While She Is Away (L)

I don’t enjoy when my CC is away. My wife has a very strong sex drive, and when she is not around I long for her, and my Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 4.41.33 PMmanhood becomes engorged at the thought of her.  I’m not talking about any sexual acts just yet. Simply thinking about her and who we are together pumps blood to my private parts. Here I am at home, very horny for her, as she is away for a couple of days. Random things, transport my mind to some sexy memory of her.  She’s always teasing me, and at the most inopportune and opportune times I feel my pants tighten around my groin.

Before I took her to the doctor the other morning, we were flirting in the kitchen during breakfast.  She always whines, with a naughty grin, for me to stop touching her when she has to be somewhere, claiming I’m gonna make her late to her appointments. That doesn’t stop her from arching her ass into my pelvis with whispers of moans to almost instantly bring my lust to attention. She then manages to escape to focus on the matter at hand, breakfast. I try to calm myself down and finish my breakfast, because I know we only have about 10 minutes to get to the doctor’s office which is about 10 minutes away. My erection calmed down a bit, but I could still feel sensations pulsing through my groin almost to the rhythm of my heartbeat. As I stood at the counter finishing my last couple of bites, I kept catching glimpses of my CC’s eyes glancing to my waist along with what seemed to be a look of content. I won’t argue that she can make me stand to attention in a second. Each time I saw her glance, I felt the pulse in my aching groin intensify, causing my bulge to twitch like an expectant pet waiting for a treat.

On our 10 minute trip to the doctor’s office, our innocent little morning has tightened my pants so much so, that sitting in the car is uncomfortable. I’m driving, and when I look over in the side view mirror, I see my wife’s eyes fluttering down to my crotch. She must know what effect she is having, as I feel my pants tighten more, and the little pain I am now feeling wishes my  hard-on would just bust through my zipper. When we arrive, my wife leans in my direction so I can steal a glimpse of her perfect twin doves, which have a hypnotizing effect on me. I just love her curves and I begin to fantasize on the smoothness of her and how quickly her nipples can harden from a simple graze from my fingers. Her scent, ass, and love box have the same effect on me.  As she turns to exit our car, she arches her ass mimicking the arching ass grind from only 20 minutes earlier in the kitchen.

“Ahhhh…” I let out as I step out of the car in a trance and instantly my groin is temporarily allieviated.

As soon as I took a step towards the door with her, my entire body’s blood supply feels as if it’s retreating to my manhood.  I look down, and I could feel my heartbeat through my growing-by-the-second cock, and my cheeks were on fire. I glanced over to my wife’s ass, and mustered everything in me to not fuck my wife right there in the parking lot, bending her over the hood of our car, and pressing myself into her from behind. She gets turned on from me agressively ravaging her in this kind of way.  When our eyes met, from me glancing at her ass, I noticed her eyes dart in the direction of where my growing tent of a crotch was.  Yep, it was pulsing bigger to each heart beat, and I know my cheeks must’ve been scarlet, but I was ok.  I noticed the slight grin of content on my wife’s expression, but more than that, I saw a glazed look over her eyes. This typically signals her developing desire for a “heated fuck” and a very wet pussy. Walking into the doctor’s office our eyes were lusting for each other. My hard-on was not subsiding. I became even more horney with what followed.

The mushroom tip of my cock pressed against my pants as I shifted my member down the right side of my pant leg. I knew this embarrassed my wife, because she has told me how very wet she became at the mental and physical image of the mushroom tip of my cock. When she becomes wet in public she becomes embarrased, and turned on simultaneously. These situations are typical “good” recipies for exciting times at home. Unfortunately, we weren’t at home! Though no one in the waiting room could see the lust I saw in her eyes, I knew how uncomfortable she felt when her sex moistened in public. I found amusement, kind of the same way she found pleasure in single handedly turning me on only moments earlier. We still hadn’t reached the receptionist’s desk. Everyone in the waiting room was oblivious to us; the lustful couple sauntering down the isle.

As we sat down my wife was half way pouting because she had to fill out more paper work after filling out two pages of paper work before even leaving the house.  I say half way pouting, because she was squirming in her chair the way she does when she’s wet and trying to create friction to subside her own wetness.  We sit in the corner of the waiting room where no one can see us, and I exhale a little sigh of relief. I don’t have to worry about anyone observing the growing ridge and wet spot down the inside of my right thigh.

Just then, my wife, who seemingly was listening to my thoughts, spoke up, “Oooh, we need to move from this section, because this is only for sick people.”

There were no other patients sitting in the “sick” seating area, and I am almost certain she noticed my sigh of relief and used the “sick” sign as an excuse.  She maintained control of my erection by leading us to another section of the waiting room across from a young woman filling out paperwork.

