Changing Body and Trying Something New! (L)

My husband and I love taking mini road-trips and at seven month pregnant, I knew this was likely the last one for a little while. Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 4.34.00 PM We decided to take a little road trip back to the town where we first met and do some sight-seeing. To cut costs, we rented a room available for married guests at our old University for the week. Although my sex drive was full throttle… lately the weight gain and swelling belly was getting in the way of me feeling completely comfortable. I wanted sex, but often times my changing body would distract me and make me feel anxious about it.

That first night, I crawled under the covers and decided to be proactive. The only question was how to effectively ignore my insecurity about my pregnant body. I didn’t want anything to get in the way of enjoying sex with my handsome, supportive and encouraging husband. I took some quiet deep breaths to relax and opened up the marriage heat website. I read a few stories that started to make my pussy wet but despite being turned on I couldn’t work up the courage to turn over and initiate anything with him that night. I decided the best plan of action would be to get a good night sleep and surprise him in the morning.

I woke up quietly, put on some sweatpants and a hoodie (which was getting much too small for my bulging pregnant tummy) and waddled to the bathroom. I decided to take my time in the shower, remembering all the sexy stories I had read the night before. I shaved my legs and took special care to clean and rinse off my pussy. I started touching myself in the shower, imitating how he touches me because it’s just the way I like it… Thank goodness I had gotten a wax a few days before we left for our trip. I brushed my teeth, slipped on a pair of clean g-string panties and wrapped a towel and went back to our room where my husband was snoring away.

I walked over to him, and with all the confidence I could muster I whispered into his ear, “Wake up… I just took a shower and I’m feeling so horny.”

He was still half asleep so I pulled down the covers to expose his chest and started kissing him. I slowly kissed his cheek, around his jaw, down his neck where I could feel his pulse rising. I started kissing his neck harder and sucking at it, like we did when we were dating. I let my hands roam all over his upper body. My husband loves being at the gym. I felt his huge biceps and let out a sigh as I got more and more turned on by his body.

“Are you awake yet?” I asked coyly.

“Not yet…..” he teased groggily, “maybe you should keep going….”

I slowly moved my kisses down the front of his neck. Since my baby bump was too big for me to straddle him from the front and kiss down his body, I changed my position so I was on my hands and knees beside him and kept kissing down the front of his chest where I knew he loved to feel my tongue. As soon as my tongue hit the spot he liked, he inhaled sharply and moved his hand up in between my legs.

He smiled, his eyes still closed, “Ok! I love this g-string on you.” He could tell which one it was just by the feeling of the lace. Instinctively, I moved my hand down to his already semi-erect penis.

“You’re making me really wet,” I whispered and continued to massage him. “I’ve been thinking about you sliding this inside me all week.”

His eyes shot open and he moved over so there was more room for me on the bed. “Come here. You smell really good,” he whispered. He put one arm around my head to cuddle me and the other down between my legs again. I looked down at his cock again and I bit my lip as he slowly started to work at rubbing me over my panties. I love when he takes his time. Soon my special g-string was soaked and I was finding it hard not to make too much noise (the walls were paper thin!).

“Are you ok?” he asked. He always knew when my mind started to wander.

“I’m nervous I’ll make too much noise and someone will hear…” I confided.

“We’re allowed,” he smiled. “We’re married now. I love hearing you moan. Plus…you’re so hot. I always wanted to do this with you here. What else are you thinking about?”

I frowned. “I want you but my body just keeps getting bigger and more in the way…”

“I love how your body looks right now and how you feel when you’re wet,” he whispered into my ear. He moved his hand from between my legs up to my breasts. “I especially love how God made these on you right now. I love how full they feel lately.” He moved his hands down to my stomach. “I love that your body can carry our child.” He moved his hands down to my legs. “These are my favourite… I love how your legs feel.”

He kept massaging my inner thighs and I relaxed into the bed and against him. I tried to regulate my breathing. Before long I was moaning again, reveling in the pleasure he was giving me and feeling confident in my body. I started to arch my back as he moved his fingers down to my clit again.

“Do you want my dick inside you?” he asked and started rubbing it harder and harder.

I let out another moan and I pulled his arm so his hand would bypass my panties and rub on my naked clit. I reached up to feel his hard cock and all of the sudden, all I could think about was having it in my mouth.

“I want you to fuck my mouth,” I announced.

“Yea?” he asked smiling. I knew he loved it when I sucked on his penis, but because his dick was so big it was hard for me to do it for extended periods of time. I enjoyed it, but it would never be my first request… until this morning. His fingers kept working on my clit and he kissed my lips softly but then his kiss deepened until all I could imagine was his cock in my mouth instead of his tongue.

“Fuck my mouth,” I told him again. He slid his middle finger inside me and kept stimulating my clit with his thumb and it just about sent me over the edge. “Keep rubbing my clit while I suck on it.” I needed his cock down my throat. “I want to cum with it down my throat.”

He got up so he was on his knees and in no time, I licked my lips took his dick in my hand and started sucking on it. To my surprise, the more he stimulated my clit the deeper I wanted it down my throat. I couldn’t get enough of it and had never felt so turned on.

“I really like this,” I mumbled with my mouth full. He started moving his hips back and forth so it went deeper inside my mouth every time. “Keep going,” I gasped between thrusts.

“I’m gunna cum down your throat,” he said. “Keep taking my dick.”

I squeezed his butt a little so he would go deeper inside my mouth and down my throat. Every time a wave of pleasure hit me from the manual stimulation he was doing on my clit, I moaned and opened my mouth wider for him.

“I’m about to cum,” I muffled and then gagged because he was thrusting so far down. He stopped and tried to pull it out to let me breathe. “No! Don’t take it out. I like when it goes that deep,” I protested and he smiled in surprise.

He kept working on my pussy just the way I like it, then took my head in one hand so he could fuck my mouth better and deeper and then all at once, I exploded with pleasure and let his huge cock down my wet warm throat. My body released as I let the orgasm wash over me. Once I came, it didn’t take long for him to finish inside my mouth.

“You were really brave to try something new,” my husband said as he wiped off his penis. “You sucked on it for so long! I really, really liked that.”

I think I’m going to start letting go of my insecurities a bit more often from now on!

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5 replies
  1. marriedman0217 says:

    Great story. I like to hear the wife’s perspective. I remember when my Sweetie was pregnant and how she sometimes felt self conscious about her belly. I never gave it a thought and was just overjoyed that she would continue to share herself with me.

  2. Creative Couple says:

    Hot story. My wife and I hope to get pregnant soon too and the pregnant stories on here have been very inspirational. You can have a kid and great sex too 🙂

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    LC – I really liked your story. You took us deep inside your thoughts. You willingness to try new things inspires us all to not be too set in our ways and patterns. I loved your husband’s response. Have you two tried anything else new sense then? Did the apparent progress over your insecurities continue the next time you two had sex? Overcoming is awesome! God bless you two. I hope the pregnancy continues to go well.

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