, because they lack this bonding caused by oxytocin.
    God bless you and good luck.

    • Mr. and Mrs. Elvis says:

      Being reset is the best thing ever! I hate it when James goes out of town, I can get crabby without him there to reset me. 🙂

  2. Michael Walken says:

    A reset button for men? eh. Not a bad idea. 😉 It should be noted that women can have multiple orgasms
    where a man has one… at a time.

  3. Eugene says:

    When I masterbate i can ejaculate several times befor I orgasm if I stop at the edge then start again.The orgasm is really strong when I finish. Have any other men experienced this?

  4. Emmy Sue says:

    Great post, Natalie! And GG, you crack me up! So now it makes perfect sense that we ladies have a “love button,” it’s actually a really sexy reset button! lol, the most fun button of all, God sure knew what he was doing!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Not this one, Eugene. I don’t understand how you can ejaculate before or without orgasm. I’ve heard of it happening the other way (ie, orgasm without ejaculation), but not as you describe. How does this work?

  6. Eugene says:

    To Anonymous. When in the shower as I near orgasam i slow down and use less pressure then stop, with no contact to my penis it pulses or jumps and ejaculates. Then I contune and repete. I have been able to do this several times now and up to three times of ejaculating each.

  7. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    Eugene, I’m in my mid 50s and experience ejaculation without orgasm all the time. It’s frustrating for me because I have a hard time having an orgasm after an ejaculation.

    My wife was giving me a blowjob the other day. She had just gone down, come back up and cleaned the tip of my cock. She then went down the underside of my cock with her tongue. On her way back up, I moaned and throbbed. When I did, I ejaculated a little.

    When my wife reached the top, she let out a satisfied moan, smiled at me and said, “Thanks for the little gift. You just had a mini orgasm, didn’t you?”

    Yes I did. And it was yummy. For Heather too.

  8. Eugene says:

    I am also mid 50s , I think I have learned more about my body and how it works sexually in the last 2 years than the previus 51 years. I can discharg more pre cum now then ever with some simple excercises. and I think it tastes better than before. I like this site and wish I could get my wife turned on to it somehow.

    • JazzdBoutH&N says:

      I was excited when I found this site but I didn’t think Heather would be open to it. She’s a very spiritual woman and had different standards than me when it comes to sexuality.

      I approached her from her spiritual side. It worked. She sees the benefits of this site. She’s not fully comfortable but told me today that she likes that my stories, although hot and steamy, are full of helpful tips for others to get past or not fall into the traps we did.

      This site has changed our lives, both sexually and spiritually.

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