Long Distance Video Chat Part 3

Week three and what this weekend will bring is anybody’s guess. I know I sure gave up

trying to guess. I did what now has become my normal early early morning trek to the internet café. I was again dressed to allow for expansion and wetness without detection. If the e-mail stories I sent did their job this is going to be a very very hot session. We worked on words that were acceptable when I would be telling her what I would do. I was given some rather good hints on what direction my writing should take. Most of all she told me that my stories had made her very horny. Horny to the point she said her experiences have been expanded. Her e-mail yesterday said that tomorrow would be a day to remember.

When I got to the café I could already feel some wetness. I was thinking oh my, what will I do! I got a really great spot and other than the attendant I was the only one in there. I think I can get away with talking at a low tone if the need arises. I was thinking he has to be a little suspect but really didn’t care at this point. I got all set-up and logged in. I adjusted and was ready for her to come online. I could stay extra time today if need be. I just hope I stay the only one in here. Pays to be an early morning person and I was very thankful they were open 24/7.

There she was. We were online now and I could hear her and see her sweet face. I was puzzled however. She had on an old sweat shirt but was all dollied up with perfect make-up and hair. I wasn’t as nervous as last week when I saw the sweat shirt. Fool me once maybe but not twice. Especially with the previous weeks e-mail. For all I knew she was totally naked again under that old sweat shirt. We started off with our normal chat. It seemed a bit more rushed but this was also out time to take care of household business and we couldn’t just have cam-sex. I was concerned at this point if she asked me to buy a new car and a house I would agree just so we could move on to what is going to happen next.

Finally she asked if the way I dressed last week worked to give me breathing room without showing. I knew that was the signal it was time for cam-sex and the small talk was complete. I told her it worked very well. She asked what I had done. I told her I wore a pair of very loose fitting boxers and some dark baggie sweat pants. It gave me plenty of room to grow and almost made me feel like I was naked. I asked her if she had anything on under her sweat shirt. She said, “Maybe.” I asked if she had anything else on. Again the answer was maybe. I asked what did I needed to do to find out. She said well tell me what you would do if you were here. My first reaction was oh I would come up from behind you with my rock hard erection, bend you over and slide inside you with one long hard thrush. Grab your hips and thrush with all my might. Then I caught myself and reminded myself no this is a slow build-up story to get her horny. The whole ”she can feel me experience” isn’t possible.

So I started off by telling her I would stand behind her as she sat in the chair. I would first rub her neck. Then her shoulders. I would keep doing that until I had her nice and relaxed. I’d work my strong hands on her tight muscles over and over until I felt the tension melt away. She let out a soft coo of agreement. “What next?” she asked. I said I’d lean down and kiss your neck soft. Then whisper in your ear how beautiful you are and how I love you. How I love to feel you in my hands and I message your tight muscles. “Oh yes, that would feel so good.” “Tell me more,” she said softly. I could see she was starting to get into the zone. I asked her if she would want to lay down on the bed so I could continue the massage. I said that the sweat shirt is being rather constrictive. I could massage her even better if it was off. It was time to see what was under the wrapping paper this week. Much to my delight she agreeded.

She stood up and went off camera. I was like what? Then she came back into view. Oh what a view. As she sat down I wasn’t sure if it was planned or an accident but she came in close to the camera and was leaning over. I got a full shot of her full beautiful breasts. Once again what ever she had on didn’t include a bra. When she sat down and got adjusted all I could tell was it was black, shear and barely there what she was wearing. I could easily make out all the details of her breasts and it fit very loosly. I had never seen this outfit before. It had a very positive effect on me. I was fully erect now. It was a classic case of less can be more. The way the shear material covered her breasts but not so much I couldn’t see them was sexier than total nude.

I complimented on her choice of outfit and how beautiful it made her look. I told her that must be new. She said yes. She said it was new just for today. She asked what it did for me. I told her I was so hard now after seeing her this way I was amazed it was possible to be that hard. I asked what else this outfit was made of. “Oh you will have to earn that answer,” she said. Earn? How do I do that? She asked if it was going to be possible to talk today since she was probably going to not be able to see the screen when things got hot. I told her for now that was possible but she might want to turn the sound up because I couldn’t talk to loud. I saw her smile with a very sly smile. Ok, so how do I start to earn my way to the answer? “Tell me all about what you would do to me dressed like this,” she said with a whisper. I asked if she was in the chair or on the bed. She said chair. Pretend I’m here working on the computer and you slip in to distract me. OK!

