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Does The Female Orgasm Serve A Purpose?

The myth that the female orgasm serves no reproductive or biological purpose may have been debunked. Until now, the female orgasm was seen as something developed from an evolutionary process. Women have orgasm to create attachments and to be a motivator for women to have sex and reproduce. This is of course true. But now, […]

Thanking God for the Gift of Sex

Garrett and I had been married 6 months when I went to London to conduct research. I was going to be gone 4 months. My husband wouldn’t be able to come with me. He had his new company to run. We were disappointed that we wouldn’t see each other for a while; but we also […]

Helping Hands

We are 10 weeks pregnant, or the end of 2 months, with our first child. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve just been more horny than I usually am and Garrett and I are loving it. We have sex pretty much every night. This is a story about one of those nights. It was […]

Pushing My Buttons

I’ve never had a way with words when it come to expressing my thoughts. Its a sort of anxiety I get from being a afraid of getting rejected or judged. Recently, My husband has expressed a desire for me be more aggressive sexually and tell him what I wanted instead of waiting for it to […]

A Second Wedding Night

Garrett is not my first husband. My first husband’a name was John. He died on March 16, 2009. We were married for 9 years before the cancer and 11 years when he died. He had a rare kind of brain cancer. I watched him go through the terrible symptoms of Chemo Therapy. If I could, […]

Car Heaven

My new husband and I were on a trip to his parents house in Colorado for Thanksgiving. My husband, Garret, was on medication for a recent wisdom tooth pulling and couldn’t drive. I would have to drive an agonizing 10 hours. We were doing some last minute packing when my husband decided to tease me. […]