A Little Pleasure Hunt For My Beautiful Wife (L)

Before I left for work I hid a few clues and gifts around the house setting Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 11.33.18 PMup a ‘pleasure hunt’ for my wife.  Before she found this clue I had flowers delivered to her group training class. The flowers arrived and she was naturally thrilled with a few tears of being overwhelmed that they were for her.  She was a bit embarrassed about all the attention as most women want ‘to be that woman’ getting made a fuss over by their adoring husbands and this day was her lucky day.  As I write this I think I should do this more because she really is good to me and worthy of any affection I can give her. The flowers had a note on them expressing my love for her and letting her know that there was another note behind the clock for when she got home.  Below is an exact copy of that note behind the clock, and the notes and clue following it as well as the married adult pleasure that unfolded.

‘Well my Precious, what have you found here?  Another note…but all by itself?  You may need to work just a little harder this time as I have laid out a little bit of a treasure hunt for you, or should it be called a ‘pleasure’ hunt?  Where might the first piece of the puzzle be?  The first thing to do is to get you undressed and then dressed again….so first things first.  You need to take off all your clothes and put on a pair of heels.  After you have done this, look inside the piano stool for your next clue and please text me some updates as you go if you’re in the mood to effortlessly make my cock ache…xxx.’

My mischievous wife smiled in anticipation and couldn’t wait to play along….June got undressed and then naked except for some red slinky heels (the ones she loves to wear when she pleasures herself or wants to let me know she wants to be fucked NOW). She made her way to the piano stool….

‘Mmmm, your horny husband did a little more shopping while buying that dress (a dress I’d bought her about a month ago far too revealing to wear in public but perfect for fucking in as it accentuated her features perfectly) because the thought of you in these was too good to let slide.  You always look great in red!  Slip them on….I wish I was there.  I hope they’re comfortable…are you a little moist?  You can gently stroke yourself a little if you’d like….but not too much, because there’s still more to find.  When you’re ready you’ll find the next little piece of lingerie above the oven where the rangehood is…I wish I could watch you walk over there and stretch up to reach the cupboard….I’ll just need to imagine…xxx.’

Alongside the note was a pair of red lace crotchless panties that felt so light, playful and sheer on June’s waxed pussy.  She was already moist with anticipation and looked divine in her bare-breasted and naked state, except for the new crotchless lace panties and red heels.  She sauntered gracefully and confidently to the cupboard for her next clue…

‘What’s this?  A bra with most of it missing…The thought of you in this drives me wild (It was an open cut bra that presents her breasts perfectly….because they don’t cover anything but just prop them up a little).  Please put it on.  I can just imagine how perfect your luscious titties look in this piece.  If I was there I would be massaging and firmly holding your breasts.  Now I realise you’re not wearing much but you are wearing just the right amount to find your next clue….which can be found in my top drawer.’

June was enjoying this, she has worn all sorts of sexy lingerie before but this was just so hot and naughty.  Of course my wife and I are happily married and she is totally loyal and doesn’t flirt with anyone but me.  In her own words, she loves to dress a “little slutty” in the bedroom because of the effect she knows it has on me…Naturally, she couldn’t wait to find the next clue…

‘Hello again….you had probably guessed what might be in here.  I really enjoyed pleasuring you with this vibe and my tongue the other night.  I loved the way your pleasure seemed to increase when I started to move the vibe in and out of your sopping wet sexbox faster and I loved that you were being stimulated inside and out, not to mention of course the enjoyment I had tasting so much of your sweet sex….tonight you don’t have to use the vibe, but it’s there if you want it….you could place it inside and use your fingers on top or use it inside and out depending on what feels good for you my cheeky sexbomb.  All you need to do now is lie down on the bed and get comfortable because of course I’ve written you another hot and heavy story.  Your own personal sex-writer has been at it again, driven by a desire to make sure you’re having your fair share of adult fun while I’m away….I’m imagining you’re ready to go….heels, crotchless panties and open cut bra.  If I was there it would take all my self control to make love to you slowly and not just ravage you and fuck you with brazen and unbridled lust.  Let’s get to the story….

June’s excitement heightened when she realised I’d written her a personal sex story for her to pleasure herself to.  She took the note with the story below on it with her to the bed.  It was a warm summer night and now it was just her dressed for sex, with a hot letter from her loving husband.  With no more clues to find the only thing left for her to do was rub, stroke, finger and enjoy playing with herself, knowing that she had her husband’s total support and approval to do so.  The story is below….

We’ve actually spent the whole day in the Hunter Valley with friends.  It was a prize that we won for ourselves and a group of friends.  A luxury wine tour, including being driven in a limo from Sydney.  We’ve all had a great day, the weather has been perfect and the wine good….All of our friends decided to book accommodation for the night in the Hunter Valley, but we had decided to go back to the Soho in the city (I still remember well the loud orgasm you had there as you were straddled over my face in the afternoon when we stayed there last).  Anyway this meant that around 9:30pm all our friends got dropped at their hotel and we found ourselves with the limo to ourselves all the way back to Sydney.  Our driver was separated from us by a wall in the limo near the front…unable to see us or hear us. 

