Long Distance Video Chat Part 2

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Like I said at the end of the last story this week deserves a story all its own. Trust me the more we did this the more bold things become. I have four years’ worth of stories so depending on the comments I can keep them coming.

The weeks e-mail were very hot. She kept asking me to tell her how I’d give her a message and be very descriptive on how I would touch her. She told me it got her very hot on how I told her about kissing, licking and sucking on her nipples. When she got done with our chat she said her panties were soaked. I told her how it had the same effect on me. She asked what I did about it and I told her I had a very private shower and relieved myself. I said it was very strong and lots. I asked if she did the same. She really didn’t answer. I think believe it or not she was either too shy to say or really hadn’t explored the possibility of masturbation yet. That was something that wasn’t in her background—yet.

The weekend couldn’t get here fast enough. I got to the café and found a secluded spot. This week for sure I wanted to make sure I was as private as I could be. I wore something that would let myself grow easy without giving it away. Plus the table I sat at would hide things until I could relax. I logged in and waited. It seemed like forever to see the signal that she was online and ready to video chat. When she came on the picture was different. Clear but all I could see was her face. Even so it was so beautiful and that alone made me happy. We began our normal chat about the week. This and that. After a while of small talk I mentioned that this time all I could see was her face. I asked her what she had on but she just changed the subject. Finally with a sly look she said yes she was sitting closer but would now slide back so I could see more. I could barely type I was so nervous with anticipation on what I would see.

When she moved back I saw she had on one of my white shirts. I couldn’t see much in the line of cleavage and was a tad disappointed. I told her I saw she had on one of my white shirts and asked what else. Instead of an answer to my question she began to explain why the shirt. She told me it had my scent on it. She could still smell my cologne and it made her feel close. I was beginning to worry this was going to end badly. That it would end in a cry not something sexy.

Then things turned better when she said, “Plus it has buttons.” She knows how I love to unbutton her and take her clothes off. I asked to see more of the shirt. I saw the top two buttons were already undone but the others were not. I told her I would love to be there to unbutton the rest so I could see what was under the shirt. She told me she wished I was there to do that also.

Then she got up to adjust how she was sitting. I think it was just to do what she did next. She gave me a full down shirt view. I saw she had no bra on this time! I got a full view of her beautiful breasts. I could feel the tingle as I began to respond. She sat back down and asked what next. I told her I wanted to start to unbutton that shirt so I could do wonderful things to her breasts to get her excited. She thought that was a great idea. Then she unbuttoned the next button and said, “Like that?” Yes I responded. “How many more should I do?” I said all of them. Then she slowly unbuttoned the next one and the next one until they were all done. She let the shirt fall loose. I could see that beautiful valley between her breasts. Her cleavage was so inviting. “What next?” she asked.

I began to tell her how I love to start and her neck because I could smell her perfume. Sometimes the smell of her perfume would start to make me hard. Then I would work my way down to her breasts. I wanted to slide my hand under her shirt and cup her breasts and feel their softness in my hand as I kissed them. Then I saw her slide her hand under the shirt as she started to rub them and play with them. I was really growing now at what I saw. “Tell me more,” she said. I asked her what she wanted me to do next. “I want you to lick my nipples.” “I want you to flick them with your tongue fast.” I told her I would and as I did I would hold her breast firm in my hand. Then I would suck gently on them by holding them between my lips. I would tug on them and suck on them. I could see her playing with her breast even more now. She had both her hands on them working them even more. I could tell she was working on her nipples. Her moans were loud enough now I could hear her. I was so hard and was getting wet. I’m glad I wore what I did because it was so much easier for me to get a full hard erection. Then she slide the shirt completely off. She was totally naked from what I could see. I was going crazy. This was the first time in months I saw my wife naked like that. I sat there and watched as she worked her breasts and nipples. She was getting more and more excited. I just watched as her eyes were closed and I knew she wasn’t seeing anything I typed. I was so excited. I was twitching with excitement. I thought I was going to explode without even touching myself. Then she stopped and asked what do I think?

I told her I was amazed and I was so hard and so horny. I told her how I wore something so it was easy to get hard. She asked if I was wet and I answered “OH YES!” Then I asked her if she was. What followed was a shock. It for sure took us to the next level. She said, “Why don’t you see for yourself?” I was like what! With that she took the camera and put it down so I could have a look at her love triangle. She had nothing on except that shirt the whole time! She opened up her legs to give me a great view. She glistened with excitement. I don’t remember ever seeing her that wet before. I was about the same. I could feel my wetness now starting to run down my leg. The choice to wear long pants was a good one.

I asked her what next? She said’ “I don’t know. I’m so horny now. I want you so bad.” I told her why not take matters into your own hands. She giggled and said “not a bad idea.” I told her I had time to watch.

“Not today,” she said. “I’m not ready for that just yet.” I was disappointed but to be honest not sure I could have taken it at this time. I just might have exploded without touching myself and that wouldn’t have been good.

She moved the camera back up to where I could see her face. It was flush and a bit embarrassed. She told me if I sent her e-mail this next week about what I would have done to her if I was there she might get more bold next week. She told me how she would read them and it would get her so horny for our video time. I said not a problem. I already had some good ideas on what to write.

We said our good-byes. I was heading for the shower to take care of business. I knew next week was going to be a wild one. Come back and see.

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