I would see you working on the computer. Working so intense that you don’t hear me slip up behind you with nothing on but my boxers. I bend down and softly kiss your neck. You react with surprise since you didn’t hear me come in. I continue to kiss your neck and you stop typing. I see your eyes close and you just coo. I whisper in your ear how I’m going to first relax you and then make you so tense with an orgasm you will never forget. I looked at her there on the screen and I knew I was heading in the right direction. I did a lot of prep work with e-mail earlier this week.

Then I’m going to rub your shoulders and neck until you almost fall asleep. “Oh yes,” she whispered. “Tell me more.” Once you are relaxed I’m going to bring my hands around and cup your breasts. I want to knead them and hold them. I want to feel them in my hands. “Is my top still on or off,” she asked. On I told her. This was the first I saw her touch her breasts. She had them in her hands and were holding them close together and gently starting to massage them. “More, tell me more!” she said. I’m leaning forward and you can feel my hot breath on your neck and I continue to knead and rub your breasts. Are you ready for me to put my hands under your shirt so you can feel my firm strong hands hold you? “YES! YES! Do that,” she commanded. Her nipples were so hard now. Those beautiful breasts need to come out from under that top. “Ok” she said. Then she reached down and slipped them both out from under her shear top. I was so hard! The sight of her naked breasts had me so so so hard and excited. I was getting wetter by the second. I had enough room under what I wore that I could feel my hard erection twitching with excitement. “Now what?” she asked. It was starting to get harder for her to talk.

I told her I was going to slip her top off so I could give her breasts a good massage. I was going to hold them and knead them and give them a little squeeze. “Hmmmm, Yes that would feel so good.” “More,” she said. “Tell me more!” I told her, wasn’t it time she started to help herself out? I mean I can only tell you so much and I will get to the end. She asked if I could start talking about what I would do so she wouldn’t have to always look at the screen. She said that was kind of distraction. I told her to turn up the sound and we would check to see if she could hear me. I said something and she told me she could hear me just fine. I was glad I didn’t have to type anymore. I could tell the story faster plus I could sneak my hand under the table from time to time and feel my hard erection if I wanted to. I went back to my story telling.

I asked if she was ready for me to play with her nipples yet. “OH YES PLEASE DO!!” I told her how I would rub the with the palm of my hand while I held her breast. “YES” Then rub one between my fingers gently. Then the other one. I heard her start to moan as she was rubbing her breasts and playing with her nipples. I was so excited. I felt my wetness start to drip down the side of my leg. I slipped my hand down under my pants. I wanted to feel my hard erection. I rubbed the clear fluid around some but had to quickly stop as I was afraid I would have an orgasm.

I went back to the task at hand. When I looked back at the screen I noticed she was rubbing her breast with just one hand. I asked if she was ready for my tongue on those wonderful breasts. All I got was a moan which I took as a yes. I told her how I was ready to lean way down now and kiss her soft breasts. I could smell the perfume she had put on them and it had me so excited. “YES” she said. I’m going to run my tongue over your hard nipples and play with them until it drives you crazy with excitement. “OH YES” “tell me more!” Do you like my tongue? “YES!” Do you want me to suck on your nipples? “OH YES!”

She was really working her one breast. She was rubbing it and playing with her nipple. Where was her other hand? Her moans were getting louder and I kept on telling her about how I would lick and suck on her breasts.

I didn’t want to ask where her hand was because I was afraid I would break her concentration but I had to. I finally asked what she was doing with her other hand. Then the camera started to move around. I was a little puzzled until what I saw next.

She moved it down so I could see completely between her legs. She said, “It has been here.” “I’m so horny I can’t stand it!” “Tell me what you would do here,” she begged.

The view was unbelievable. Her soft white inter thigh lead me up to her wet love triangle. Her fur was so wet like I had never seen before.  “TEL ME-TELL ME NOW!” Last week’s view was good but this was much better. I think she had been working on the camera position this past week. I was beyond hard and excited. I reach back under my pants for a quick feel. My testicles were so hard and full I was amazed. I rubbed around some more of the fluid so it would drip so much. I had to quickly stop because I almost came.  I was so glad I was alone so I could keep talking.

