Our 30 Years Of Marriage!

lovingyourmanThis year, 2014 celebrate 30 of marriage. My husband and I may have gotten older, but our sex drives are as if we were still in our 20s! We knew we were right for each other from the time we started dating in 1977 when we were 18 (him) and 16 (me). The very first thing that made us “click” is our love for God, and being under the Lordship of Christ. After that we discovered our love of music, playing guitar and ABBA! One of our dates was going to see ABBA The Movie!

I’m now 53 years old, and my husband is 55. Like our daughters did 10 years earlier, our younger daughter now organized this wonderful anniversary party for us! We were so surprised by this, and when we got to our venue, we saw how beautifully done it was! Our daughter made a slideshow of us, as well as a speech about how beautiful we were and how great parents we were to her & her sister… We taught her well with God’s help!

After we hugged her, we realized she booked an ABBA tribute band for us! We had photos taken, the band was starting to sing and play and we started dancing. It was so much fun, and all of a sudden, out first dance song came on, so my husband & I started dancing together the same way we did at our wedding – holding each other in our arms, and it felt like newlyweds all over again. It was as if this were our wedding night 30 years ago!

“Oh, how I love you, my darling! You are still as beautiful as you were on our wedding day! Even as on the day we first met.” My husband told me,

“I will never forget our first time. I love you and forever will, my darling.”

“I love you too and forever will, my sweet love,” I replied,

“The way we danced together, and how we made sweet love for the very first time.”

“Oh yes, it was so beautiful! I remember it to this day,” said my husband.

Then, when “our song” – the song we were listening to when we first fell in love (and when we shared our first kiss) – came on, we danced like teenagers, just like in 1977. Ah, those memories are so vivid!

We had a wonderful time, and then, the three of us went back home after we said goodbye to our daughter and her family. We all decided to stay up to watch our wedding video, which was a frequent habit since we were married. It’s always beautiful to remember. We were so young, and we still feel young, never mind that we’re older. We held hands while watching the ceremony, and our first dance as husband and wife. Even our granddaughter commented on our beautiful we were.

After watching our beautiful wedding video, my husband and I went to bed, after tucking our granddaughter in. But we didn’t go to sleep…

I took my evening dress off, leaving me in that very same silk corset I had on our wedding night. I pulled back the covers on our white bed and lay down, ready for my handsome, sexy husband, while I had a stretch. He came in, wearing the white silk boxers he wore on our wedding night! And it did not take long for him to get hard seeing me like this.

“Remember this, baby?” I asked him seductively,

“I certainly do, my little darling!” He replied, and could tell he was turned on.

“I remember those sexy boxers!” I told him,

He took me in his arms, and we kissed for a while in bed,

“I remember first touching you in that, first your breasts, then your back, over the soft silk. I’m glad you remember my boxers! I also wore those when I first tasted your sweet ladyplace.”

“Oh I’ll never forget that. I remember the first time I held you naked. We both had many beautiful nights. I love you so much… oh yes, kiss me, baby… I love you…” I breathed, as my voice turned to whisper as my husband kissed my neck.

As we kept kissing, my husband loosened the bows at the back of my corset, and gently pulled down my panties. As I stretched on our bed fully nude, I watched my husband rid himself of his boxers. He then climbed onto the bed, and ran his hand up my side, and gently touched my breasts before moving his hand to my face, and kissing me on the mouth.

“I love you too, darling! I love to make love to you. To feel your breasts and kiss your neck. I love embracing and French kissing you. And I love dancing with you, before we make love. I love you, my sweet and sexy dancing queen.” My husband told me.

I spread my legs, in the way he likes so much. We remembered our wedding night, how we saw each other naked for the very first time. I remember our bed was with white silk sheets, and the first time my husband touched me sexually, his gentle caresses and how good it felt.

He then touched my wet ladyplace with one hand, and gently started stroking it. Then, he climbed over me, and he put his almost rock-hard manpart into my very wet ladyplace. I remembered when I first felt that on our wedding night. Oh, how young we were, and how happy we were that we were finally married. We fell in love as teenagers, and we had very strong love for each other, and that love further blossomed on our wedding night.

We started to sweat, I ran my hands up his sweaty back, and he groaned in pleasure while I rubbed his neck. He kissed my wet neck and collar bone as he stroked my breasts while I remembered the first time he touched my breasts on our wedding night, as we got ready to make love. My husband then embraced me as he showered my face with warm, wet kisses. He nuzzled my jawbone before kissing it, working his way to my lips, kissing them.

We were kissing, caressing and hugging one another while my husband thrusted inside of me. I moaned in pleasure while husband kept kissing me, as I remembered how it felt to make love for the first time. The way I ran my fingers through his hair was in the same way as I had done on our wedding night. He responded to that quite favorably, so he obviously must’ve remembered that.

Then, I orgasmed so strongly I cried out in ecstatic pleasure while my husband and I embraced one another, and the way he kissed me, and caressed my body while I moaned in total ecstacy, was just like how he did it when we made love for the first time. I clutched his shoulders as my hot, orgasmic breaths blew down his neck. My husband wasn’t afraid to let out his breaths of ecstacy either. He kissed my neck, and held me tight as he moaned. When I came down, I was in total bliss. I was surprised that my husband remembered these certain things, I mean I know he remembers our wedding night, but I didn’t think he remembered these little details! Yet it was all spontaneous!

We cuddled, kissed and nuzzled each other while we looked back on the last 30 years. Like how on our honeymoon the nights were clear and the stars were shining bright, and sometimes there would be foggy mornings. We looked back on our career and success, the birth of our two daughters and grandchildren. I’m so grateful that God gave us this beautiful life we’ve got, and that He gave us our beautiful marriage and family, and most importantly, the gift of salvation.

My husband and I love each other so much, we’ve been through so much together. We’ve gotten older, but we’re still the same in some ways. We engaged in pillow talk, caressing one another while we were talking about our wedding night and honeymoon. He remembered us saying our vows. I remembered our first kiss as husband and wife. He remembered us cutting our wedding cake, and me tossing the bouquet. I remembered how we all danced in the colorfully-lit reception area, to “our song”, Honey Honey, after our first dance. We both remembered being naked in each other’s arms, after our first time, sleeping while looking forward to life being married to each other.

We lay in each other’s arms, cuddled up continuing to remember how we were 30 years ago. Praise God!

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  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Harper – we rejoice with you in God’s goodness. What an event! You are just a few years older than us – we’ll join you in the 30 club in a couple of years. I know I almost always mention this – but your memories are precious. I love how much you appreciate God giving you the ability to think of yourselves sexually as being in your 20’s. Honestly Harper, my wife and I feel exactly he same way! We are as horny for one another as we have ever been. We are so satisfied with what God has given us – and that we do not have to look or go elsewhere. I love to see this kind of contentment chronicled on MH. The best is yet to come!
    God bless you and your husband.

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