I was so horny for my wife in that moment, I wished we had cancelled the appointment. When I snapped back to the waiting room, I looked up to see a young woman sitting across from my wife and I.  Her eyes widened, as I noticed her accidental doubletake to my waistline. My mouth went dry to match my cold hands, because I was clearly embarrased.  The young woman’s eyes tried to look away from my now throbbing ridge, but she only managed to make awkward eye contact with me.  Her eyes fluttered between my wife’s eyes and mine for what seemed an eternity before she seemingly snapped herself back to her senses. She speedily looked downward into the phone on her lap, shifted herself in her chair and almost transformed into what looked like like a park statue.

When I glanced over at my wife, my cheeks caught on fire again, as she had abandoned her paperwork to lustfully gaze at the plump ridge on the inside of my pant leg, which now also had a quite visible wet spot.  CC was licking her top lip with the tip of her tongue and subtly rocking back and forth in her chair.

“Mrs. CC?” a voice called from across the room, which snapped both my wife and I back from our mental foreplay.

“Yesss? c-c-coming…” my wife managed to almost whimper out with a little hisss, as she stood up, moaned in my direction, and composed herself on her way to the receptionist.  She glanced back with a devilish grin just before she reached the receptionist.  She wriggled her ass in the air and kept shifting her weight on her legs as if she was trying to keep her wetness from dripping down her legs. Her ass looked so fine.

My mind was beginning to become clouded, so I looked over to my wife, but… she wasn’t sitting next to me.  There she is… wait, I glance back to the chair right beside me.  My wife musn’t be wearing any panties under her thin dress, because there in the maroon colored waiting room chair I catch sight of a wet spot. It is three times the size of the growing wet spot forming at the tip of my throbbing mushroom. She IS trying to keep her wetness from dripping down her legs! I can feel my heart beating so fast right now, and my cock is involuntarily twitching.

With my cock in my hand, as I lay on our bed, the replay of the other morning has my fully erect member, begging for attention from my wife. Glistening from the generous dollop of ky lube I am massaging into my erection, my soul is aching for her touch. I lightly massage myself to complete stiffness, making sure to absorb every emotion and sensation. The thought of her awakes in me the most raw and horny desires. I gently twirl my mushroom tip between my index finger and thumb in the similar fashion she caresses the tip with her warm tongue and pouty lips. I can see the veins protruding around my cock, commanding blood to overtake and increase the pressure currently building. I exhale a moan, as I make my way towards the orgasm my wife seems to be controlling despite her absence.  I rub near the base of my shaft, and gently tug at my balls, because I can almost see my wife tasting my cock deeper into her mouth and savoring the lust she’s awakened in me.  My wife’s arched ass grinding on my cock that breakfast morning… no! the wet spot on the chair!  My wife must’ve been desperate to keep her wet pussy from leaking down her legs while she was responding to the receptionist.

“Ahhhh…” I exhale, with my eyes clamped shut, I feel waves of an orgasm jolting deep in my groin, but my cock is rock hard.  I haven’t cum, and all I can think of, is how bad I wanted to fuck her in the parking lot before we entered the doctor’s office. I wanted to fuck my wife, while she was on the hood of our car, as she begged for more.  My cock is so hard.

“Ohhhh… Ahhhhh” another orgasm hits me, but still no cum.  Wow, my dick is getting softer in my hand now.  Did I just have an orgasm without any cum?  I need to bury my cock so deep into CC.

I can’t wait for CC to get home… I miss her SO much!

My wife and I both masturbate, but never have in front of each other.  We love bringing each other to orgasm, but since stumbling on this site, I’m excited to suggest  masterbating in front of one another. Thanks MarriageHeat!

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  1. M Ready says:

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone! Trying my hand at a story was exciting after reading so many good ones. I was surprised how horny i became while writing as well.

  2. John Thompson says:

    I often masturbate in front of my wife, or rather when I’m running my spare hand over naked body. We do that when she!s not in the mood for sex but I am. She runs her hand over me as I’m stroking off, especially down between my thighs and that gets me rock hard. In fact we started that on our honeymoon. Sitting up in bed together naked with my erection hard up over the new experience of a naked woman with me she asked me how a man masturbates. So I showed her and made sure I put on a good show with lots of grunting and taking my time till I squirted. She also likes it when I squirt between her breasts and my semen trickles down her front.

  3. Realman says:

    I entered our bedroom after making my wife a lunch. She was alone for 30 minutes in our room, changing brainspace after a hectic day. Vibrator was on high. She never has it on high. I licked her nipples, kissed her deeply, then did my best to use the toilet while she smacked her pussy lips with the vibe. Afterward, I came into bed and read her your story. Okay, half. She got a little dry, so I took over the vibe and sucked on her clit, moving the vibe to drive that clit wild. Massive O. Thank you for your help. Oh, then I filled her with my manhood, showered, and finished reading. Ready for round 2.

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