I started off by telling her I was going to position myself down there between her legs. “YES!” Then I’m going to softly and slowly start to kiss your smooth inter thigh. I’m going to start just above your knee and kiss slow and soft. First a few kisses up your thigh. Should I keep going? “OH YES!!!” How high should I go? Between moans she managed to say higher. Then I saw what was going to be the next level of our chat. She reached down and started to rub her fingers over her wetness. Oh my I was so turned on. I went back to my story. I left her to her self-pleasure as I continued. Her moans were my reward.

I started to kiss up her thigh even higher. I kept going until I was almost to the top. Then I’m going to change sides and do the same thing. I’m going to run my hands softly all up and down your inter thighs but stop just short of the top.

Her moans were louder now. Her fingers were working so quick over her wetness. Her legs were closing in around her hand and then open again. Then I told her to use her other hand and put a finger inside her as she rubbed. She followed my command.

Now I’m going to run my tongue up your inner thigh. I want to taste your skin and feel you on my tongue. Then I’m going to come up the other side and do the same thing. I asked her if she was ready for me to go higher. “Yes she whispered, yes go all the way.” She was working her fingers with all her might. Her moans in my ears was almost too much for me to handle. I didn’t dare touch myself or I would explode.

I’m going to lick up your thigh again and this time I’m not stopping. “NO NO DON”T stop.” “I want to feel your tongue on me now!” I’m going to come across you with one full long stroke of my wet hot tongue. I want to lap at you with full strokes from top to bottom. I want to taste you womanhood. I want you to feel my tongue as it works on your excitement.

She was rubbing herself so fast now. I know her other hand was working her breasts and nipples. Her legs would close around her hand then release it. I wasn’t sure how much more either of us to take. Time for the finish.

I asked her if she was ready to have a mind blowing orgasm. “Yes,” she could barely answer me over her heavy breathing.

I going to put my hands on your hips. Then I’m going to bury my face tight against you. I want to feel your wetness against my face. I’m going to lap full strokes from top to bottom. I want my tongue to taste all of you. Now I’m going to take the tip of my tongue and start to play with your love button. Soft and gentle at first. Then faster and faster. I can feel it swell under my tongue as I work on you. I feel your legs close in around my head as you start to reach your orgasm. The speed of my tongue on you gets faster as I can feel you about to have an orgasm. Your moans of pleasure have me so excited. Then it happens. You let out a loud moan and a muffled scream! You grab the back of my head and push me into you. You cover my face with your loveliness. I love the way you feel against me. I can feel your orgasmic contraction on my tongue and face. Finally you let your grip loose and I can come up from your wet love triangle.

That was it. Over the edge I pushed you. I can see and hear your orgasm. I’m just beside myself. I want to have one also and now. You start to coast down. You rub yourself almost like you would a muscle during a cool down after a workout. Then you move the camera back up so I can see your naked breasts and face. You are so red faced. I just sit there as you calm down enough to talk.

I ask how was that. You smile at me and say “What do you think” Pretty good I’d say. Then she asked how I was doing. I told her how hard of an erection I had. How my testicles were so hard and tight I was almost in pain. She told me that she wished I could have joined her. I told her I’d probably have to sit there for ten minutes to try and get soft before I left. I just hope I can distract myself long enough to get to the shower without getting hard again. Then I heard what I need to hear. “I wonder what we can do next week?” I guess we will have to discuss that on e-mail this coming week.

Reluctantly we signed off but I needed to go take care of business.


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  1. Michael Walken says:

    One time, while at work my wife called me on my cell phone. She said “listen! Don’t say a word!” She said that she was in bed, w/out any clothes on. She then put her phone on a pillow next to her so I could hear everything. She was touching herself all over w/ one hand and the other she had her rabbit toy which she used!
    I couldn’t do anything else but listen to her moans. 🙁 Torture ! 😉 People were in the store. I had to wait till I closed, came home to her and we replayed everything. whew!

    • C Hildy says:

      Michael, we’ve done that also but when I was in private so no torture 🙂 I love to hear my wife get excited.

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