Spring Break Lessons on Marriage

My name is A and I am a sophomore at a State University. I am proud to say that I am a good girl with a clear commitment to my convictions. Life has allowed me to learn from the mistakes of people that I care about and that has really molded my views on the topic of sexuality and intimacy. Now, the fact that I am a good girl does not  mean that I am an angel. We were created as sexual beings and I am no exception. The idea of sex really attracts me, but I have made a commitment and will keep that commitment. For now, I am learning to be content and work on myself as a person, as a friend and as a human. However, don’t be fooled, I am constantly horny and that lucky boy better be ready to deal with a little feisty girl that can’t wait to get all those years of sex frustration out! He better be ready.

Now about the story, it was a nice spring break and two good and loved friends (Denise and Joe) invited me to spend the break with them. I have known them for a while. They used to be chaperones at a sports camp that I used to attend my Junior and Senior year of High School. I love spending time with them. Denise is the fun, pretty, cool, listening, wise young woman that some teenager girls are drawn to for advice during those tough confusing years. Joe is a great guy with lot’s of wisdom that made it a point to be guarded with women that are not his wife. Their advice has really helped me in difficult times and with tough decisions. This story however is not about their friendship but about their love for each other and how their love made me desire to be married so badly.

I arrived at their apartment late on a weekday and I was beat after driving for many hours.  They showed me to my room and said goodnight. My bed was nicely done, towels nicely folded and they had even written me a nice note saying how happy they were to see me and to let them know if I needed anything. I got in bed and quickly fell asleep after the long day of driving.

When I woke up, they had breakfast ready for me, and a little note saying, “Good morning A, we didn’t want to wake you up. We went to the gym and are heading to the pool right after. You are welcome to join us in the pool if you want. We left a key and a pass by the door.” I had breakfast and put on my modest but nice swimsuit. I was so excited! After finals, I was ready to relax!

I got to the community pool and a mom with her kids was leaving.  I sat on one of the reclining chairs next to Denise. I was surprised to see that she was untying the back of her classy bikini now that the family left. She probably saw my surprise and said, “Is that ok? I am trying to work on my tan lines.” I was a bit shocked but this just helped with my theory that she was the coolest mentor anyone could have. She was real!

At that point, a woman with big boobs and a skimpy bikini came out from the clubhouse. She walked in front of us and got in the pool. Denise stared her down. I could feel the tension, but Joe did a great job at pretending that she wasn’t even there by complimenting Denise. The woman seemed frustrated for not getting attention, but you could tell that Denise felt loved. He truly only had eyes for her. They have the kind of marriage that I want to have at some point. I want a husband that would only have eyes for me. That’s also when I realized that I was in trouble as I felt that their actions were getting me damp down under. Don’t get me wrong; I wasn’t attracted to them, but their actions and the idea of being married. I am not one to date a lot, but last semester, I somehow had ended up dating a total loser.  Now seeing the kind of love my friends had for each other made me realize how bad I wanted that kind of relationship in the future.  They are so in love, constantly saying nice things to each other, and carefully but clearly they could not keep their hands from showing their affection. Seeing their love was not gross or awkward but so attractive and if I am honest… arousing.

When the slutty woman left, Joe invited Denise to take a dip. Denise tied her bikini top and they both jumped in the pool. I was relieved! I finally had an opportunity to adjust myself just in case my bottom or my nipples would give away how I was really feeling. Oh, boy was I wrong. As I positioned myself belly down on the recliner, I saw them looking at each other and playing with each other in the pool, and that made me really horny. They weren’t even being inappropriate. They were just in love and having fun. I honestly try not to think about this kind of stuff but it was hard when they were both in swimwear. They do cross-fit together and their bodies show it.  Denise is in her early thirties, she is a tall brunette with a killer body and long legs. Joe is also attractive, with nice features, tan skin, nice defined body, and most importantly, is a true gentleman. I couldn’t help but think that they probably have incredible sex. Sex that goes beyond their nice bodies but matches their great relationship. I really needed some time alone!

After the time in the pool, I couldn’t get my mind off sex. My hormones and interest in sex mixed with their clear love were too much to resist. I firmly believe that sex is only for marriage. That works to keeps my thoughts in order in college as everyone is hooking up with everyone. Seeing the married, hot lovebirds somehow played a trick on my mind and it felt okay to give my imagination a green light and let it run wild.  As we walked into the apartment, my mind couldn’t help but imagine getting home from the pool with my future husband. I thought of a future time in which I wouldn’t need to wear this one-piece swimsuit, but have a bikini like Denise’s so that my hubby could enjoy the view.

I started my shower, but I couldn’t help fantasizing about getting home with my husband and having a quickie in the shower as we helped each other rinse from the pool. My hands started to roam my naked body. I thought… were they doing the things I was imagining now? I saw Joe smack Denise in the ass before going into the hallway that leads to the rooms. They are married, they can! Marriage is truly a blessing! My mind couldn’t stop and I started to wonder if my friend Denise was giving Joe a nice hand job or maybe even more. That thought sparked another thought… how would it feel to hold a real erect cock? The thoughts provided great material for a nice first intense “happy ending” as one day it will no longer be my hand but my husband in the shower with me. That was the start of a fun Spring break!

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5 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    L2w, I’m so impressed with your desire to see all these things through the lens of monogamous marriage! You are right to be excited about what awaits you! I agree- that Christ loving man better be ready for a godly horny woman. God bless you as you continue to walk with Him! In the meantime, enjoy your own hand until he comes.

  2. fun and faithful says:

    Hey girl!
    I myself am a sophomore in college and reading your story brought a huge smile to my face 🙂 It’s so encouraging to see other girls who value sexual intimacy the way God intended it to be. It’s a scary world for us godly single ladies and college doesn’t make it any easier, but way to hang in there! I pray you can continue to stay strong! Thanks for sharing this post. I really appreciated it.

  3. Eva says:

    I liked this a lot. I am really excited that you and other singles are starting to post on this site. When I first came to mh, I kept thinking to myself, “This site is great for us married people, but what about the singles? Can’t there be something for them?” I would see comments every once in awhile from singles trying to figure out what their boundaries were and you could just tell how frustrating the whole thing was to them.

    I love that now there are posts that show some good positive examples of single sexuality. I’m so glad you decided to share this.

  4. Mokey says:

    What a well written story. There is a lot I could say about your writing ability but there is something else I would rather highlight. As much as I loved your story, I loved your heart even more. You revealed your heart to your readers and let me just say, it was beautiful. The life style you have chosen is not easy and it is a path few will go down. Thank you so much for your honesty, there is no doubt the Lord will bless your. Be patient He will reveal your man to you in time.

  5. PacMan says:

    THIS and part 2 of this story are the first two I put in my “favorites”. Even after many years, this is an all-time great story. (Also bumping it in honor of L2W’s return!)

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