We had been flirting most of the day as you were wearing a nice summer dress, however I knew you were wearing the red panties and open cut bra underneath and this knowledge had been distracting for me all day.  I loved it when you did this, wearing very revealing and sexy underwear, even if no-one else knew.  I had my arm around you and you were snuggling into me, my hand gently moving up and down your upper thigh.  Because you know me too well, you quickly become aware that your husband is keen on some risqué adult play with you right there in the back of the limo.  You’re a little hesitant and at the very same time conflicted because something primal in you loves it when my hands are on you and my lips are wandering from your mouth to your neck.  Regardless of the choice you were going to make, my sensual advances were helping you make up your mind.  You decide to go with the flow for a little while because you can always stop me if you get too uncomfortable.  We start to kiss long and deep….the type of kisses that always end in sex….I open your legs a little and my suspicions are correct….you’re wet already.  I boldly unzip my pants releasing my lovemaker.  You’re a bit shocked but already at the point where you want it….and more badly by the minute.  I can see you are a little startled, but I don’t blink an eyelid as I swiftly flick the shoulders of your dress off and proceed to remove it in one motion…you look gorgeous…heels, your skimpy red crotchless panties and that bra that covers nothing.  I quickly start to kiss you again while my free hand makes it’s way over every part of your body within reach…until it brushes over the front of your panties and then slides onto and around your sex button.  You let out a soft moan which only serves to encourage me all the more. 

Our lips are locked, occasionally biting each others lips playfully while my fingers do the work on your highly aroused pussy.  I sit you back on the seat, firmly pressing your scantily clad body against the luxurious leather.  You’re no longer in control and feeling totally uninhibited, you just want more of that sexed up feeling that is welling up inside you.  I place my hands on your knees, slide them up your thighs and part your legs wide open.  You look so decadent, yet so unlady-like and slutty.  Your pussy is tingling and I can see your panties are starting to get soaked in your sex….I just want to look and stare but also desperately want to taste you even more as my being is consumed with lust for you.  With total confidence I move my lips towards your intimate area…first a peck on your left inner thigh and then on the right, followed by firm contact with my lips and tongue from top to bottom to the top to side to side all over your hungry pussy….you moan again, knowing that it is only a matter of time now until you’ll be having your first round of sexual ecstasy.  You close your eyes and let your head drop back…you can feel the pleasure building.  You place one arm up to touch the roof of the limo and press my mouth into you by holding the back of my head and pulling me firmly into you…you start to moan now between every breath and I can feel your hot arse tightening and bucking slightly….I increase my effort, pressing harder and slightly faster which sends you right over (moan)…. the (moan)…. edge! I’m hungrily lapping up every drop of your nectar that I can, while also continuing to lick and lap to extend your pleasure….you’re dazed, but not yet satisfied….I keep my hand on your leg as I get up and sit beside you, cock still out and throbbing…you place your hand on it and immediately imagine how it could be put to much better use if it was inside of you.  You don’t even remove your panties, you just straddle me because they are crotchless, sliding effortlessly onto my sex instrument….Without any mucking around you just start to go to work fucking my cock like you do when I just get home from a work trip….up and down with reckless abandon.  Your hair is a little messed up and your delectable titties are right in my face….I can kiss and lick them in between thrusts…we find ourselves in our own little world, the driver still totally oblivious to the adult play taking place in the back seat.  We continue for several minutes and then I feel a release coming on as your love dungeon tightens a little around my bulging pleasure stick.  You’re also moaning again.  I squeeze your tits and arse hard and we both proceed to pound each other’s private parts as deep and hard as we can, everything slippery and sexy.  I start to talk a little dirty to you between my panting….a dead give away that my seed is going to be planted deep inside you and squirted all over the walls of your hot pussy very shortly. ‘You ….. are…..so …..good….to ….me…..honey! Look …at….you!….Such …a…playful…wife…Only ….a ….naughty ….girl…..would….fuck their husband in a limo….c’mon, fuck that cock!…..oh yeaahhh!……yeahhh!’…..and both of us ride the wave as long as we can….I quickly resume to kiss you anywhere I can reach and hold and grope at your sweaty flesh as much as I can ….my cock now recovering and just slowly relaxing inside of you….

I’ll have to tell you what happens once we get to the Soho another time…maybe you could text me a few hints for that story…you could choose your lingerie and the positions and give me a hint as to whether it will be slow and sensual or rough and hard.  I love you darling and hope you enjoyed yourself.  You are so desirable, delectable and delicious…you’ve got no idea how hot you are and how much you’ve got my mind and cock wrapped around your little finger.  Looking forward to the real thing when I get back.  Lots of love from your hard husband. xxx.’   

June expertly pleasured herself and had her sweet pussy nectar all over her fingers and while panting lightly, regaining her breath and with her whole body totally relaxed from her orgasm, she sent me the following text.

‘You were right about that bra, it covers nothing!  It’s like a picture frame for my breasts.  Loving another erotic bestseller for my collection and personal enjoyment…..thank you boss.  I’m thinking the next chapter is set in the Soho suite and we’re getting ready to go out for tea.  I’m all dressed finishing my hair and make-up while you’ve just finished your shower.  You come into the room but I don’t turn around because I’m still putting my earrings on when I feel all of you pressing up from behind as you kiss my neck, squeeze my titties and slowly and playfully run your fingers up my dress, while never allowing me to turn round….You know how to write the story from here and my hot little pussy and naughty mind can’t wait! Love June, xxx.’

Naturally, this text ignited my arousal and enthusiasm to write the next chapter in a private erotic letter for her pleasure.  She’s so good to me!

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  1. loveithot says:

    Thanks Strawberry and hornyGG, I just feel so fortunate to have wife, lover and best friend to be able to share these experiences with. I did write the next chapter so that June could continue her private adult fun the following night. I’ll post it sometime soon :).

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